How to Sell on Flipkart for Beginners

How to Become a Seller on Flipkart – Fee, Commissions, Support

Are you thinking of how to sell on Flipkart without VAT, without TIN? There are lots of questions from online forums and social media networks of people asking about how they can sell on shopping sites like Flipkart. The other day I got a question from someone on Quora asking me if it is profitable to sell online on Flipkart.

Ecommerce is one business that is booming around the world right now. If you have been thinking about doing business online but not having the funds for domain buying and hosting and driving traffic to your sales page, this is the best time to take advantage of Flipkart and sell products that you have passion in.

Why you should sell products on Flipkart? Flipkart is the number leader in India ecommerce with maximum reach and credibility. Most people in India love buying products from Flipkart because of their competitive features which are, same day delivery, low prices on products and pay when products are delivered.

With Flipkart, your products will reach maximum audience as your products will be visible to all customers of Flipkart and even neighboring countries. Flipkart was said to have sold more than 1 billion USD between 2013-2014 and they have a customer base of over 7.5 crore presently. Flipkart currently haul 80 lakh shipments each month to any cities in India.

Flipkart products category ranges from eBooks, games and toys, baby care, large appliances, jewelry, footwear, laptops etc. Do you want to sell on Flipkart?

How to Become a Flipkart Seller?

Becoming a Flipkart seller is not that difficult if you have the right information. As far as you are selling books, phones and other genuine products, you are welcome to become a Flipkart seller.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up at as a seller and it is very easy. You must provide information about your business and products (minimum of 10 unique products) you intend selling on Flipkart.

Here are what you need to confirm your registration as a Flipkart seller;

• Name
• Email address
• Contact details.
• Business/pickup address.
• Bank account and supporting KYC documents.
• Bank IFSC Code.
• TIN/VAT number.
• Category you are interested in (Proprietorship or Company).

Business Registration on Flipkart

Let me take you through this process as many intending sellers do get confuse about how to go about it. There are some documents that Flipkart will require from you depending on the type of business registration you choose.

When Selling as an Individual or Proprietorship on Flipkart

If you decide to sell on Flipkart as an individual, the business will practically be perceived as a sole proprietorship business.

If you register your business as a sole proprietorship business, you will need to provide the following documents;

• Passport
• Voter’s ID card.
• Driving License.
• A photo
• PAN card.
• Electricity bill in your name or business name.
• Bank account statement.
• Ration Card
• Letter from a recognized public authority verifying identity.

When Selling as a Private Limited Company on Flipkart

This is one of the most preferable methods of selling on Flipkart because of it many benefits that follows a PLC. Here are the following documents that will be required of you;

• Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company.
• Memorandum of Association is also needed.
• Company electricity bill
• Telephone bill of the company.

Selling on Flipkart

Once you are through with the registration process, you can commence selling your products on Flipkart. List your various products under their specific categories. Uploading is very simple as far you know how to upload stuffs online. If you can’t, Flipkart have a self-serve tool that makes uploading easy.

As a Flipkart seller, you are free to choose the price for your products. Listing of products is free. Make sure you ensure that your photos of your products are very attractive and of good quality. If you have budget, you can get a good photographer to do the photoshoot of the products.

Let the customers be informed about the products by providing accurate information about the products. Promotions and advertisings are available if you want fast sales and don’t want to depend on normal Flipkart traffic.

Talking about sales, you can also hire a professional sales agent to do the selling part compensating with commission while you focus on the business part.

Flipkart has a friendly user interface dashboard and an analytic support that help you track your sales and product’s engagement rate.

Hassel Free Shipping

You don’t have to worry about logistics when selling on Flipkart. Flipkart handle the shipping of your products. They will pick up the products from you and deliver it to the customer. All you just need to do is keep the package ready for dispatch.

Once someone place an order, you will be notified via email and you will have to get the package ready within the time frame specified to you. Once the order is successfully delivered to the buyer,

Flipkart will send you your payment directly to your bank account you filled when registering within 7-14 working days.

What Are the Fees Charges Selling on Flipkart?

Here are the deductions that are always made from any order item to adjust the Flipkart seller fees;

Commission Fee: This is a percentage fee from the amount paid by the buyer. It differs from categories to sub-categories.

Shipping Fee: This is depending on the product’s weight, and location.

Now that you know how you can sell on Flipkart, it is now left for you to decide what you want to sell and when. The secret of making it selling on Flipkart is for you to be determine and not give up so quickly when you don’t see sales for the first few weeks. You have to be patient and persistent to succeed in the ecommerce world.

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