Quick Trip Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

QT GAS STATION Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

What is the cost of a Quick trip franchise? Are you interested in owning a Quick Trip franchise? Do you know how to invest in quick trip?

QuikTrip Franchise, founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the year 1958, deals mainly on retail, with its activities in the retail sector valued at over $9 billion and includes a coverage area of 10 states which includes the following; North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and Iowa, all within the southern, south western and the Midwest of the United States.

Its franchise units have since grown to over 580+ units within the ten states.

QT Franchise Cost
Founded by partners Burt Holmes, and Chester Cadieux its current CEO is Chet Cadieux. QuickTrip Express Franchise provides retailing in the convenience store and fast food divisions of the industry.


Diversification by this franchisor has seen this franchise expand to areas such as retailing within the gasoline sector, providing gasoline refill to motorists.

How much is a Quiktrip franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a QT franchise?
  • Is quick trip a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average quick trip franchise price and fee?

Quick Trip Franchise Financial Requirements
As with other franchises, QT Franchise has a financial requirement to be met by interested franchise candidates before this franchise will be owned by them. The requirement includes an investment range of $25,000, a franchise fee of $25,000, and a liquid capital requirement (liquid cash requirement) of $25,000.

Before qualification as a Quick Trip franchisee, the above requirements have to be fully met to qualify for consideration.

Quick Trip Franchise Training
Quik Trip gas station franchise offers training for new franchisees lasting for a period as specified by the franchise. The training program is split in two sections. There is provision for training at the Quick Trip Franchise corporate headquarters, and training on-site to provide maximum exposure to its new franchisees. This training is mandatory for new franchisees.

However, if the franchise will be hiring the services of a business manager, the manager has to also attend this training in order to learn the ropes on the franchise administration. This provision has been made because Quick Trip Franchise allows for absentee ownership of its franchise.

Training is not limited to new franchisees alone, as such events are held periodically to benefit old franchisees and to update them on new industry happenings and current best practices. These trainings are organized in the form of seminars and meetings.

Quick Trip Franchise Support
Quick Trip Franchise offers its franchisees support in many areas of their operations. Although not made available, it should not be different from the support offered by most franchises such as periodic meetings, newsletter publication releases which are also periodic, internet support, field operations, grand opening and security.

What Franchisees Stand to Gain with Quick Trip Franchise
As a Quick Trip franchisee, there are lots of benefits accruing to the franchisee. These includes the Quick Trip Franchise brand name which has witnessed a top-tier rating from major vehicle manufacturing brands such as Honda, BMW, General Motors, Audi, Toyota among other brands even surpassing the standards set by the United States’ environmental protection for petroleum additives.

Buying into this huge brand name with track records of excellence will surely benefit the franchisee immensely.

QuikTrip Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
In the terms of agreement found in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) supplied to the franchisor, Quick Trip Franchise has a set period of time for the ownership of its franchise. This is not new to the franchise industry, as it is obtainable in all franchises.

The required period of time for the ownership of a QuickTrip franchise has not been clearly specified, but it is expected that it should be included in its Franchise Disclosure Document.

After having satisfied the terms laid forth by this franchisor, an extension of ownership period is made, but extension of the period of ownership also depends on whether the Quick Trip Franchise still maintains its franchising arm. There have been cases where companies and corporations have cancelled their franchising arms, due to operational exigencies.

Quick Trip Franchise Financing Options
Quick Trip Franchise offers finance options to its franchisees. These finance options usually are in the form of a relationship with third-party sources that offer financing at less stringent conditions to franchisees to cover specific areas as may be decided by the franchisor.

In addition, this option, there is usually a second option which consists of an in-house financing arrangement that provides financing covering specific areas decided by the franchisor. The Financial Disclosure Document provided by Quick Trip Franchise should contain the details of all of these.

How to Open Quik Trip Franchise
To buy into the Quick Trip Franchise, certain procedures must be followed, and this includes visiting the Quick Trip Franchise website and navigating to the franchise section of the site.

