Starting a Concrete Business – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small concrete business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a concrete business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Concrete Company Business

Many entrepreneurs don’t consider starting a concrete company when looking to start a business. Maybe because the business is not that common and popular like other businesses. If you are an entrepreneur with some civil engineering experience, you can start a concrete company.

For you to be able to venture into the construction industry, you will need to be very bold, self-motivated and creative as the industry is filled with talented craftsmen of which many are highly trained personnel.

Do you want to start a concrete company? Have you worked in a concrete company before? Working in a concrete company for years is a must if you want to start and succeed in the business. If you have no knowledge about the business and have not worked in a concrete company before, I will advise you reconsider your action.

There is no magic about it. There is no way you can achieve success in a concrete company if you have not worked in that line before. Please, if you know you are the person I am talking to, kindly bookmark this post, close it and go work in a concrete industry for at least 5 years and learn whatever you need to learn to get yourself armed with necessary information.

So, here are what you need to do to start a concrete company and become a boss with employees.

A Winning Business Plan
If you have done your homework, you should know by now that a business plan is a must have resources for this business. A good business plan will let the entrepreneur see all of the details regarding the business.

Your business plan must include your startup cost, location, number of employees and their qualification, marketing strategies, equipment that will be needed and their costs etc.

One other good thing about a business plan is that investors and lenders will take you serious and will consider funding your business.

Source for Materials for the Concrete Company
One important aspect of the business is the materials you will use for your concrete. It is very necessary you go out and shop for reliable suppliers and their prices. Choose a supplier that deliver good quality and must not disappoint.

The last thing you would ever want in your business is having a project delay because your supplier is yet to deliver the materials needed for the work to start. If it happened, it will spoil your company’s name and your client won’t want to contract your company next time.

Apply for Concrete Company License
This is also important when starting a concrete company. No client will want to work with you if you are not government approved. You must be a licensed contractor to be able to win contracts.

All paper work must be taken care of starting from registering your company’s name to getting every necessary documents and getting a concrete company license before you start operation. It is advisable to go to the local authorities and fulfill the requirement. It may be a lot of work but it is absolutely necessary.

Choose a Location
The subject of location should even be on your mind at the start of thinking about starting this business. The place you choose to site your concrete company should be a place that will be convenient for your clients and also close to where you can get raw materials for work.

The place must also be big enough to be used as a workplace for your workers and also to store materials. You can take a look at your competitors and get an insight of a good place to site your company.

Build and Grow your Network  
To grow your concrete company, you will need to network with other entrepreneurs in the concrete business by joining an association of concrete contractors. This will grow your business credibility, and as a member, you will have access to reliable suppliers and other contractors who may be able to refer you to potential clients to help you get started.

Establishing your network also entails you work with other concrete companies as a subcontractor. This way, you can build a portfolio for your company and have something to show potential clients.

Buy the Right Equipment
You can’t work without equipment. Equipment you will need includes but not limited to are;

  • Trucks (at least 2).
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Cleaners
  • Spreaders and Tampers
  • Concrete forms and Concrete Molds

These are some equipment that you will be needing to run a concrete company effectively.

Get the Right Employees
In the concrete company, we have two types of employees. There is the administrative staff and the field workers or engineers. The administrative staff are the ones that takes care of the paper work. They should be intelligent and qualified for the job.

Also, your field workers must be professionals and skillful too. You must find the right team to work with if you will want to achieve success in the construction industry. Getting the right squad is an important factor you must be in mind.

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