Social Media Secrets for Your Network Business

Social Networking Secrets for Every Serious Business Owner

Are you among the most annoying people on planet earth? Anyway, it depends! If you do what 60 percent of network marketers do on social media then you are one of them. Now, what are these annoying people doing?

As an online business consultant, I have seen numerous comments complaining about how network marketers just keep blasting their social media timeline with sales pitch of their networking company and pictures of a glorious lifestyle.

And to be frank, I have seen it also and it pains me that these network marketers don’t know anything about spreading financial freedom in a way that make sense to uninterested citizens.

I have seen enough to the extent that I unfriend them because it’s so annoying. All they have in mind is to get a down line. But they were told to create a relationship or was I deceived?

Now I want to put that nonsense to a stop. If you’re a network marketer (why should you be reading if you’re not though?), I want you to put these marketing strategies into your work and watch your team grow within 3 months.

I am not here to entertain you but to show you what successful networkers like us do and how we have been able to build our team and raise our residual income to 6-figures every month just by doing some simple things.

Let’s get started..

1. Tribe building

You need to learn how to build a good tribe of the ideal people you would love to carry along and work with. Now, how do one build a tribe? But first, what is a tribe?

A tribe is a group of people who welcome you, know you, like you, and trust you. These people are the people who are looking up to you, because you motivate them and give them thought that pushes them to do better and move forward in life.

These people are not primarily your team or members of your network marketing company. They just like to hang around you because of the motivation you drop on your social media timeline.

Now the second answer..How does one build a tribe?

You build a tribe by adding value, building a great relationship and networking.

How do you add value? You add value by posting motivational content on your social media timeline and be consistent.

You let people know that life is not as hard as it seems and they can make it easy for them if only they know the truth. Now, what’s the truth? This is where you start dropping daily tips on your timeline and uploading inspiring pictures.

Create rapport with your friends either through your daily post or in boxing them.

Anytime you accept a friend request or someone accept yours or follow you or you followed them. Always drop a welcoming message at their inbox.

I personally have a welcome message for anyone I hook up with on social media. It help create a rapport between us and it opens for more conversation like knowing ourselves.

And it helps me to know if the person is someone I can add to my tribe or work with.

2. Join Niche Social Media Groups

I am personally a member of 10 groups on Facebook where I contribute by posting value added content on a daily basis. From dropping that post, I get numerous friends request and comment on my post.

Don’t just join any group. Join groups that are;

-Closed (not public).
-Have rules.
-Lively (people interact more)

When you join these kind of groups and you’re consistent on your content. You will be seen as an authority on the subject of content that you post.

This is how I network and build my tribe. To make it more interesting, you can post a very interesting question that someone can’t do without answering.

I dropped a question on the various groups I belong to on Facebook and it brought great numbers of friends to me that same day.

Here is the question:
“If you won $200000 what would you do with it?
Drop your comment; let’s rate your financial IQ”.

The response was massive. You can try it also and see for yourself.

3. Having a USP about your Company

A USP means Unique Selling Proposition. A USP of your company is about what your company do and how they do it. You can’t just tell someone to join your team and start making 5-6 figures monthly by referring people or buying the product.

Don’t tell me what I will benefit for joining your company. Tell me how I can become what you are promising. Tell me your challenges and how you overcame it. Tell me how you manage to stay motivated when you’re down.

You should have a Unique Selling Proposition. Find out what motivate your ideal prospect and use it to get them.

Nobody care if your networking company is known as the best networking company. If you don’t show them or tell them your own story, you will be talking to thin air.

I don’t sell my company’s product or benefits, I sell the problem that my company solves. What about you?

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