There is an online application form made available for interested franchise candidates to fill and submit. This form should be carefully filled and submitted because the information supplied will be used in determining qualification.

What More?
The information supplied is screened by a back office, and if found to be qualified, a Quick Trip Franchise representative contacts the franchise candidate for further discussions. A meeting is arranged where the franchise candidate is provided a with a Franchise Disclosure Document which is a requirement by franchise regulators, and a period of 10 days is given to the franchise candidate to review the document.

If he/she finds the terms set forth by the franchisor acceptable, he/she decides to sign an agreement with the franchisor.

These are the basic information on the QuikTrip Franchise and requirements for ownership.

However, the information supplied in itself is not sufficient, as it is advised to seek for further details to each of the points stated in this article from Quick Trip Franchise. It is assured that in-depth information will be made available to you on request.



QuikTrip has been involved in the dishing of quality products and services to their customers for more than 55 years now. The company has the goal of becoming the best in the industry that caters for the service and delivery of items offered in a convenience store.


It is quite lucrative buying into the company’s franchise as they offer tons of items that are needed by an average household. The big question now is “how much is a QuikTrip Franchise

The QuikTrip Company, which is popularly known as QT is based in Tulsa Oklahoma and it is a chain of convenience stores that is primarily run in the Southern, Southeastern and Midwestern parts of the United States.

The company was established in the year 1958 by two business entrepreneurs, Chester Cadieux and Burt Holmes. In the year 1968, the company began expansion outside of Oklahoma and they began the sales of gasoline in the year 1971


IS QuikTrip A Franchise?
The company is considered a franchise as they have locations spread at different parts of the United States. They have a highly performing franchise model and QuikTrip Franchise is being considered by Fortune Magazine as one of the top performing franchises in the USA.

The company believes they are the best in the industry when it comes to great service delivery. Every staff of a QuikTrip Franchise can be said to posses great qualities like the ability to work independently and display perfect work ethic. It doesn’t end there though, that is just the QT culture and it is the reason why a lot of customers are attracted to the company.

Franchisees too will benefit from this wonderful experience and foundation that has been laid down by the company.


Buying into a franchise with the company is quite lucrative, though it also comes with some financial implications that prospective franchisees will be expected to meet up with. The QuikTrip Franchise cost will be the investment that is needed to get the business running. The initial investment that will be needed to set up a franchise unit is within the range of $20,000 to about $30,000.

The company also expects new franchisees to have liquid cash in the tune of about $25,000. This will help them to cater for any running expenses in the first year of business.

As it is with any franchise, a new franchisee with QuikTrip will be made to make an initial franchise fee payment. This payment is non refundable and quite renewable after a period of time. The QuikTrip Franchise fee is $25,000. An additional ongoing royalty fee is also payable to the company. This is about 5% of the monthly gross revenue of the franchise unit.

The amount of earnings from a QuikTrip Franchise will surely be dependent on a whole number of factors. The average income a QuikTrip Franchise owner will make will depend on the effort he puts into the business. Although the rules and regulations guiding the franchise industry does not so allow franchise companies to give out information on the earnings that can be made, but new QuikTrip Franchise owners can seek tips from existing franchise owners.

New franchisees with QuikTrip Franchise will be offered training and support to equip them for the business ahead. The franchise owner or any other staff designated by him can attend the training, which is divided into 2 different sessions.

Trainings will be offered at the company’s Head Office in Oklahoma and also onsite at any location approved by the QuikTrip Corporation.

When you buy a QT Franchise, the set term for the operation of a QuikTrip Franchise License is about 10 years. The franchisee has the option to renew this after the expiration of the initial term. Although the franchisee will be expected to meet up with the company’s terms and conditions for renewal.

The company does not offer any form of financing to their franchisees, either directly or indirectly. However franchises that require financing can seek for this from lending firms that are ready to fund the franchise business.

Opening a QuikTrip Franchise does not end with this article. Information here only talks about how to open a QuikTrip Franchise, to establish a franchise unit; a prospective franchisee will be expected to forward their application to the company’s website.

