SliceThePie: Make Money Listening To Music, Writing Song Reviews

How to Make Money Listening To Music

SliceThePie has been a fun experience for me thus far, and it is also a breath of fresh air in an online earning world where things usually feel more like a grind than a good time. This is a genuinely cool little gig to add to your routines online.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to easily add another 10 bucks to their budget. I plan to give the site reviews in exchange for their ten dollars which I will use to make future domains I buy essentially “free” to me.

It’s a great opportunity, and I’ll talk about some tips soon.

What is Slicethepie?
Slicethepie is a music reviewing website. They pay music fans to review music! Most of your reviews go directly to unsigned artists to give them feedback and to help Slicethepie find the best ones to put forward for A&R opportunities and Radio placement.

From time to time they also run fashion trials (on Slicethepie Catwalk :)) in which you can review clothing instead of music! They’ll email you when we next have a trial you’re eligible for.

How Does Slice the Pie Work?
Slice the pie reviews and playerAspiring musicians upload their music to slice the pie. Scouts (people who review the music) listen to 90 seconds of the song and write a review without knowing the name of the song or artist. The scouts ranking within Slice the Pie will determine how much he or she will get paid for the review.

You’re probably wondering how scouts make money from songs and lyrics. Well it’s very simple for every review you write you get paid.

Two Important Parts of Being A Scout
Rank: is a going to play a huge role on how much you can earn on Slice the Pie it will also make you stand out in the community as a trusted reviewer. I will cover more on rank later.
Energy: will play a huge role in how many reviews you will be able to do in a day. Your energy bar will start full at 10 and replenish each time you do a review. This lets Slice the Pie control how many reviews you do in a day and one sitting.

Levels Of Rank
There are 5 different levels of rank within Slice the Pie. Each level offers higher payments for each review. You can see the 5 levels with payment amounts below.

Bronze: $.01 + bonus
Silver: $.02 +bonus
Gold: $.03 + bonus
Platinum: $.04 +bonus
Diamond: $.05 + bonus

Bonus amounts are rewarded on a few different factors such as length of review and quality. Most quality reviews will earn you $.10-$.20. Some of the best reviews will earn you $.30, but expect your best reviews to fall around the $.20 mark.
How To Get Paid By Slice The Pie

Slice the Pie will pay you by PayPal. The minimum cash out amount is $10. Once you reach the minimum cash out amount you can request a payment.

Payments are made on every Tuesday and Friday. PayPal payments will take 5 days to process and you will be paid on the following pay-day.

How do I review on Slicethepie?
Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the Scout page. All you have to do is hit the play button and start listening to the track. You can begin reviewing right away in the text box and once at least 90 seconds of the track have passed, you can rate it out of ten using the slider. Then hit submit’ and on to the next one! In order to scout, you’ll need to have a good internet connection, with a minimum bitrate of 300kbps.

Just make a real review for each song for SliceThePie, at about the length that you need to in order to review the whole song, maybe two of my paragraphs here, and SliceThePie will take care of you for your efforts. I average at about 25 cents per review, which is not bad at all considering it takes about 90 to 120 seconds to do each when you are actively typing out your review while you listen.

Some tips are as follows for SliceThePie: Write as soon as the songs begin. That means that you are covering them in real time. The moment the song begins, you should be talking about its intro and the elements that make that up. When the singer begins, start in on them. Tell how the drums are sounding, the guitars, synths, and so on – really review the song. You can be done in 90 seconds, I myself like to go on and review later parts of the songs that I particularly like as well.

You can read about writing reviews here.

Refer a friend
Slicethepie’s refer a friend scheme is our way of saying thank you for inviting your friends! It’s simple. For every friend who signs up using your unique link, you will receive a bonus of 10% of their earnings. If they earn $0.20 for a review, you’ll get $0.02. If they earn $0.02 you’ll receive $0.002.

Other Questions are answered here.

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