Interested in small landscaping business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a landscaping company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Landscaping Business from Scratch

If you have always enjoyed working outside and taking care of your garden, lawn and anything that involves beautifying your yard or garden, you can turn that passion into a business.

Starting your own landscaping business would be a great idea to make money and become your own boss. Landscapes contribute to the beauty of our environment. It also helps to improve our quality of life and general well-being. Landscaping contributes in no small measure to the global economy.

The market for landscaping is a huge one and still has a lot of room for growth. The industry has an estimated value of over $70 billion (US dollars). Practitioners in the landscape business come in different forms and sizes.

The industry comprises of such professionals as irrigation professionals and contractors, landscape contractors, lawn and landscape maintenance, landscape architects and designers, including the product suppliers. All these groups of people contribute to the landscaping industry.

How much money does it take to start a lawn care business? Do you have to have a license to do landscaping? How do I get lawn care customers? How do you become a landscaper?

To go into the landscaping business, some knowledge or experience of horticulture is important.

Step 1: Get Knowledge
Before you decide to start a landscaping business, it is important that you understand the industry properly and have the most required knowledge to succeed as a landscaper. So you need some fair grasp of trees, plants, flowers, and sods.

You also need to understand the weather. You need to understand the various aspects and segments of the business. A good knowledge of practices in the industry will go a long way in helping your landscaping business.

A good understanding of practices like irrigation is important. Knowledge of the types of soil and the right soil for the plants and flowers is crucial. The person intending to go into the landscaping business should also understand practices like mulching and edging of the lawn.

You also need to understand decoration and the use of colors to improve the beauty of your work. Knowledge is very important and an understanding of all these and more will go a long way in determining your success in the landscaping business. All these are vital considerations when writing a landscaping business plan.

Step 2: Get the Required Tools
How much does it cost to start a landscaping business? Armed with the right knowledge about the landscaping business, one also needs a list of the items and tools to procure for the business. The tools required for the landscape business include:

· Edger
An edger is an important tool required for the landscaping business. It is used to make sidewalks and driveways and is usually gas-powered. It can also be used to whack off weeds from the lawn.
· Truck
You will need a truck as a transportation tool for your tools and supplies. A pickup truck would be a great utility for the landscaping business for ease of movement.
· Lawn Mower
Different types of lawn mowers exist for different purposes. Buying the right lawn mower is important. For a landscaping business, a commercial lawn mower is most advisable.

A lawn mower designed for private home users won’t be appropriate for the landscaping business because of the frequency of use the lawn mower for commercial landscaping would be exposed to due to the nature of the landscaping business.

You should also be careful while using the lawn mower and adopt the right safety practice to avoid injury as some lawn mowers such as the electric and gasoline-powered ones can cause injury to an inexperienced and careless user.
· Fertilizer
A fertilizer is also needed for application on client’s lawns when growing new plants and flowers.
· Safety Gear
Landscaping business has its risks when working on lawns. For someone intending to go into the landscaping business, safety gears are needed for protection from potentially harmful plants and equipment.

One should be properly covered at all times while working on the lawns. When growing a plant, the poison ivy, utmost safety precautions should be taken to avoid direct contact with the plant.
· Leaf Blower
The leaf blower is used when working on driveways and sidewalks for gathering leaves and other unwanted objects around the lawn. The leaf blower offers ease of use when compared against a manual rake.

Listed above are some of the most important items and tools required for starting the landscaping business. These things should be purchased for the business.

Step 3: Business Incorporation
Having armed yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools, the next step becomes to incorporate the business. The landscaping business should be properly and duly registered with the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction.

A limited liability entity structure would be most advisable, to limit the risk of liability to the owner.

Step 4: Know your Pricing
Having registered your business, the next step is to know your pricing. What will be the cost of your services? What will it cost a potential customer to procure your services?

Charges are usually based on per square foot of work. Being a new business, it’s important not to set your pricing too high so as to attract customers. As a guide, you also need to find out what the charges are for your location amongst those in the landscaping business.

Step 5: Marketing
As a new business, marketing would be important to let potential customers know of your services. You can market your landscaping business using social media like Facebook and Instagram ads, sharing of flyers in your neighborhood and running adverts in newspapers.

Word of mouth is still another effective way to let people know about your business as it is free.

It is important to understand that the landscaping business is seasonal one and is also affected by weather. Initial setup cost might be overwhelming. The landscaping business is a competitive one.