Snow Cone Shop Business Plan Sample (PDF)


The ice cream production industry has evolved over the years, and continues to do so. This has seen a rise in sales of ice cream products such as snow cones due to improvements in their health contributions.

This explosive growth has led to the springing up of franchise opportunities within this sector, hence our topic of focus in this article which is the snow cone business plan sample.

This sample is for the entrepreneur who has difficulty writing a comprehensive and effective snow cone business plan that win that loan or guide his/her business to growth and profitability.

The snow cone business plan this article focuses on is meant to provide guidance to the user on how to write his/her own snow cone business plan. All that is required is to simply brainstorm over the contents of this business plan, and to provide their own unique business ideas in place of the information provided here.

Here is a business plan for starting a snow cone business.

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Vision Statement
– Mission Statement
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Competitive Advantage
– Target Market
– Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Sales Projection
– Publicity and Advert Strategy
– Payment Options

Executive Summary
With our first outlet to be opened in North Carolina, The Hearts Snow Cone outlet is a snow cone shop set to compete with other well established brands through the provision of the best products and services.

We will be hiring the best hands to establish this goal and ensure that they do not only share our business philosophy, but are well remunerated using the best industry standards. This is solely to create total dedication to service.

Products and Services
Using our customized mobile carts and trucks, we will be making our services and products available to everyone. Among our products and services are various snow cone flavors that will include coconut, lemon-lime, guava, banana, Kiwi fruit among a long list of different flavors.

Also, we will be experimenting on our very own signature flavors which will be continually introduced and improved upon as they become available.

Vision Statement
We have a strong and focused desire to break into the top tier snow cone businesses within our first 5 years of commencement of business in North Carolina.

Mission Statement
To establish a growing snow cone business, with the satisfaction of our clients/customers as our major desire and goal. These products will be distributed from our outlets to department stores, supermarkets, and also using our mobile carts for easy distribution of our products.

Market Analysis/Trends
There has been an increase in innovation in the way snow cone products are produced, as there has been an increase in the number of snow cone flavors being churned out. In order to have any meaningful impact in the industry, snow cone outlets must innovate by developing products with new and tasty flavors that will capture a sizable market share.

Another area of innovation is the attractive branding of mobile trucks, carts and outlets to market and advertise the product to people.

Competitive Advantage
An area of advantage we have over our competitors is the use of highly skilled workforce who are also highly motivated through the payment of attractive remuneration packages to enable them contribute their very best to the growth of the business.

Also, the services of a marketing strategist will be paid for, to ensure that the best marketing strategies are used in promoting the products of this business.

Target Market
Our target market cuts across almost all segments of society, as almost everyone takes the products we produce. Among the vast array of the target market segment we intend focusing on are tourists, corporate executives, adolescents, teenagers, people living within our area of operations, students, among a host of other market segments. We will ensure that they are given the very best of our services.

Sales and Marketing Strategy
The sales and marketing strategy to be adopted by us will include entering into a distribution agreement with department stores, supermarkets and retail stores for the distribution of our products. Also, we will be engaging the services of a marketing strategist to ensure that our products and services reach the widest client base possible.

We will take advantage of the word of mouth marketing through the encouragement of our customers who have enjoyed our services to also spread the word to their friends and acquaintances.

Sales Projection
Through the provision of premium services to our highly esteemed clients, we have predicted a healthy sales projection which will see our revenue base rise astronomically within the first 3 years of our operations. This is shown by the chart below;

– Year 1 $250,000
– Year 2 $550,000
– Year 3 $890,000

Publicity and Advert Strategy
Because we know the impact of publicity on business growth and profitability, we will be using various advert strategies to showcase and advertise our services.

Such include the use of internet platforms such as building a website, placing paid adverts on social media platforms, the use of local TV and radio stations to advertise our products and services.

Payment Options
To create ease of payment for our esteemed clients, we have devised several payment channels to aid in easy payment of services rendered. These channels include the use of POS machines for receiving payments, the receipt of cash payments, mobile money transfers and other channels as may be available.

This is a snow cone business plan sample made available primarily for guidance purposes, to help the entrepreneur in writing a good business plan for his/her business with much difficulty, as all the entrepreneur needs to do is to follow the guidelines provided by this sample, while supplying information unique to his/her own business.

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