7 Innovative Real Estate Business Ideas & Opportunities

Most Profitable Business Ideas in the Real Estate Sector

Are you looking for lucrative business opportunities in real estate industry to start? If you are someone with some money and you are thinking into investing in real estate, I am glad to share with you some top business ideas in real estate industry that you will like to consider.

Some people just think that real estate business is all about buying and selling of houses or buying and putting houses for rental purpose.

The real estate business is one money making investment that can never go into extinction as more and more cities are being developed and people will always need shelter as not all can afford a house of their own.

There are so many niches in the real estate industry that some many entrepreneurs are not looking as it is not that obvious to them. Some unique business ideas in real estate industry involves low capital while some involve huge capital.

Investing in the housing market is a more complex venture compared to investing in the stock market. Homes are an asset with limited liquidity. More than just finding the perfect place to live in, investing in properties under this classification can be a source of high income if managed well.

Sit back as I share with you some top startup business ideas in real estate industry that can make you money in the long term.

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Best Niche Real Estate Business Ideas & Opportunities

Real Estate Agent
Almost 80% of properties are sold through real estate agent. Even when people needs rental apartment and want to save the stress of looking for houses up and down, they go through an agent.

The main work of a real estate agent is to act as a middleman between the seller and the buyer of a property. They search for properties for sales or rent and connect such properties to whosoever needs them. After a nice deal, they get what is called a ‘commission’.

This commission is mostly 20% to 30% of the deal. This is one great booming business ideas in real estate that anyone that want to be the boss of him of herself can venture into and start making money.

Commercial Space Renting 
If you have notice lately, companies no longer look for their own building where they will be known for, they now prefer sharing space with other companies in the same building so as to save some cash that would have been used to rent a whole building.

This is a viable renting business idea in the real estate industry. You can purchase or rent a commercial building and put it out for rent to different companies. You just have to provide basic amenities like electricity, good water system, AC etc.

Construction Cleaning Company
This is another innovative business idea in real estate for people who enjoy working in building sites. You can start up a company that specialize in cleaning construction sites after the construction work is over.
Most companies hire cleaning companies to provide this service. All you just need is manpower and some equipment.

Real Estate Blogging
If you don’t want to involve yourself with either buying, becoming a real estate agent or construction cleaning business, but you have knowledge about the business of real estate, then you can open a blog and start blogging about real estate for real estate lovers and investors.

When you start sharing valuable content on real estate and the development of real estate, people that want to invest in real estate will start commenting on your post and start asking for advices and this make you a real estate consultant.

If you blog start packing up with huge traffic, real estate companies will start negotiating with you to place advert on your blog and you can charge them what you want.

House Painting
If you have the right skill for painting and know how to combine colours to bring out the beauty in a building, you can become a house painter and make money from house and office owners. This business just involves marketing yourself to real estate agent and dropping your business card at construction sites so when they need to paint their building, you will be the first call.

This is a wonderful business opportunity in the real estate industry for people who have technical knowledge in Civil Engineering and Architecture to make money. With this business, you can work from wherever you want.

With a 3D design software like AutoCAD, you can make good money designing jaw dropping building structures that can command good amount of money from your clients.

Plumbing Business
Another thriving business idea in real estate industry is starting a plumbing business. You can learn this skill within few months and start right away. There is no building that do not need plumbing operation.

If you are really looking for real estate related business to start, here is one option for you. You can run this business alone or with employees as the job demands.

There are several ways to start up a business in the real estate industry. Careful evaluation of the choices is required to make the proper choices when it comes to starting a real estate business. While there are various alternatives present in the market for home investing, a critical analysis of the possible benefits of investing into this kind of property is needed to profit from it.

When entering into any kind of start up business ideas in real estate industry, careful planning and extensive research of the market is necessary to ascertain the outcome when investing in real estate.

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