Starting a Rabbit Farm – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small rabbit farming business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a rabbit farm with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How To Start Rabbit Farming Business

Are you interested in rabbit farming and don’t know how to go with it? Do you need the ideal template on how to start a rabbit farm? Are you so fond of livestock that you will love to start a rabbit farm in your garden? If yes, then ensure you read this article to the last end as it is a sure guide to your proposed rabbit farm.

To start a rabbit farm, it does not require much startup capital like every other livestock farm do, all it needs is the sound knowledge of the entrepreneur or the rabbit farmer on animal husbandry and livestock farming.

Without much ado, below are the things you are expected to put in place to start a rabbit farm.

Know All You Can About Rabbit Care
To start a rabbit farm, you have got to know every single detail about rabbit, this is very important because of the unseen future. Among those necessary things you need to know about rabbit is the varieties of diseases they have and how to cure or prevent them, the kind of feed that is hygienic to their body and those to avoid, under which weather condition they thrive well, their gestation period and the type of care they deserve during the period, and the plethora of things that has to do with rabbit. This is so important to avoid high mortality and to prevent loss.

You should be able to know all these if you can meet with rabbit farmers who have been in the system for long so they can educate you on rabbit farming.

Better still, you can easily surf the net and garnish yourself with up-to-the minute information about rabbit farming. Beside the knowledge, to start a rabbit farm required you to be passionate about animals. But if you are not, you can get someone who derives pleasure spending his time with animals.

Get the Breeding Materials Ready
You can start a rabbit farm in your backyard without any harm or side effects with just eight of them, two males and six females, so far you put in place all the necessary breeding materials.

Among others, the materials are; the rabbits, feeds concentrates, breeding cages or hutches, feeders and drinkers, kits, etc. all these are the important raw materials needed to start a rabbit farm.

If you examine them properly you will come to realize that they are not capital intensive and this makes the rabbit farming an easy one to start.

Be On the Lookout for Good Rabbit Breed
There are varieties breed of rabbit which some among them are suited for commercial farming, like the New Zealand White, Chinchilla and California. These types of rabbit breed produce faster and also grow into large sizes than others.

The Show rabbits are other types that are often slighter in size compare to the commercial breeds and they are usually raised for the benefits of their fur and sometimes used as pets. The Show rabbits therefore, are not suitable for commercial purposes.

Have a Rabbit Farming Business Plan
This is another important thing to put in place to start a rabbit farm, most especially if you are to start rabbits breed on a large commercial scale. You need to write down and put together every possible details about the proposed rabbit farm including the financial overhead cost plus the profit potential.

But if the rabbit farm is meant for consumption or other purpose, there is no need for the business plan.

Get the Housing Ready
To start a rabbit farm, it is expected of you to get the house where the rabbit will be breed ready prior to its commencement. Ensure that the rabbit house is spacious enough to give a chance for the baby rabbits and also to give room for expansion when the rabbit farm grows.

Rabbits can be housed in cages or hutches and the hutches should be constructed in a way that the rabbits will be safe from the rainfall and protect from direct sunlight.

Availability of Rabbits Concentrates
Availability of rabbits feed or rabbits feed concentrates is another thing you have to take cognizance of if you are to start a rabbit farm. Rabbits can feed on compounded feed likewise on grasses such as, elephant grass, shrubs, leaves, potatoes and herbs.

Your ability to get either of the feeds readily available at all material time will contribute and yield your rabbit farm into a successful one.

Rabbit Marketing Plan
Marketing your rabbits will only come in to play a role on starting a rabbit farm if your sole intention and end purpose of the rabbit farm is to make profit. For beginners, the marketing of the rabbit can start by creating awareness among colleagues, families and friends etc.

You can take it a step further by branching various establishments like hotels, restaurants, eateries and supermarkets that are much likely to buy rabbit meat in quantities. Also, visit other rabbit product end users like the fur industries and create a business rapport with them.

In conclusion, to start a rabbit farm, there are some hidden responsibility that will rests on the shoulder of the would-be rabbit farmer for him to succeed on his rabbit farming business. As such, personal characteristics, doggedness, commitment to the task at hand, protectiveness, thirst for knowledge and discipline will all come in handy.


