Online Income Ideas – Profitable Opportunities For Beginners

Passive Residual Income Online Business Ideas and Opportunities to Make Money From Home

There are some passive online income ideas that generate very small amount of money and yet it consume much of your time working by the side.

Sometimes, not all part time online opportunities deserve your attention or time. The internet is full with great online business ideas that can earn you good returns if you are dedicated and persistent enough.
No matter how much money you are making right now, they is always a side business online that you can earn an extra more from home.

I spent my time to sort out some unique online income opportunities that can generate passive income from Google even when you don’t have to do much work.

So, straight to my list of online income ideas and opportunities you can start right inside your bedroom.

Best Online Income Ideas To Earn Money

1. Sell an E-book

EBooks are great ways online entrepreneurs earn residual income. You only put hours into preparing the eBook and after you are done, you put it out for sale and start receiving the fruit of your labour.

As long as that eBook is still on your selling platform for sales, you keep making money from it. You can even earn a 5 figure income from the sale of an eBook.

You can make your eBook available to unlimited number of potential buyers by having it hosted on platforms like Amazon, eBay, esty etc.

With resources like Google doc or Microsoft Word, writing your eBook should not pose a problem. You can pick a title and start writing now, you don’t need to write too many pages before you can publish your eBook.

An eBook of 100 pages is enough i.e. if not too much for actionable eBook!

How do you start?

First, you will need a blog with a landing page (sales page) for the eBook business and you will also need to register on Amazon, eBay and other platforms so you can host and market your eBook there.

Your eBook can be marketed through online networking, guest posting on authority blogs and also through your email list (you must have heard of that).

2. Create a blog and Promote Affiliate Products

Another way to make money online is by becoming a blogger and start promoting affiliate products with reasonable commission rate. You first need to create a community and this can be done by having an email list or Facebook close group and build a relationship with your community.

After you have built trust with your community by always sending them useful, engaging and informative content, you can then start promoting affiliate product to them. Getting affiliate products is not hard, just go to online ecommerce stores like Amazon, eBay or online coaches with useful products that you know will be useful and needed by your community and register as an affiliate marketer.

You will be given an affiliate code or link, it is that link that you are going to post alongside your sales letter. Whenever anyone buys a product through your affiliate code, you get paid a commission for that product. It is so easy!

For you to be successful and earn big online income, you need patience and dedication. You will need to master some marketing skills, persuasion skills, learn how to communicate effectively with your community and build enough trust.

You must have heard that people do business or buy from people that they LIKE, KNOW and TRUST. It applies in this income business.

There are free online course that will teach you how best to operate this gold mine business opportunity.

3. Bulk SMS Business

This is one business that is making millions of people rich secretly, people hardly hear of this business because only few people come to share their secret about how money is made from SMS business.

You receive bulk sms daily, I am sure you must have received one or two before you even come across this post. Banks use it, corporate organizations use it, churches and mosques use it, and schools now use it.

This business does not involve you always looking for customer who will patronize you, having 5 customers alone buying large units every month can make you a millionaire in the long run.

If you can satisfy your present customers, they will always continue to patronize your business, mostly banks and schools because they use it daily in their business to send alert to their customers.

One thing I love about this business is that you have to choice to choose how much you will be selling your unit of sms to your customers irrespective of how much you bought them.

4. Build an Online Game App

Are you good at building games? You must have heard about Pokémon Go and many others who made millions just from their games. This is a very rich niche that can make you a millionaire in dollars.

If you have been having passion for building a game, this is the right time to do so. If you have a game in mind that you would have love exist, you can create a team of game builders to build that game.

You don’t need to go learn how to code or develop software, you just meet with people who can and share the idea with them

You can position your market to only iPhone or iPad users and make good money in return from your game.

Now, you have a hand-full of real online passive income ideas and opportunities that you can take leverage on and become financially free, making money daily, weekly and monthly without sweat.

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