5 Red Flags to Recognize OLX Scams

Danger Signs that Alert – You are About to be Scammed on OLX

Do you intend trading on OLX but you are afraid of being scam? I know so many people have been falling prey to all those online scammers. The good news is that it can be avoided as long as you watch out for these red flags I am about sharing with you.


I do read on online forums on how people get scammed trading on OLX and I am surprise how these scammers do it. I even read a story about a lady that gave a guy the address of her house for the guy to come and check the dog she wanted to sell.

The guy came to the lady’s house with his friends and robbed her and went further to take her dog from her too.


There are so many OLX scams online and you need to start taking caution before you become a prey to these online scammers. OLX is a good place to sell but some bad individuals want to make it a center to steal.

I have before you, 5 red flags to recognize OLX scams so that hopefully, you don’t get scam in the nearest future. Let’s get to them immediately;

  1. They Can’t Provide Additional Pictures of What They Are Selling

This is one red flags to recognize OLX scams. It is very proper of you to ask for additional photos of whatsoever you want to buy. If the seller refuse or deny sending more photos of the item, you are about to get scam of your cash.

Legit sellers don’t have problem sending more photos of their products because it is an indication that the buyer is really interested in the product that is why he or she need additional photos.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more photos from different angles. If the seller use stock photos or unrelated photos, just forget about the deal and move on. It is a sure red flag of scam already.

  1. The Buyer/Seller Claims to be Far Away

This is one format online scammers use. It is always better to buy or sell your product to someone nearby with this the possibility of being scam is reduced. OLX scammers will always want to either sell or buy products from people far away so they can instruct that the product be courier to them with the excuses that their location is too far.

Fake buyers will want you to send the product to them first to check before they make payment. While the fake sellers want the money first before sending the product. Either way, no one is safe if your instinct does not agree with it.

If the buyer or seller is refusing meetup, just forget about the business and look for another seller or buyer that will agree with your terms.

  1. The Seller First Ask for Payment

Don’t ever agree to this at all cost. This is another red flag to recognize OLX scam. They always insist on wiring transfer very fast as if they want the cash urgently to settle something. Don’t send any payment without first seeing the product in the same condition as it was advertised.

If the seller wants instant payment, tell the seller to send the product instantly so you can see and verify the product and make the payment. Very simple!

Never ever trust anyone online when it is your first time of doing business with that person. You might just be saying bye, bye to your hard earned money. Don’t send any cent until you have seen your product.

  1. They Offer Ridiculous Prices

This red flag to recognize OLX scam is not familiar and obvious and many online scammers don’t use it often. As a buyer, if a seller offers to sell an item at a price which you believe is too cheap, beware of that seller.

I am not advocating that any product being sold cheaply is a red flag for scammers. I just said you should be careful. When I mean ridiculous prices, I mean this. For instance, a person wants to sell a phone that is worth $550 in the market for a brand new one for $250 because he does not like it again or he is broke and needed money badly.

I know nobody will want to miss this kind of offer and that is why most people fall victim. Greed is the scammer best way to buy your interest into telling you to quickly send the money before someone gets it.

Never fall for it, it is a trap. I know someone who has fall for it and he cried badly as he needed a phone and that cash was all he has saved for a phone.

  1. The Seller Seems to be in a Rush at Meetup

This is another red flags to recognize OLX scams. When a seller seems to be in a hurry, don’t hand over the money. Tell the seller you must inspect the product before paying. These kind of seller can’t be trusted. It may be that the product is fake or it has fault.

If you are having difficult time in inspecting the product, suggest that you meet someone who can inspect it properly. If the seller says he or she is in a hurry and don’t have time for that, let the seller go. Someone that really need money and are sure that the product is in good shape don’t mind allowing you to inspect the product or get someone to do that for you.

These are my 5 red flags to recognize OLX scams and avoid them. Good luck!

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