Starting a Paint Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small paint making business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a paint production business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?


How can I start paint production business? Well, paint is a liquid that is put on surfaces to give them a particular colour. There are various types of paint-texcote, emulsion, gloss. Emulsion is a class of paint used on walls and ceilings which dries off without presenting any shiny surface. Gloss is a paint which, when dry, has a hard shiny surface.

Do you know what setting up a paint factory entails? As there are different types of paint, so there are various natures and characteristics in which they exists and possesses respectively. Paints have the ability of changing the original colour of a surface/object which they are applied to.

They also exhibit the quality of retaining this colour for a given period of time. They are liquid and are also in wet form, therefore required to be left for a given rate to dry on the surface applied. In addition, there are various ingredients/raw materials used to manufacture paint; each having its specific functions put together to produce a desired paint quality. First in the list include pigment.

What are some requirements in starting a paint industry? Pigment is responsible for the colour in painting. Preceding it are solvents, resins and various additives. Solvents enables easier application of paints, resins helps it dry while additive serves as everything from fillers to antifungicidal.

These raw materials for emulsion, oil and gloss paint production are readily available in the market. Moreso, different manufacturing processes of paints are known. These includes: making the paste, dispersing the pigment, thinning the paste and canning the paste. In making the paste, the bags of fine grain pigments are sent by the pigment manufacturers to the paint production plant; where it is premixed with resin, one or more solvents and additives to form a paste.

During dispersion of the pigment, the mixture is routed into a sand mill- a cycle that causes the tiny particles of sand to grind the pigment particles, which make them smaller thereby dispersing them throughout the mixture. The mixture, however is then filtered to remove the sand particles. Thinning the paste involves diluting them, say with turpentine to obtain a desired and final product; irrespective of whether it is created by a small mill or dispersion tank.

Whereas, in canning, which is the final process, the finished product with the aid of pipe is pumped into the canning room where it can be canned for consumption. Distribution of paint is taking a huge increase on daily basis; this probably may be because architectural structures such as: houses, offices, schools, shops e.t.c, are being constructed. Painting which are basically for beautification and ornamental purposes are used on furniture, portrait and sports, events arena. Many distributors are also known.

Furthermore, there are correctable factors limiting the paint production line, distribution and supply of paint. These are: unavailability of quality raw materials, insubstantial labor market value (i.e. government policy labeled on the manufacturing goods and services), inflation, deflation, high cost of paint production machine and technology and lack of quality products.

The satisfaction a particular paint gives the user depends on the quality of the chemical raw materials used in paint production. Pigment will lose its utility if it does not give required colour to the paint, which is the core feature; thereby, the products not fulfilling the purpose it is used.

Labour market values greatly affects paints production. It is obvious there are lots of paint manufacturing plant for sale in South Africa and other African countries as well as manufacturing industries existing (both high scale production and low scale production business). There is tendency the two will be under competition(thereby survival of the fittest setting in).

Now, those of low scale production as a result will be struggling for survival; consequently having a little or no place to take in the labor market. Inflation is the general rise in the prices of the services and goods in a particular country, resulting in a fall in the value of the money.

Research made it clear that inflation is the greatest disaster majority of producers,consumers and products can face. The price of paint may rise from its original price to a newer unfavourable price which by implication will cause the disvalue of money.

Gross National Product- the value of goods and services produced in a particular country in a year is also affected by inflation. High cost of production in the same vein, means sellers placing high cost on the goods they ‘ve produced.

Deflation on the other hand is the reduction in the amount of money in a country’s economy so that prices fall or remain the same. It is opposite of inflation. It posses a negative effect on the rate of paint production in Nigeria. When the rate of deflation is high, manufacturers almost lost morale to proceed in their production. Meaning they may quit producing. This probably may be because there won’t be enough gain for them. Lack of quality products entails inferior goods and services.

This factor affects the producer as well as the rate at which paint is produced because consumers are likely not to patronize it. Other factors affecting manufacturing of paints includes: power(i.e shortage of electricity), financial instability, lack of infrastructure and lack of patronage from local entity.

All the above listed factors greatly impose mishaps to the due production, supply and distribution of paints. Nevertheless, combating these problems have a harmonious role in transforming paint manufacturing industries. First of all, raw materials which are the prerequisite in paint production should readily be made available by the Federal Government in a subsidized amount.

Large scale production company should halt competing with small scale in order for them to survive. They should also be provided with enough credit facilities and necessary aids by the government and cooperate bodies. Deflation and inflation can be curbed by establishing a stable business procedures in Australia, Canada and other developed countries of the world (industry, trade and investment).

Starting up a Paint Manufacturing Industry

Most African countries have been known as a consumer-driven economy. The manufacturing sector today is growing faster more than any other sectors-petroleum, agriculture, et cetera per say. This is obviously because consumers are there in the labor market waiting to patronize in order to meet up the ends and means.

Nevertheless, before you set up any manufacturing industry, it is vital you know whether the product you want to produce is absolutely needed. The prerequisite for starting up paint production industry is discussed below:


1. Management: The life span of every business opportunity is determined by how it is managed. As a producer/company owner, do you motivate your workers? Do you report at the office on daily basis or do you leave everything to the workers?

2. Financial Plan: This aspect deals with how accountable you and/or your workers are. As a paint making business owner, employ good accountants. Get reliable advice from them. Control their works and ensure everything is financially put in place (such as documenting every transactions).

3. Marketing: Marketing entails making your products known in the market and by the people. As a manufacturer, create marketing strategy; employ personalities with marketing prowess and share those strategies with them for execution. They will help you identify the target market for a successful paint production business.

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