Side Business Ideas – Part Time Weekend Businesses and Opportunities

List Of Profitable Small Side Business Ideas And Opportunities

Do you want to make money running a side business? Are you interested in running a weekend business while still keeping your day job? Want to set up side businesses to test your entrepreneurial drive?

Whatever maybe your reason for looking for weekend business ideas, I have packaged the top 10 part-time businesses you can start today. In many countries, people start a weekend business as a fall back plan should they lose their job.


In this post, I have shared the best 10 side business opportunities and easy to start business ideas that you can run during weekends.

Best 10 Part-Time Business Opportunities And Small Low Cost Evening And Weekend Business Ideas You Can Start on Your Own

1. —–» Gathering And Selling Antiques
During the week days, you can enjoy yourself gathering antiques from estate auctions, home clean outs and garages. These materials can fetch you a lot of money if you can rent a place where you display antiques for sale during weekends fairs. This is one of the best part time home based business ideas.

2. —–» Computer Training Services
If you are versatile in the use of computer packages such as excel, windows, Coreldraw etc, set up weekend training classes and personal tutorials for people who are interested in sharpening their skills in these areas. Another avenue to make money is to write an ebook or make a training video which can b put for sale during such classes. This is a great side business idea for students.

3. —–» Customized Fashion Accessories And Jewelry
Creativity is all you need. There is a lot of money to be made from customized fashion accessories such as ankara shoes and bags. Materials ranging from clay, paper-mache and recycled materials are cheap and readily available. Your crafts can attract a lot of money at at shows, holiday boutiques and craft exhibitions.

4. —–» Garage And Home Cleaning Service
This is another top weekend business opportunities. Cleaning out the pantry, garage etc during weekends is a tedious task for most people. As such, they are ready to pay good money to get this chore done. If you have the physical strength to clean and haul, you can look into starting a business of helping with clean out. Good thing is you may come across recyclable materials that may fetch you good money in the market too.

5. —–» Handyman – Fix It, Make Money
Do you have the skill to repair broken doors, windows, roof etc. Most people especially senior citizens will call your line to help them fixed broken items within the house. Advertise in dailies, drop fliers in different parts of the city, you would be surprised at the number of calls from people who want you to help them fix leaky and broken facilities within their homes.

6. —–» Party Tent And Chair Rental Business
Many retirees and people who are not sure of what their current job holds have started investing in chairs and tent rental business. White plastic chairs, tarpaulin tents and mobile toilets go for a good sum of money when they are put for rent. Asides the money for maintenance and minor replacement, you don’t have to spend much after procuring these items which has the potential of generating money every weekend if you plan your business well. This business deserves to be among the top 10 weekend business ideas and opportunities.

7. —–» Body Building Coach
Because people from different walks of life want to keep fit, the need to get a personal trainer is paramount. A trainer will assist in ensuring that body building exercises are done correctly and gets paid handsomely in return. Market your skills, promote your business by spreading word at swimming and recreation clubs, health spas, stadiums and other sport centres.

8. —–» Plant Leasing and Maintenance
Here is another practical business on my list of weekend work ideas. You can make decent money by helping people enhance the greenery in their residential and business work environment. With a delivery van, it is easy to grow your clients for this venture, gradually by incorporating routine pruning, watering and fertilization programmes.

9. —–» Customizing T-Shirts, Bags, caps etc
Are you good with painting and designs? You can display your ideas on shirts by customizing them with print designs and texts. Customized t-shirts are hot products that can make you a steady flow of income if you can promote your brand. This is one of the best side business ideas even for university students.

10. —–» Paper And Plastic Recycling Business
I know a couple of people who are into this business big time. Although it appears like a part-time business, these people have channeled in lots of energy and determination to the point that what they make during weekends alone is about the same as what they earn for the week at their day jobs.

This list of ideas on having a part time business from home is not exhaustible. With determination and careful planning, starting a small part time business from home is a sure way to expand your streams of income.

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