Best Small Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Best Home Based Businesses For Women and Moms in Entrepreneurship: Are you a mum looking for the best business ideas for women? Maybe you are not a celebrity but an aspiring single mom entrepreneur who is only interested in home based small business ideas and opportunities to generate wealth. Some women start businesses to earn money part-time in addition to their day jobs. Another woman can set up any of the great small businesses in order to create more time to spend with her family.

This post is a list of viable businesses that women under or over 40 do through which other thriving ideas for female entrepreneurship can be generated. If your desire is to become a female work atentrepreneur, you should take the time to study some of these ideas and fashion out one that works for your situation.

Most home-based business ideas for African women are developed around a particular talent, skill or hobby. This is an added advantage because passion wouldn’t be a problem in managing such venture and adding new ideas for the purpose of expansion.

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There are many hobbies and skills that can be spun to make money. Turning such activities into business involves understand the principles of management, funding and marketing as the investment grows.

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Baking, sewing, photography, home-made crafts, crocheting and jewelry making are some popular hobbies that can be turned into money.

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List of Small Business Ideas For Women

1.==> Event Planning
Because of a lot of people do not have the needed time and the essential skills to plan their wedding, grandma’s burials, house warming or child naming ceremonies, this is create a work from home opportunity for anyone willing to help out. Wedding planning is one area that is really booming here in Nigeria. Planning corporate and private event is one of the easiest business opportunities to start that is profitable any day anytime.

2.==> Social Media Marketing
Do you know that there are many organizations whose sales and expansion is strongly anchored on the amount of social following they have? Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are powerful marketing platforms that can generate money for any stay at home mom armed with the necessary skills. You are paid to increase number of fans, likes, tweets and sharing as well as set up campaigns on this social networks. Social media marketing is one of the most lucrative online business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

3.==> Soap and Candle Making
Soap making is a highly profitable home based business for any woman. This idea is low cost and can expand such that it grows into a formidable wealth empire. Producing soap requires low capital start up and these special soaps can be advertised to your community people at little or no cost. If you are on a small or tight budget, you can also consider candle making. Producing cosmetics and household items are some of the most innovative start up ideas that make money for young female entrepreneurs.

4.==> Photography Business
If one of your hobbies is photography, as a woman, you can turn it into money by becoming a professional photographer and offering it as a service to people around you and at events. All you need is the skill, a good camera and its accessories to start a small scale business of producing photographs for people. Another new idea that stems from this is selling photos online. There are many sites where you get paid uploading photos you created yourself. Originality, creativity and quality are the keys to success in online photo selling. Photography can be very enjoyable for someone with passion. It is one of easy business ideas for women in Kerala this year.

5.==> Sales of Pet Products
Opening a pet shop where you display pet care items and materials is a cool way to make money as a woman. If you are a lover of dogs and other pets, you have just stumbled on a very hot idea for business you don’t want to overlook. Adding a pet training and boarding facilities is a sure way to expand this profitable investment idea. You don’t have to necessarily start big as this innovative business is one you can start with low to moderate capital investment.

6.==> Offer Training In Music
Just like photography, music is a popular hobby among Indian women so starting a music school if you are into music is a low investment idea with high profit. Whether music is your profession, you love music or you are only passionate about it, training others in areas of your specialties is perfect step towards having your own simple business at home.

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7.==> Fashion Designing
A woman who is into fashion designing can start a unique business from this skill today. There is a natural desire to look trendy so if you are updated in fashion trends, you will make a lot of money. Fashion designing is more than just producing wears. A lot depends on your branding, artistic touches and promotional strategies. Another housewives business idea revolving round fashion involves setting up a fashion design training institute. However this require an entrepreneur to be equipped with the required knowledge, training and courses that is to be transferred into others. Fashion designing is one of the different business ideas for women in Hindi without investment.

8.==> DayCare Centre
A creche is another investment for a sit at home woman. Recent economic trends has seen an increase in the number of ladies and mom who have to take up choking day jobs and run their own homemade businesses. For those who have babies, they prefer to put their kids in the care of creche managers. You may not know it, a creche is one of the highly profitable ideas women in Africa can start from home.

9.==> Crafts and Jewelry Business
Craft making is one that easily make money because it presents itself as a hobby for most people. Creating and marketing home decoration materials is another lucrative venture you can start from the comfort of your home. You can go a step further by setting up a craft sales point where you display your crafts and those of others to prospective buyers. There are places where you can get cheap training in jewellery making. With a small capital, you can start making costume jewellery such as beads and wire works as a low startup side business from home and selling to your community and over the internet on sites such as Etsy. Jewelry and craft making are low cost home business ideas for most women that generate high profit.

10.==> Article Writing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
If you are looking for the top three internet based low budget business for housewives, look no further. The demand for professional article writers is huge and so if you have such skills, content writing can turn out to be a new self-rewarding business for young women. Another web-based home business that women can start is blogging. This high yield internet business is not restricted to females alone, so anyone interested in setting up a successful blogging business should be ready to conquer the huge competition out there.

You can monetize your blog using Google Adsense which is one of the best paying third party PPC programs for now. Affiliate marketing is another smooth way to make money from blogging. This involves sending traffic to an affiliate product whose sales earn you a commission. Blogging is one of the best business ideas that can be started with low investment capital.

In Africa and India, for instance there is a great awakening of entrepreneurial spirits in females. This is due to the need to expand the family income even as white and black women recognize the need for self-dependence and sustenance. As an aspiring woman entrepreneur, be positive and determined. These easy low-cost business ideas for women entrepreneur have been collated to assist you. Let me hear from you, use the comment box below. 

I wish you success.