Niche Business Ideas and Opportunities That Remain Profitable


Niche business is now making wave if you have been noticing the business trends that are making millions in today’s market.

The world of business is playing by the rules of ever changing dynamics. It is becoming the norm for the customer/clients in the market place to have their demands, needs and wants met, based on his/her own terms, at their own convenience.

Hence businesses that are quick to respond to the peculiarities and nuances of the customer, will increasingly discover that it is getting head of the competition and expanding their bottom lines. Niche business ideas are at the core of this drive, since they are constantly trying to meet a need that stands out in uniqueness and peculiarity, from others.

The following niche business ideas cab be pursued by the savvy entrepreneur:

Instagram consulting Service
JWT Intelligence states that more and more businesses are employing Instagram as a marketing and advertising tool. Findings reveal the social media app totaled 400 million users in 2015, and the number of businesses with over 100 employees using Instagram for marketing and advertising is anticipated to reach 48.8 percent in 2016.

Despite the social media app’s rising popularity, a number of businesses cannot state with certainty, what they aspire to achieve using Instagram. If one has proficient knowledge in social media and marketing, as well as a flair for photography, starting a consulting business employing Instagram and its related tools in assisting businesses refine their content and expand their marketing drive, could be a rewarding venture.

Women’s Health and Well being
Women-focused forums, by and for women, continues to gather momentum, year by year. The Future 100, an online business survey, predicts that issues centering on femininity, empowerment and gender identities, are opening up value chains that include businesses that address and provide solutions to needs and wants of women.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can latch onto businesses such as health products online stores, which provide solutions for the well being of women. In addition, entrepreneurs can develop niche ideas such as consultancy services that provide important resources and materials that empower women to set-up their own businesses.

Health Clubs
With improved medical care and access to more affordable medicines, people are staying healthy and living for longer. In addition, these individuals are taking less alcohol, are shunning smoking and making other lifestyle changes that are guaranteeing longevity.

The niche business idea of starting a health club or fitness center focused essentially on providing these new set of millieanials with the resources and materials needed to maintain this health lifestyle. The health club can capitalize on the power and reach of the internet in the creation a strong, attractive social media presence to connect with a market made up mostly of young members and potential customers.

Children Apps
Children are the clients of the present and the future, and any niche idea targeted at them, is sure to enjoy tremendous success. Common Sense Media states that almost three-quarters of children in many parts of the world either own or have access to a mobile device. Hence the development of entertainment and educational applications for kids is a niche business idea, worth exploring. In addition, if the apps also happen to be family centered, then the business could have the parents as willing customers as well.

The trend making the rounds now concerns keeping the earth and the environment, clean and free of pollution. A number of homes are now embracing recycling and have collection bins for recyclable waste materials like paper, glass and plastic. However much remains to be done in the areas of properly recycling other kinds of wastes like used electronics devices and batteries, which can be deleterious to the environment when dumped at waste landfill sites.
The niche business can propose to pick up all the electronic waste like old televisions, non-functioning laptops and cell phones, and transporting bring them to available –recycling plants for a fee. The business may need to register with relevant authorities and also get approved to handle such kinds of waste.

Software tutor
If one is proficient in the use of specialized software, a niche business could focus on passing such knowledge to clients willing expand and sharpen their knowledge base in such areas.

Instructional materials for programs like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro are available; however these manuals are often expensive and not easily accessible for the average user to achieve thorough understanding. The savvy entrepreneur that seeks to take advantage of this niche business idea, can begin by scheduling small group workshops and charge by the hour or per class. Classes can also be arranged online.

Corporations are increasingly turning to outsourcing and freelancing tops the choice for filling in the gaps in the skill set of their workforce

A popular platform that connects freelancers to willing employers, has more than a million freelance projects on its site. It also reveals that the most requested freelance services are data entry, academic article writing, Excel jobs and data analysis. So the savvy entrepreneur can key into any of these niche business ideas, and offer these services, which pay by the hour or per project.

In addition, more experience and quality delivery, will guarantee more earnings.

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