5 Tested Software Marketing Ideas for Technology Startup Companies

Best Marketing Strategy for Technology Software Companies

 There is lots of software out there today, that’s true. And to be outstanding, a software needs to be unique and stand out. Then, our commonsense should already tell us that a prominent way a software can be outstanding is when it is good- I mean a good stuff with superb features.

Nevertheless, having a great product is not the only most important thing. And, having a great app or service won’t even guarantee you success. The most important thing is that you get your software or app in front of buyers. Which makes marketing and promotion quick important.

Let us see these 5 marketing ideas you can use to increase your chance of getting your software downloaded or purchased.

  1. Offer A Free Trail To People:

The fact remains that people will do anything just to get something quality freely. Remember what we said about lots of competitors out there in the market.

The truth is, before you come with your software, users already have those they’ve being using that are trusted (even if their features and yours is different). As you are still ‘small’, and not yet ‘known’, you will need to provide something that will help your potential customers to see that your offering is neither trash nor scam (but that it will work for them). Then when your great software made them excited, they sure will say something nice about you somewhere.

Another way you can get their attention is to invite and persuade them to give feedback of your software, especially when it is still in Beta stage. When their feedback keeps rolling in, It will help you improve your product.

  1. A Freemium Model:

Your software might come with superb features which is obvious people need, and will love paying money to get. But the fact remains that, you need to apply tact as does the big players in the software industry.

This is what many of the big guys do. They get people’s attention with ‘free’. Then when people got hooked to the software and need more feature, they simply offer premium features for an upgrade. And as far the software is good, they will give you the money.

  1. A Video Of How Your Software Works:

Many people today ‘grew’ with the internet, and they love certain things that pertain to the World Wide Web, such as videos. At anywhere you intend making people to get your product, simply put a one or two minute video that is explaining how your product or service works. Animation is nice for a simple product breakdown. It has worked for many, and it got them high engagement.

In the video, you have the chance to show (or assure) potential customers that you are ‘real’. You have the chance to do a lot of things. You have the chance to tell stories to highlight how your software makes their lives easier and why they should get it. You also have the chance to remove fearful and cautious emotions they might have; and you have a nice chance to show and assure potential customers that you understand their feelings.

  1. Show Them A Product Feature/Benefit Comparison Tables:

Before potential customers get to your side, they’ve seen lots of offers. In fact, as they are looking at you, their attentions are being demanded by many other offerings. So, they’ve got lots on their heads, minds, and thoughts- and they want fewer complications. You need to make things easier for them.

Don’t bore them away with very long write-ups about your products (neither should you give them unnecessary headaches with unnecessary details). Instead, let them see the superb parts of your software in a professional summary. And a nice professional summary is a product feature/benefit comparison tables.

A product feature and benefit and comparison table will help show your product in the best light- which is essential. They help summarize in an easy to read format, the tradeoffs that a buyer has to consider in the known purchase cycle.

  1. Offer A Money-back Guarantee:

Nobody loves taking bad risks. But people (buyers) now want a situation where they can eat their cakes (take a bad risk), and have it back (lose nothing). Thus, many buyers, when going through things to buy, will either consciously or not look for a refund policy (just in case they don’t love what they are given). Thus, in the midst of sellers, a seller that included a money-back guarantee will stand out from the rest who don’t.

Studies have even shown that a trusted and well presented money back guarantee can help increase sales by up to 40 percent.

As you can see, these marketing ideas for startup software company are more superb. Apply them, and your software will become a success.

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