It has been discovered that keeping rabbits as food provides meat which is good for the body because of the nutrient it provides. It is one of the best sources of protein. Due to this, it is highly hunted like crazy.

Every one of us who has tasted the meat knows that it is very palatable, also rabbit meat price is affordable. Rabbit farmers looking to start a rabbit rearing business will find the post important.

Rabbit farming in Nigeria is a very profitable business with farmers who has ideas in animal husbandry. This production business does not require high capital to start a backyard rabbitry. It only requires deep knowledge and skills on how to raise them and how to market them and to who.

Benefits of Rabbit Farming: Rabbits Information and Facts 

There are multiple benefits in rearing rabbit commercially.

1. Rabbit species are fast growing animals just like the broilers chicken and they may display aggressive behaviour.
2. They multiply rapidly. Rabbits start giving birth 4 to 5 months of age. Their gestation period (female rabbit) is between 28-31 days and can give birth to 4-8 at once. Rabit can reproduce more than four times in a year. For that to happen, the male (buck) and female (doe) must be kept together in the same rabbit cage to mate.
3. Rabbit meat consumption is very nutritious and tasty. Everyone of all age can consume and digest it.
4. Rabbit feeding costs is low. Rabbit can easily be fed with grasses, legumes leaves, herbs, shrubs etc. alongside their regular feed. It will help reduce cost. They can also be fed twice a day.
5. It is a great source of income from the sale of the skin and meat.

Rabbit Farming Business Plan

Tips on How to Start Raising Rabbits
Commercial rabbit farming can be started with just two male and six female rabbits, a wire cage and a good knowledge on Lionhead rabbit and other breeds of rabbits like Dutch, Rex and Netherland dwarf rabbit. Information can be gotten from the Internet or reading any book manual about caring for a rabbit through several rabbit organizations.

It is advisable to start small because making mistakes at the small stage is much better than on a large scale. As you grow, you will always be learning and making improvements.

Rabbit Housing
Domesticated rabbit love staying in a clean and well-ventilated area. Using wire mesh as rabbit shelter on the floor will allow urine and droppings do not accumulate in the rabbit hutch. It will also be used as manure for other agricultural farming. Also know that rabbit feel uncomfortable sleeping on wire mesh. So dry hay can be used as bed for the commercial and house pet rabbit.

Rabbit Feeding
Are rabbits herbivores? Rabbit are normally been fed with fresh green leaves by traditional farmers. The best adult rabbit food include grasses, herbs, shrubs while baby rabbits feed on milk until they are weaned etc. To get better healthy rabbit diet, it is advisable they are serve with the best poultry feed in accordance with nutritious rabbit feed and ensure sufficient amount of clean water according to their demand. You need to gather more information on how to care for and what to feed even abandoned wild newborn bunnies (baby rabbits) 3-6 week old.

Rabbit Breeding
Both domesticated and wild rabbit can start breeding as it reaches 6 months (medium size breed) and 8-9 months (heavy breeds). Don’t breed for breeding purpose but only from a healthy rabbits. Only buy rabbits from reputable sources like established breeder farms. If a rabbit is aggressive and unhealthy, do not breed it. Ensure that care is taken with the breeding male and pregnant female and provide them with nutritious feed. As a farmer, you should be able to identify lop eared rabbits when they are on heat and know the best time to introduce them to the female rabbits. It is normal for the doe to show signs during heat period.

After birth, the female rabbit is advised to be left to stay with it litters for at least 3 months after which can be separated.

Marketing Rabbits
Marketing rabbit can be a hard task and easy at the same time. It depends on how you want to make profit from the rabbit market. You can create awareness among individuals like your friends, family members, restaurant owners, hotels etc. Even before your rabbit is ready for sale. Tell them that you have healthy stock of rabbits and their nutritional value as well as the economic importance.

There is no rule about marketing your rabbit. You can have your own rabbit production marketing plan solving the question of ‘Where can i buy dwarf, meat and pet rabbits for sale near me?’.

Hope this has been helpful?

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