Small Town Businesses that Work – Thriving Ideas that Stick

Best Small Town Businesses that Work – Most Profitable Ideas and Opportunities

Do you live in a small town or a village? Are you interested in lucrative small town businesses that thrive? Have you wondered what business opportunities exist around you? Do you have the desire to establish a thriving business in your small town?

If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then this article is for you. We will discuss some of the best small town businesses that work.

We will also be providing multiple small town business ideas to help you select the most suitable one that fits your needs.


  • Handyman

If you love fixing or putting back damaged things into shape, then you may want to consider starting a handyman service.Your first client-base will be your friends and acquaintances. This group of people will help you spread the word out through word of mouth. This is an efficient method to raise awareness about your business. A lot of time, people patronize a business because a significant other told them about it.

First impressions matter a lot, therefore clients patronizing you for the first will expect nothing less than what they have been told. By surpassing their expectations, you will be building reputation and attracting even more clients.

  • Barbershop or Salon

In a small town, you are likely to have a few barbershops and salons. However, these are likely to be less innovative in the provision of such services. You can tap into these gaps by observing what can be added. You are likely to find out that a certain demographic is not sufficiently catered for. Such may either be young people in their teens or adults.

How about adding massage therapy and spa treatments? By brainstorming on related business ideas that have the potential to be patronized, as well as making inquiries, you would find the perfect Barbershop or saloon to serve.

  • Grocery Store

This is a great small town business idea that has a lot of potential. Depending on how close your small town is to the nearest city, stocking up on goods and cost are directly impacted. You have options to choose from when establishing your grocery store. You may either choose to buy a franchise or start from scratch.

Although starting from scratch presents greater challenges. It allows greater freedom for modelling or specializing your services. On the other hand, buying a franchise means that you are restricted in designing how your business operates. The advantage of this option is that there is a greater chance to succeed as you only need to replicate the standard business procedure designed by the franchisor.

  • Shipping Service

This business idea will thrive in a small town because it is vital for the smooth running of other businesses within the town as well as for residents. There is likely to be a postal service in such area. However, establishing your shipping business brings variety and opens up opportunities to compete. This drives innovation and growth too!

  • Quick Service Restaurant

People are increasingly becoming busy. A fast food business will blossom in a small town because people can come in from a hard day’s job with family or friends to eat and unwind. You can establish one from the ground up or buy a franchise. Quick Service restaurant franchises are never in short supply. You should select one which fits your type of business needs.

  • Day Care

Day care has become an important part of people’s lives. When parents prepare for work, they need to keep their children under the watchful eyes of care givers. You can start a daycare if you have a love for kids. This business idea will do well in a small town if you are determined to put in the work.

  • Plumber

This is similar to a handyman service, only that you will be restricted to fixing water leaks and clogs. If this is your area of specialization, why not offer your skills by setting up a plumbing business? Patronage for this type of business is sure. You only need to promote your business by spreading the word. Once you satisfy your initial clients, word spreads out like wild fire.

  • Veterinarian

Are you a veterinarian? Your knowledge will be invaluable for people living in small towns. This is because small towns are where a lot of farmers are located. Your expertise will be required for the care of livestock owners as well as domestic animals like pets.

  • Auto Mechanic

Small towns depend heavily on the services of mechanics. This is because vehicles are likely to develop faults at any time. A mechanic nearby solves a problem that would have been very unpleasant. Again, farming depends on mechanical equipment. You can offer your skills by setting up a flourishing automobile repair business right there in your small town. The rewards are high when done right.

  • Phone and Computer Repair

In recent years, the way people communicate and do business has witnessed tremendous change. Now people’s lives are dependent and interwoven with technology. Your computer or phone (or both) repair skills and knowledge can be deployed by providing maintenance and repairs for individuals and businesses.

  • Tour Guide

Many times, tourists visit places with rich historical backgrounds. If your small town is one of those, you can decide to take advantage of that by becoming a tour guide. This can be done in collaboration with other businesses within your area. This can be very satisfying especially if you love adventure and meeting new people. You can give them an unforgettable experience that will make them always want to come around.

These are some of the small town businesses that work and can make you a lot of money if you are committed to committing your time and resources to making it work. Whatever business idea you feel comfortable with is recommended. The most important thing is that you are passionate and determined. You should also follow the right steps for starting a business as well.

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