10+ Best New Ideas For Small Business Project Startups

Top Creative Ideas and Lucrative Opportunities For A Profitable Small Business Project

Are you fed up of being control by someone else’s ? If yes, here comes a divine favour for you. This business opportunity I will be telling you about are all what we do see almost everyday of life but we are afraid or not ready to capitalize on them.

I am happy and glad to inform you that if you are looking for new ideas for small project, coming down here is not a waste but a blessing to you. All I need from you is but full concentration as I will take my time to furnish you on how to execute small business that will be earning you your daily bread.

Each of these projects is so simple and easy to commission, it require little or no special training, no franchise, monthly charges or license, all what you need do is to dedicate your time and before you know it, you’ve reach a jackpot!

Life need more than our attitude but the basic of our understanding matter most, just relax and serve yourself a cup of hot coffee, take a zip and follow me to the promise land. Though not exhausted, here are the best new ideas for a small business project.

* Coffee shop
* Craving
* Candle making
* Soap production
* Jack of all trade ( handyman)
* Photography
* Painting
* Tutor
* Charging of phones
* Viewing center
* Fairly used clothes


What you need do here is a small store and you are good to go. You need to be passionate for the work by giving your customers warm and charming welcome. Be polite at all time because some people are actually happy to pay you exceedingly for being respective.


Are you skilled in craving different artistic works? There are numerous people out there ready to pay for your talent. This business require nothing than being creative, exhibit your potential and you shall be celebrated.


If you are enthusiastic about any form of small scale business, I think producing candle will be quite profitable. This is because there are different places you can sell them and retrieve your capital back in a jiffy. We have students who read with candle in night classes and there are local stores that are ready to buy from you.


This idea is not bad either, I want to believe! Producing House made soap is an excellent business plan one can deal with, you just need time for the production after that,counting your money follows. People are now embracing house made soaps this days because, it foam easily, not costly and always available.


Yes! I called them jack of trade but master of all. Here, you can equally make use of your house as your office, let people know the stuff you are really made off, all what you need is a placard telling people to call at your service 24/7 to fix there broken chairs and table, spoil electronic gadgets and others, the penny people will be giving you for these will amaze you.


This is an easy business one can start and makes cool money provided you are not lazy. People are out there ready to pay you for good job. You need to work day and night so as not to fail your customers. You can invest here with little or no money and you will end up paying staffs salary at the end of the month.


There are different niche you can base your service here, you can decide to be a studio photographer and make money, you can be a ceremonial or party photographer make a great a wave though little training is needed but notwithstanding if you are determined, your service will be in great demand.


Do you love to paint ? The money you need to start this is bearable and you can see this as an avenue of catching fun. Painting is type of business that do attract customers. Full attention and patience is required here, if you are very verse in commanding colour, I think it’s high time for you to explore your potential. Stand up now and venture into painting and see how the magic works.


As a private tutor, you must be able to welcome anything and handle any subject thrown at you. This business is great because one is offering his service to help others and at the same time refining his memory. There is this saying, ‘ a candle doesn’t diminish its value by lighting thousands’. Private coaching isn’t a bad idea either.


Thank God we are all aware of epileptic state of power supply we are experiencing in Nigeria, you can use this medium to create small business enterprise by charging phones with your generator with affordable price though this doesn’t guarantee you as a multimillionaire but you will be resourceful.


The youth cum the elderly ones have now embrace watching live sport, football to be precise, I believe sky will be your beginning immediately you start this lucrative business.


This is another better option than being idle, you can start ordering for American used clothes and dispose them in a relatively affordable price.

What are you waiting for? Just endeavor to capitalize in any of the above project ideas and you will never regret dedicating your time to read through my article. Be reminded that nothing good will ever come easy.

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