How to Become a Seller on Snapdeal

What is the process of selling online on snapdeal? Are you just hearing about Snapdeal and you are thinking what it is? Not to worry, I will tell you all you need to know about Snapdeal and how to sell on Snapdeal.  Can I sell my products at Snapdeal? What are the documents required?

Snapdeal is another popular ecommerce site like Flipkart or AskMeBazaar. Founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in 2010. Snapdeal has more than 45,000 sellers offering more than four million products from different categories. As a seller on Snapdeal, you can sell almost any genuine products.

As more people start shopping online, ecommerce will continue to be one striving business opportunities of this century. Selling and buying through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal has become easier with easy to use technology system in place.

How to Register as Seller on Snapdeal and Sell on Snapdeal

Snapdeal Registration Process and Documents Required

What are the documents required to become a seller (as company)? Before you can become a seller on Snapdeal, you will need to first sign up by filling up their registration form for free and submitting the required document. Visit

After your application has been reviewed and approved, you are eligible to sell on Snapdeal.

Selling on Snapdeal as an established business, your registration will be easy and quick as you already have your tax registration number. For Snapdeal seller using a new business name, you will need to have a registration number before your tax registration can be completed.

Documents Required to Sell on Snapdeal

• PAN Card (Scanned copy)

This must be submitted bearing the name of the business you used during the registration process as a seller on Snapdeal. If you signed up under proprietorship, your name displaying on your PAN card will be use.

• TIN/VAT Number

This is also required before one can sell on Snapdeal. Whether you are selling as an individual seller or as an entity, it is required of you to have your TIN before you can do business online or offline in India. You will need to fill in your TIN to sell on Snapdeal and be approved.

• Current Bank Account

A cancelled cheque scanned copy must be submitted during the registration process to Snapdeal. The bank account must be in the business name you are using to register on Snapdeal.

How to Sell on Snapdeal?

After you are done with your registration, Snapdeal will have to review and approve your registration to be able to sell on their platform. Have it in mind that it will take 2 to 4 business days to complete the entire registration process.

After everything, you will need to login and start listing your products. Listing of products is free of charge. They only charge a certain commission after sale of any of your products. Remember to take a good photograph of your products. You can hire a professional if you can’t.

After your products has been uploaded, customers from all over India on the platform start seeing your products and make purchase. Whenever a buyer places an order on any of your products, Snapdeal will inform you via email, you then need to deliver it and confirm shipment. After the buyer have confirm that he or she has received the product, Snapdeal will transfer the payment to your bank account after they have remove their fee.

The shipping of the purchased products is always delivered by Snapdeal courier partners. Your job is to pack the product that was ordered and keep it ready for pickup by Snapdeal courier service.

Don’t worry about what you will use in wrapping the product for shipment. Snapdeal has its outer tamper proof packaging and tapes for that, but you will be charge too.

What Type of Products One Can Sell on Snapdeal?
Any entrepreneur can sell genuine products ranging from these categories; clothing for men and women, jewelries, mobile phones, movies, books, consumer electronics, baby products, etc.

Payment on Snapdeal

Snapdeal normally release payment on the basis of products being delivered. Business deals done on weekend will only get payment on normal working business day. Snapdeal payment is normally made by way of account payee cheque.

If you are really interested on selling on Snapdeal, you need to have unique products at competitive prices. To bring out your products on first page when buyers are searching for products in your category, you should ensure you use relevant keywords when describing your products.

Just like normal offline business, you need customers to grow. Don’t just upload your products and be expecting Snapdeal to do the promotion for you, you need to spend time to promote your products.

Take leverage of social media platforms and promote your products to your followers.

With all this information on how to sell on Snapdeal, I hope you are clear about everything you need to know about selling on Snapdeal and take action if you are interested.