5 Reasons You Should Not Sell Your Own Business

Why You Should Not Sell Your Business Now

Are you thinking of selling your business? Are you looking forward to the disadvantage of selling your business? If yes! You have to go through this content. Without much ado, take a good look at this. One of the most successful aspect of human life is establishing a successful business that would stand the test of time as well as keep flourishing for hundreds of years.

There are millions of businesses existing under the sky but few are those that can strive hard to keep sustaining such business. I’ve researched on the basic reasons why many business owners wished to sell their business and some of these includes; Desire to start a new business, failure of such business, too many competitions among sellers, lack of patronizing consumer and many numerous kinds.

Though these reasons seemed true but to a real business owner, they are junks of trash which aren’t cogent enough to sell any business be it small or big.

Amazingly, selling a business doesn’t only dwell among small businesses but also wide-rated brands and businesses.

Truly, you had wished to start that business but to diverse extent, you shouldn’t let any reason under the sky cause you to sell that business.

Now, what are these basic things you need to know? Here are well fathomed ideas why you should not sell your own business for any reason.

It Is Your Greatest Idea

Wait! Have you ever thought of this? Your greatest idea, time, passion, stress and multiple challenges are what you’ve installed into the success of that business, so you wished they should be a wasted effort?

I’ve seen hell while starting my catfish business and I know there isn’t anything that would let me sell it rather I would lease it if need be.

Don’t ever wish to start a business if you wouldn’t be able to manage it, don’t ever invest your ideas, time, stress and trials in the cause of running your business if you wouldn’t be available to run it to the end. It is like trading in futility!

Risk Losing

Surely, everyone that runs a business does it for a purpose and not for fun. You started that business full of risk, yet you still breed the thought of selling that business.

Simultaneously, if you sell your business, you’ve sold the risk and lose the game of risk with pure thought of no progress.

Another reason why you should not sell your business is that you will lose the game of risk and don’t forget he that won the game of risk enjoys the newness of ideas that elevate the business with thought of good success. Never sell that business, never sell the risk and I’m sure success awaits your strivings!

Competitors Will Supersede

One of those things a business owner unconsciously do is that, they always participate in the game of competitions. No matter the kind of business you are starting, be sure that tens of competitors are already bombarding the market with the same products you wanted to start.

An aphorism says, a man that runs away from war is the one who had admitted failure to progress.

Don’t ever start a business without the good intention of competition.

Clearly, if you sell that business, you would be mocked and disappointed toward such business, you have what will change your business, selling it will truly make your account filled but you would shed tears when your immediate competitor is celebrated of as a successful person.


Are you still thinking of selling that business to start another stress-less one? Good if you sell it, but fatigued you will be to build another.

One thing you must be careful of is that, you aren’t just doing a business to make money and yet shun it and run into another. You are only going to die building no business.

You shouldn’t compare the same business success of the last twenty years to that of now, a successful business of last five years is prone to fail at these congestion hours.

Apart from building a stressful business in the second instance, you are also going to wax ending up building flaws. Having multiple business is the key to riches not consecutive change of business without the right passion, vision and motivation.

You are going to end up stressing yourself while building another, you can rate that stress with the one you did while starting that recent one, it is acutely worrisome and tiresome to start all over!

Buyers Own The Success

An advert media once sold their media company and was happy to receive an huge amounts dumped into their account.

However, the third advert output of this new company later won the international awards with triple grand prizes and prices to complement them while regret and doubt filled the mind of the seller.

Don’t ever join the troop of business sellers, it is disastrous to your success. You must have check your account and wished to have more but never let the ‘more’ come out of your business sales rather business profit.

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