Marketing Lessons to Learn from Parrots

Do you face challenge marketing your product? It’s interesting to know that are many clues to help you are just up in the sky above you—the parrots! The flourishing of any enterprise is tangibly tied to the marketing of it. This puts marketing at the zenith of the business process.

Having taken my time to study birds on the internet, I found that the interest in birds was indeed high; and more so, this interest grows exponentially with more interest. How did these creatures gather so much audience?

How did those who upload these videos on these birds pull off such chunk of web users? What is peculiar about birds that endeared them much to people on the internet? This is no doubt what one needs for effective marketing; though the birds are not marketers.

In light of the foregoing questions, I set out to learn a few things from the birds. As to my questions, the following are some reasons I have found why parrots are better marketers than you.


There are a number of cockatoos on the internet making waves, however some make waves of higher wavelength. Some of them include Gotcha, Pebble, Harley, and Max amongst others. But despite that these are all out to showcase their respective cockatoos, some of them, we can accurately say, seem to be more successful at it than some.

For instance, Max has got more than 13 million views (that’s a whole lot for a parrot, you know?), and has roughly 25,020 subscribers. In fact, the max Cockatoo has over double the subscribers compared to any other cockatoo on the web.

It is easy by the degree to which each of these bird owners upload videos to see that Max uploads extremely frequently, more than the rest do. One can quickly see a connection between the extent of video uploads and the amount of web viewers they pull. That’s consistency! The frequency with which you advertise and the duration you stay on the stage go a long way in telling how far your marketing will travel.

Go with Popular Brands

It is exciting to see animals demonstrate some really high degree of intelligence, for example speech. The African parrot is infamous for its ability to speak, or at least repeat words that it hears.

Usually people get thrilled whenever they see something that outstanding; in fact, a parrot caught on camera singing the song by Drowning pool some time ago, and this went viral hitting a much as over 10 million views.

Now, let us draw a little intelligent comparism; Drowning pool who owns the song actually had way over 41 million views, but a bird had over 10 million, that’s a great percentage we have got there. Creativity!

Unique Personality

Uniqueness makes something outstanding. Some personalities are loud and shorty, some are more serene, and so on. For instance, in studying cockatoos, I found that one major reason why Gotcha is deeply loved by cockatoo viewers is because of the generous display of personality—actions of different captivating temperaments. He does this really well.

In marketing, advertising goes with displays that would inevitably capture potential customers’ attention, then convert them subsequently into real clients later.

Be Effectively Hilarious

Never extremely (marketing has never been comedy). However, adding humor grows to a large extent the tendency to touch a soft spot in the clients. It’s much like the feeling you get when you attended a comedy show; you sure never wanted the clock to tick again, you felt so soothed.

My study of birds exposed me to Pebble, a humorous cockatoo; she would freak out when she doesn’t want to get into her cage, or describe how her nails were after its been trimmed, etc., in funny acts. People like something that they can relax with, something funny.

Arming ourselves with this realization, we can go about promoting our marketing with the weapons of humor.

Capitalize on Past Glory

There was a video that involved Max and the vet that hurled in so many views; so much that the next two videos didn’t get half as close. But realizing that his viewers were thrilled with the acts in that video, Max made another video that compassed the vet affair once again, and surprisingly, the tactic indeed worked one more time.

He played off his previous success, and he succeeded again. This idea can also be imported from cockatoos into the world of marketing for best profits. It could be adopting or modifying a previous marketing strategy that worked for your business.

In conclusion, being smart demands that we learn from minute occurrences around us. It is clear that there is something about parrots that makes them outstanding in gathering such magnitude of audience; if we adopt similar approaches, then the tendencies are as well high that we would succeed in promoting whatever business we are into—but one last thing is the passion for what we do.