Reasons You Are Not Making Money Yet As A Blogger

Reasons You Are Not Making Money Yet As A Blogger

Many people want to get into blogging because they have been reading success stories of bloggers who are hitting the six figures mark monthly and they all believe they can do it too. Are you a blogger or you just started a blog and you are yet to make a penny?

Among numerous bloggers, there are some that just blog for the fun, some for personal reasons while some blog mainly to make money from it. I blog for the money and I also love to educate people, what about you?

This post is mainly for one reason, which is making money. Yes, bloggers do make money from blogging but how they make money is a different story entirely. Each bloggers has their own way of doing things—there’s a variety of ways they bring in money. Here is a few;

• Sponsored Posts
• Sidebar Ads.
• Freelancing.
• Affiliate Sales

Have you been trying all possible methods and techniques given to you but you are not getting any positive results? This post is just for you. Here are the reasons why you are not getting that result, why you are not making money yet as a blogger.

1. You are too Lazy
One reason why you are yet to make money as a blogger is because you are too lazy.

Are you shocked? You are too lazy to create unique engaging content, instead you copy and paste from other sources.

When visitors come to your site, they see something they have already seen somewhere else and you don’t even take the time to check your grammatical errors on the ones you created yourself.
Laziness constrains you to publish a post on your blog once in two months which isn’t a decent practice for SEO. Any person that needs to profit from blogging needs to buckle up.

2. Wrong Niche

Some people just rush into blogging without first having a thought about the niche they should blog about. You pick a niche that has low paying keywords. This most likely clarifies the motivation behind why your Adsense CPC is 0.001 dependably and you’re thinking about whether you are ever going to get a check with such low performing blog.

A good and high paying niche should have been what should have come across your mind. They are some niche you can just make money with ease the way other niches are making money.

Another problem of blogging in the wrong niche is lack of motivation to create unique content because it is not your passion niche. Some newbie bloggers just jump into the tech niche because of one tech blogger who is making money from his or her tech blogs.

After publishing two to three post, they are out of ideas to create new post for their blog. If you are in a wrong niche right now, you better go and sell that domain or else you will get frustrated and abandon it.

3. Too Many Pop-Up Advert
Have you ever visited a blog and you end up using the first three minutes to close up to five pop-up that you are not interested in? I have always advised bloggers, no matter the money you are looking for from Google Adsense, try to moderate the number of advert place on your blog.

It is very annoying when your visitors can’t differentiate between your content and advert content placed on your blog and they will end up clicking the advert content instead of the main content.
My advice is, your blog needs more content less advert to keep people coming back to read your content.

4. No Traffic

You are not driving traffic to your blog, how will you get readers who will help you share your content and make it go viral? If you blog and don’t promote it through any medium, then who will read it?

Traffic is the way you make money. It is the way you can monetize your blog and turn it into a money making machine. It is a must for every blogger and you can’t make money without traffic.

Advertisers will not buy advert space on your blog if you don’t have good traffic, people won’t be able to buy your products or services if you don’t have traffic that should know what you do.

5. Wrong Targeted Audiences
One big reason why you are not making money as a blogger yet is because you are targeting the wrong audiences. For you to be able to make money with audiences from your blog selling whether products or services, you need to be able to know who they are.

You cannot drive individuals who are occupied with innovation to a planting site. That isn’t right way. No sponsors will even pay you with non-focused on customers. You don’t expect to sell internet products if your entire audience is based on the “Automobile” niche.

This is the reason I firmly advise you know who your group of onlookers is and ensure you compose content which takes into account their necessities. This comes down to scrutinize in light of the fact that in the event that you recognize what kind of individuals need to read your content, you’ll discover what sort of content to write or items to offer.

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