How to Sell on AskMeBazaar

How to Sell Products on AskMeBazaar – Sellers Registration, FAQ, Login, Complaints

Are you thinking on selling on Askmebazaar as you must have heard that people are making lots of money selling on Askmebazaar? Ecommerce is now a major trend globally. It has affected the way we shop.

This is seen in the emergence and fast growth of ecommerce market place like FlipKart, Snapdeal, Amazon, eBay and even the ecommerce site on our focus; Askmebazaar.

Askmebazaar is India’s emerging online marketplace founded in 2012. Askmebazaar now has millions of registered customers on it site. More than 2000 registered third party sellers in India have registered on the site.

Askmebazaar is one of the largest managed marketplace online and they focus on re-strategizing content strategy for sellers. The Ecommerce site provides a whole lot of services; from Animation, to design, digital marketing, Film production, as well as Web Design and Development, etc.

Things to Know Before Registering as A Seller On Askmebazaar

  1. Business Legal Entity

To register as a seller on the Askmebazaar seller portal, you must be registered as a legal entity with proper tax registration.

They are five popular types of legal entities of which you will be required to choose from for your business. They include;

  • Partnership Firm: This is a business run by many people. A partnership deed and Pan Card number is required.
  • Private Limited Company: This entity is for businesses with limited liability. The companies under this kind of entity must be registered with the federal government.
  • Sole Proprietorship Firm: This refers to a firm or company run as well as owned by an individual. A registration certificate of CST/VAT or any Shop Act License from the State Government.
  • LLP: This is a new business legal entity concept. It is composed of a Private Limited Company and a partnership firm.
  • One Person Company: One person owns this business or company. It requires almost nothing for registration.

Note: If you are a newbie to the business world, it is advisable to register as a sole proprietorship firm or company.

  1. Proper Tax Registration

To sell on Askmebazaar portal, you will need a Tax Identification Number (TIN) which is normally imposed by every State government. You will also need CST registration if you want to sell interstate. Each state has its own requirements before one is registered.

  1. Registering A Bank Account with Your Business Name

The next thing after registering your business is to open a current bank account with your business or firm name. This is to help you get payments from your customers from the Askmebazaar portal through NEFT in your account.

  1. Transaction Charges On Askmebazaar

Before you register on Askmebazaar, you must have an idea of transaction charges. There are two types of charges on Askmebazaar for any transaction. They include:

  • Nominal Commission: During settlement process, Askmebazaar deducts 7% commission on the selling price of the product sold. This is what they earn for selling your products.
  • Logistics Charges: Askmebazaar provides Logistics services and they charge you for this. Compared to other ecommerce marketplace, they have the best logistics services. The Next Day Delivery Concept is provided by no other marketplace except them.

Depending on factors weight of your product, they charge:

  • 45—For a product weighing less than 500gm.
  • 100—For any product weighing over 500gm and less than 5kg.
  • 500—For any product weighing between the range of 5kg and 20kg. This is a flat rate fee.
  • Returns, cancellations, and payments absolutely incur no charge.

How to Sign up as a Seller on Askmebazaar

To sign up on Askmebazaar, some relevant basic information will be required of you. The processes involved in signup are:

  • Visit
  • Navigate the site to the signup page. Basic things about you or your business will be required of you here. They are:
  • Basic information like the name of your business and your description as well. Make sure you provide a good name and description because this is what will show on the portal.
  • Sellers contact details. This is required for use by the AskMeBazaar team
  • Working days for your business
  • Financial details related to the Pan number, TIN number (which is also known as CST/VAT registration), TAN number, scanned copy of Pan, scanned copy of VAT certificate, scanned copy of current bank account cheque.
  • IFSC code of business current bank account, bank branch, bank name, account number and business name or beneficiary firm.

After you have provided the above information, you are now free to become a seller on Askmebazaar and sell whatever products or services you want to sell.

I hope this step to step guide on how to sell on Askmebazaar was useful to you? Not displaying your products on an e-commerce site like Askmebazaar with thousands on buyers daily to buy your products, just means you are not ready for business.

If other entrepreneurs are using Askmebazaar to sell their products and are raking lots of cash into their bank account, you should give it a try.

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