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Most Profitable Legit Online Jobs For A 18 Year Olds

What are the best paying legit online jobs for an 18 year old? They say when you are 18 years old male or female, that you have crawled into the adult zone which makes you independent on your welfare as an adult.

Are you 18 years old or above and you are looking for ways to get extra cash? I know it has come to the point where you don’t need to continue disturbing your parent for pocket money and you need to start generating your own pocket money as a teenager.

Good winter and summer online jobs are the only quick way one can do that (if you have no startup capital) through the internet. You want a business that can be operated right from the comfort of your home with just a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection.

Highest paying jobs for 18 year old high school graduates
This post is all about the multiple kinds of online jobs you as 18 years old student or above staying at home can start making that extra cash.

You must have heard of young millionaires making millions of dollars doing some of the best online jobs working from home.

1. Short Video Creator

Can you create and edit videos? You must have started noticing various kinds of short videos on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter. Since almost all popular social media platforms now allow video upload for views, many online marketers now want to take leverage of this opportunity to promote their products and services.

You can start creating short motivational videos for small business marketers and top brands online. I know of someone who makes nothing less than $1000 monthly creating short videos as online paid jobs to make money online.

You don’t need any startup capital to let people know what you do, and social media has made things so easy for someone to do business right from any internet device. Just work on your social media profiles, let people know who you are when they look at your bio.

Upload at least two videos every week so people can see your sample. When you upload, tag your friends to it so their friends can also see. You can never tell who might be your first client.
And the best part of it is, if you can impress your first client by doing a great job, the client will surely come back and will gladly refer others to you.

2. Copywriting

Are you good at writing stories or content that can persuade or motivate someone to take action? If yes! Then you start this great online typing job and become a copywriter.

Being a copywriter is not only for those who have gone through copywriting course. As far as you can create content that makes people to do what you want them to do, you can be a copywriter.
You can make a living as a copywriter, if you can effectively use words to persuade another to act, and you stand to make a lot of money.

3. Ghost Writing

You must have read some articles on different sites that you really loved and also some that you taught if the writer was on Vodka when writing the content.

Do you know how much I have spent on ghost writers so I can keep this blog updated and running? I have spent thousands of dollars on ghost writers so they can create good content for me, I only write when I have the time to do so.

You too can pocket such amount if only you are available to position yourself where blog owners can see you and hire you.

You can go and sign up at Probloggers job board and multiple free job board forums where bids are placed.

4. Online Survey Jobs

There are many part time online survey jobs in India and other parts of the world that you can sign up and start making extra pocket money from the comfort of your home.

They require no sign up fee and you start making money after they have confirmed your registration.
In the online survey, you just have to answer some questions while some require you to do some task that takes minutes.

You can Google them out but don’t fall into scam. Some online side jobs for 18 year olds with no experience require that you pay before you start, and I advise that you don’t pay any money to any online survey company before you start. There are lots of scam surveying companies online nowadays, so be very careful.

5. Sell your Services at Fiverr

Are you good at anything but I have not mention it? If yes! Then you can sell your skills or services at It is a platform that allow people to sell their skills ranging from graphic designing, writing, producing studio beat, drawing etc.

Fiverr is a marketplace you can start selling from $5 to any price. The lowest fee you can sell your services is $5 but you at last get $3.50 after Fiverr and your payment processor has deducted their charges.

In conclusion, don’t remain idle at home watching TV, playing video games and do nothing about your financial future.

Those things can be done later when you already can make money while you do them. Now is the time for you to grind, so you can rest at your twenties and thirties.

Go and start making money from home, pick any of the real online jobs for 18 year olds at home that pay which I have mentioned above that suit you and stop making excuses. Remember, you are no longer a teenager again, you are now an adult.

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