Once the application is reviewed, feedbacks will be given after some few days. If the applicant is lucky enough to be considered as a franchisee with the company,you will be assined a franchise manager.

The duty of the franchise manager will be to carry out additional check on the eligibility of the prospect to open a franchise unit. Once he is considered fit to open a unit, the franchise manager will work alongside his team members to assist in the opening of the new franchise unit, which will include site location, equipment procurement and final launching.



The QuikTrip Corporation, which is commonly referred to as QuikTrip (QT) is a company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They operate a chain of convenience stores and primarily operate in the Southern, Midwestern and South-eastern parts of the United States of America. Their first store was opened in the year 1958 by Chester Cadieux and Burt Holmes. As an entrepreneur, your quest may be on how much is a QuikTrip Franchise?


Since the year of establishment of the company QuikTrip, it has grown to scoop in more than $11 billion in revenue and the company has about 700 stores in eleven different states of the United States.

QuikTrip as a company has been placed on Forbes’s radar due to their high level of income generated. The company’s strategy is to be the top gasoline/convenience retailer in every market and they don’t plan to reach that level alone though the numbers of stores they have, but via strategic location of their stores in high volume areas that will guaranty a constant flow of foot traffic.

The company has close to 20,000 employees and they have also been ranked by Fortune as one of the Best Companies to Work For in the last fourteen years. And one other interesting fact about QuikTrip is that they have been able to give back to the community through charity. The company donates 5% of its net profits to charity organizations. Is Quiktrip a franchise?


QuikTrip has over 900 stores across the United States and the question to ask is how many of these stores are company-owned and how many of them are franchises. In short, you will want to be afforded the information if QuikTrip sells Franchise. No need to be in a hurry, the answer to that will be revealed in the course of this article. Let’s first talk about franchising and how it can help you kick start your business career.


If your desire is to buy a QuikTrip Franchise, why not know about the merits of a franchise business to evaluate if you are going to be making a wise choice in your purchase.

In a franchise business, an established company otherwise referred to as the franchisor will provide a well developed method of running a business, guidance, and assistance to a franchisee in return for a payment of fees.

You might want to know that buying into a franchise opportunity can be a more lucrative alternative that establishing your own business. You can find below the advantages of buying into a franchise just like the QuikTrip Franchise.


  1. As a franchisee of a big business, you will be offered the independence of small business ownership with the support of a bigger business.
  2. You may not necessarily have to have much business experience as a franchisee of a business. The franchisor most of the times will provide you with the adequate training that you need to excel in their business.
  3. There is a higher rate of achieving success with franchises that starting your own business.
  4. When you buy into a franchise, it will be quite easier for you to secure financing. As these franchises already have good working relationships with most financial institutions.
  5. Most franchises are already established businesses with good track records and experience. You will be leveraging on this to achieve quick success when you buy into their franchises.


Now that you have been enlightened with the importance of buying into franchise opportunity, the next step is to know about the cost of a QuikTrip franchise.

As it is with most franchises, you will need to meet up with some financial requirements before you can be considered for franchising. You also should understand that you will also be expected to make some on-going fees during the course of running your franchise. So if you are not sound financially, it might be difficult for you buying into any form of franchise as most of the times, the investment requirement could run into $1,000,000 or even more.

The least initial franchise fee that you can even make for any franchise out there is $10,000 and some will charge you as much as $50,000. It will be better you evaluate your financial capacity before taking the step.

So with this information, what will be the cost of a QuikTrip Franchise? It is quite unfortunate that at the moment, QuikTrip does not offer any form of franchising to the public. All their stores across the United States of America are company owned. Although it is not clear if the company will start selling franchises in the nearest future, but there are various other options of franchises in the Convenience store industry that you can choose from.

Another alternative that you have if you so much have the passion to buy a QuikTrip Franchise is to work your way into the company as an employee. With that you will be able to expose yourself to the mode of operations in the company and if you are lucky enough to work your way to the top, you can then gather management experience that will assist you to startup your own store later on in the future.

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