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Small businesses at present are evolving strategies and action plans, predicated on maintaining communication and quickly sorting our correspondence with clients, speedily and within a short time. This need for small business telephone service providers bears relevant consideration when viewed in terms of small businesses running websites that permits all day interaction with customer; new and return. Any communication solution packages for small business must cut across wide spectra.

This will include mobile phone calls, land lines, Voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP), voice mail, text messaging. Other seamless communication features include Conference calling, 3-way calling, Call forwarding, Web conferencing, Voice-to-text, Voice transcription and toll-free numbers.


The following companies provide these phone services for small businesses:

List of the Top Small Business Phone Service Providers

This small business landline phone service provider company provides professional front-end desk services that cater to the communication needs of any size of business, especially small to medium scale. There are no free trials of their services but there is money back guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied with the platform.

RingCentral renders VOIP services for small business. The package includes unlimited telephone and fax communication. One of the attractive features of RingCentral is that it permits small businesses to fix flexible work and call times and days, that work for them.

Yahoo Voice
This service from the stable of Yahoo INC. is really quite simple to use and offers small businesses a lot of leverage in dealing with customer inquiries and queries. The platform offers quick resolution of calls and queries and easily sorts out such calls in a specified format. Computer to computer communication is free and other charges are affordable and economically competitive.

3Jam is a fast rising complete communications solutions provider for small businesses. The 3Jam platform provides 2-way SMS/text, from web to mobile and email. In addition to voice mail facilities, 3Jam makes available infinite incoming text messages, as well as afford the small business the option of managing user groups of phone numbers.

Onebox is an online telephone system that is commanding increasing patronage among small businesses. The Onebox platform provides VOIP, 2way sms/text and many other features similar to other virtual phone companies. One feature that stands Onebox in good stead is the Live receptionist application, that affords small businesses the option of having personnel answer front-end call/enquiries, at an affordable cost. prides itself as being one of the early pathfinders in the virtual phone platform service for small businesses. The site is well organized and structured, with each feature/option just a click away. One of its most enduring options is the click to call, that comes functionally for web or email signature.

Freedom 800
One of the virtual phone companies with an eye on the future. This is because of their leaning on the cloud computing possibilities. In addition to the traditional services like VOIP, 2way sms/text among others, Freedom 800. For small businesses that sign up to the Freedom 800 services, they instantly receive a number activation of their choice. Freedom 800 also offers the option of preferential scheduling, whereby the small business can decide whether or not to receive or forward calls.

A fairly recent entrant in the virtual phone services industry, Toktumi is taking the VOIP option a notch higher. This is because up to 20 callers can be co-opted into a conference call, which could be recorded for official purposes. In addition, Toktumi offers a free 30-day trial, for small businesses.

Vonage stands tall as one of the first providers of the VOIP service for small businesses. They more or less provided the standard procedures for other virtual phone services companies, in the industry. They usually have small business on the platform sign up for a one year contract at inception of service, in order for the provision of a telephone adapter, to permit the use of smart devices on their VOIP platform.

Kall8 cuts its teeth with the provision of toll free numbers, that enable small businesses track their advert campaigns on Google.

Freedom Voice
Freedom Voice is a virtual phone service firm, that tailors its service from an enterprise structure of operation. In addition to the traditional virtual communication tools, Freedom Voice also offers the capability of changing voice mails into downloadable formats such as MP3.

Google Voice
Google Voice is leading the way in the provision of VOIP, 2way sms/text, voice to text among others. Google Voice as a platform, offers small business faster resolution of calls and queries while it provides compatible forms for a range of smart phone devices that run on Android and Blackberry.

The above list of phone service providers for small business is by no means exhausted and business owners can take advantage of the wide variety of options available. Consideration will be given to which virtual phone company offers the most needed, adaptable and affordable virtual phone platforms, which can enhance the operations of small businesses.

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