Poultry Farming Business in India


Do you reside in India and you are thinking of starting a poultry farming business in India? A Poultry farming business involves the raring of birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and other domesticated birds who which serve as a source of meat or eggs for food and can turn your financial life around if properly managed.

In India, poultry farming is the most cost-efficient business you can start up, especially now that the population of India is enormously increasing.

All manner of birds is being raised in India. Chickens are the most competent birds to rare, you would cash in on the business faster as chickens fully mature within a short period of time.

Anyone can start up a poultry farming business in India, it doesn’t require any level of literacy as you can start up low now and develop the business to higher grounds later.

This article will pinpoint everything you need to know about starting up a poultry farming business in India alongside the necessary actions and decisions to make for easy start up and future progress.

How much profit is there in poultry farms in India? How much investment is required for poultry farming in India? What is the average poultry farm project setup cost, profit margin and income in India?

Why You Should Consider Starting a Poultry Farming in India

If you are still thinking if starting a poultry farming business in India is the right decision for you to make, here is every reason why you should embark on the journey.

  • India is the second most populous country in the world, food is one of the basic requirement for human survival.
  • Poultry animals are edible and a good source of protein for consumption making poultry farming beneficial.
  • Intensive farming is a very productive type of poultry farming as in maximizes profit and requires less capital.
  • Poultry birds are easy to grow.
  • Poultry birds are purchased at a good price as well as Eggs.

Poultry Farming System in India

In consideration of the condition of India, there’re three main commercial farming systems to employ when considering starting a poultry farming business in India;

  • Intensive system
  • Semi-intensive system
  • Extensive system.

Tips on Starting a Poultry Farming Business in India

Here are the various tips to aid you when starting a poultry farming business in India.


This is the first thing you should first consider before anything else. If you do not have enough capital to start up a poultry farm, seek assistance or loan immediately. There are various organizations in India to help with poultry farming financing as well as banks.

You can secure a loan from the bank and poultry farming organizations such as NABARD, Union Bank of India, State Bank of India and so much more.

Choosing a Breed

In India, various qualities of poultry breeds are readily available. You have to carefully decide your niche and purchase properly groomed healthy breeds.

Basically, if you’re interested in commercially producing meat or fish, then select healthy productive breeds.

Poultry breeds in India are of three types;

  • Boilers: These poultry animals are the commercial meat producers as they feed and mature quickly for meat production.
  • Cockerel: They are also meat producers, but Cockerels take a longer time to mature than boilers.
  • Layers: The Egg producers. These birds are trained specially to produce eggs.


The most expensive yet important part of starting up a poultry farming business in India is securing a suitable location.

When deciding on a location, it is advisable to;

Pick out a location that is somehow far from residential settlement as the smell from a poultry farm is very much offensive. Purchase lands in rural areas to reduce cost.

Ensure proper supply of clean water. Get an area free of wild animals and predators to keep the birds safe.


Now, you will require a suitable poultry housing and fencing system.

There are various methods of housing poultry farm birds;

  • Free Range System

This system of poultry farming allows free movement of birds. It is not advisable to adopt a free range system in commercial farming because it would result in lose of farm animals.

  • Deep Litter System

In India, this system of housing is considered to be the easiest as it requires cleaning once or twice a year. This housing system involves spreading saw dust on concrete caged grounds or cages to serve as squab for the birds. The saw dust can be changed regularly, replaced or layered.

  • Battery Cage System

This system is commonly used for egg producing poultry birds in India. Rows and columns of metallic cages are arranged to house poultry birds, feeding, water and laying nests are also supplied to the cage.

In this method, eggs and droppings are easily picked out.  Each poultry farming method has its own pros and cons as some are more expensive and difficult to maintain than others.

Poultry Feeding

In starting up a poultry farming business in India, feeding is a very important requirement. Poultry animals need food to survive, you can decide to produce your feeds yourself or buy from other producers depending on the size of your poultry establishment.


The manpower required to run a poultry farm depends on the size of the poultry and the available technology. You should employ the services of a manager who would take care of the day to day running of the poultry.

And also, staffs who would reside on the poultry is advised to monitor the birds for security purposes.

In every business, record keeping is a crucial factor as it helps to keep track of income. You should employ the use of software technologies or manpower for accounting.

Starting up a poultry farming business in India is an easy task if you do it right, take all the necessary steps, actions and precautions for maximum progress.

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