Part Time Online Jobs Without Investment to Start From Home

Best Online Jobs Without Investment For Students From Home To Earn Online

Are you looking for real online parttime jobs opportunities that do not involve any investment or registration fee to start? I also have been there before so I understand. There are boundless google home based online job ideas and opportunities to make money on the side via the internet. These are all legitimate and easy ways to make money online without investment from home even as teenagers.

Work From Home Online Jobs Without Investment With Daily Payment

1. Paid To Click Jobs (PTC)
In Paid to Click jobs (PTC), you get to earn revenue by clicking on ads and links provided by the PTC sites. They are also called Ad clicking jobs. A PTC site acts as a broker between people who seek to promote their product and those who earn by clicking on the ads.

After clicking on an ad, you should stay on the page for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Advertisers cannot contact customers directly, hence the need for PTC sites. These sites display a lot of ads on their sites and have lots of members to click those ads and the advertisers pay the PTC sites for each view of their product or on a day contract basis.

Although you may not make millions online with paid to click jobs, it is one the easiest ways to make money online without investment. In order to make money via PTC sites you have to register as a member on the site. Once you register, you will be allotted ads on a daily basis. Just click on the ads to earn money from this part time online job as a college student.

2. Captcha Entry Jobs
A captcha image contains 4-10 characters which you are to identify and enter. This genuine online data entry job without investment requires that you be able to read and type English alphabets and numbers. Time used in solving each captcha image should be considered as some sites will require you to solve it in fifteen seconds or less, which also means that your internet connection should be fast enough to load the images quickly as slow loading may cost you the job.

Captcha entry is one of the most profitable form filing online jobs without investment that is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. However, it is pertinent to first check if you can receive payment in your country. PayPal is one of the most readily available means of payment so confirm the payment methods of the captcha entry job before signing up for it.

3. Freelancing
Freelancers sell their services to employers without going into a long term contract. Online freelancing has become popular and more employers and organizations are beginning to get comfortable with sourcing out some jobs and tasks to freelancers.

Websites such as Elance, ODesk, Freelancer, Fiverr & many others serve as a hub for employers and freelancers to connect. What are you good at; Writing (academic, technical, content, etc.), graphic design, web design and development, data entry, virtual assistant, etc. You could sign on to any of these freelancing sites and sell your services.

4. Selling Photos
Selling photos online is becoming a popular way for people with a passion for photography to make some extra cash on the side without any investment. A photo can speak volumes and most times can better illustrate a point better than words.

So if you have a camera or a smart phone and you can capture interesting pictures ranging from interactions between people, expressions, and lifestyle, to landscapes, nature etc., you can make money by selling these pictures to sites such as PhotoBucket, Shutterstock, iStock, 123R, and a host of others.

5. Proofreading and Copywriting 
In proofreading, you are required to check a written text for errors in spelling and grammar. Many authors, editors, or publishing houses engage the services of someone to proofread their documents to ensure that is correct grammar-wise and spelling wise.

This requires a good command of the English language, or the language of the document. It also requires someone that is keen on details and a passion for reading.

6. Formatting 
Closely related to proofreading and copywriting is formatting. This requires you to set or order the style of a document according to standard format or that required by a client. You need and in-depth knowledge of word processors to be able to do this.

You should be familiar with processes such as alignment, indentation, subscript/superscript, inserting tables, equations, charts, layouts, and other common processes involved in word processing.

7. Image to Text Jobs
As the name implies, this free online job requires you to view an image that contains text material and type it out on Microsoft word or any other text software as specified by the client.

All that is required is a Personal computer or laptop, and internet enabled device with which to get the image, and a basic knowledge of the text software you are to type on and a moderate typing speed in order to complete the jobs at the stipulated time.

8. Affiliate Marketing 
Although it is not an easy online job, it is however one of the most profitable online businesses. It entails promoting a product or services and getting paid a commission when someone buys through your link called referral link.

This home based online job without investment involve that you first either go for training or read as many books or eBooks on the business idea before you embark on it.

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