Starting a Small Engine Repair Shop

Interested in small small engine repair business ideas? If YES, here is how to open a small engine repair shop with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Small Engine Repair Business – Ideas – Opportunities

Starting a small engine repair shop is a very lucrative and thriving business regardless of the state or country where it is operating. This is because people are and will always be in need of your help in repairing two or more appliances in their homes, offices or shops.

In starting an engine repair shop, you can either start on a small scale or large scale depending on what you want as the business owner and also depending on your resources and capabilities. When you start on a small scale, you have the choice of expanding the business later on.

This post will be focusing on how to start an engine shop on a small scale, the knowledge requires of you as the business owner, the requirements of the business and steps that needs to be taken in starting the business.

It is important that you understand what a small engine repair company means and how to start it so you can be ready for any challenges that comes your way in the process if starting the business and also to succeed at it. It is not a good idea to start a business without knowing what it takes to start it because this might eventually lead to failure on your own part.

First and foremost, you need to have knowledge of how to repair engines before starting the business. It is necessary that you know to repair small engines even though you might eventually hire an expert or specialist that will be doing the repairs.

The following are the steps that needs to be taken in starting a small engine repair shop:

You need capital to start any business. It is necessary that you get the money you need to start the business before engaging in any process.

You can get your start up money by recruiting new investors to help invest in your business. The start up money is very important because a business barely exist without money.

You should also endeavor to get cash flow for your business to avoid indebtedness or frozen business. Cash flow helps in getting money whenever it is needed. You can generate cash flow by deciding in the type of engines that you will be repairing, the price at which they will be repaired which will be added up to your VAT to roughly know how much you will be getting at the end of the year.

  • Look for a Location

Your business needs to be located in a good place that is suitable for the business therefore you need to carefully decide on the location for your business. An engine repair shop needs to be located in a highly populated area especially residential areas where we have houses and offices.

The area where you are planning to have your business should be carefully examined to know if you are surrounded by competitors and how much competition you will have. It should also be an area that is easily accessible and easily located because nobody wants to get missing looking for your repair shop.

You should also ensure that the location will allow the type of your business before you proceed with it. It wouldn’t be a good idea to find out that such businesses are not allowed in the location after the land has been paid for.

  • Registration of your Business

All businesses no matter the type or scale needs to be registered. You will have to register your business with the state or county clerk’s office and also know the rules and regulations surrounding your type of business. It might not require lots of paper works if the location is in a small community unlike big cities.

In registering your business, you need to decide on the name of your business, whether it is a sole proprietorship or partnership business and also if you are forming a corporation or limited liability company.

  • Deciding on Prices

Deciding on the prices of your services cannot be overlooked if your business is to generate income and grow. In deciding your prices, you can check other competitors to know the prices of their services and use that as a guide in deciding yours.

You also need to decide if you will only charge for parts that are changed or will also charge for labour. Also, ensure that you are consistent with your prices because a customer might get angry for paying a higher price f than another person for the same repair.

  • Promoting your Business

Another important thing you need to do is to promote your business by marketing it to create awareness. You can create awareness by making flyers and business cards to give out and also through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

All these forms of advertisement help reduce cost and are the most suitable for small businesses like this. Friends and families can also help in advertising your business.

Apart from the ones listed above, it is also important that you do not become greedy with your business. This means that you should not take on any repair that you know you cannot handle because it will end up destroying the reputation of your business and you might eventually lose customers.

Also, ensure that all repair jobs are done at a very reasonable price so people can keep patronizing you. It will be very bad for your business if your price is higher than that of competitors surrounding you. Customers always go for the cheaper one, this should be at the back of your mind.

Sticking to the time frame given to your customers, being fair and honest with them is also important. Treating them well and carefully will help your small engine repair business boom.

You price policy should be reviewed often times to have the best kind of policy and also to know if and when discounts will be given to customers that come to your engineer repair shop.


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