How to Move from Job to Entrepreneurship in 4 Steps!

How to Transition From Corporate Job to Entrepreneurship

Are you ready to make the move from employee to entrepreneur? The transition from a job to becoming an entrepreneur is never an easy task. So many people have no jobs or jobs that they are not happy with. Others have dreams of owning their own businesses someday, but then that is where it ends, it remains a dream all their lives.

Tips to Transition from Full-Time Work to Self-Employment

So many people are tired of their present jobs and are thinking about taking that step to starting their own business but are still at loss of how to step into entrepreneurship. Some others are wondering how to move or make that transition from a salary earner to becoming an entrepreneur. They keep seeing signs it’s time to leave their day job and become an entrepreneur.

How to Make the Leap From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Business Owner

There are so many advantages associated with moving from working for someone to becoming an entrepreneur. Imagine a situation where you get to follow your passion and quit working tirelessly building someone else’s empire. Imagine a situation where you answer to only yourself and you are the only one who can fire yourself.

Imagine working and never ever scared of losing your job. Imagine being your own boss and all the other benefits that comes from being your own boss.

So, how do you make that leap? How do you go about moving from having a job to the world of entrepreneurship? Here are some tips on how to move from having a job to becoming an entrepreneur.

4 Tips for Moving From Employee to Entrepreneur

Do a Complete Self-Assessment of Yourself

The first step to moving from your job to becoming an entrepreneur is doing a complete self-assessment of yourself. You need to determine the reason you want to move from having a job to becoming an entrepreneur.

Most people hate their present jobs and think starting their own businesses would give them the joy they desire whereas that is not their passion. You should be able to differentiate if you have that love for working for yourself from just moving into entrepreneurship because you are dissatisfied with your current job.

For example, some people are good procrastinators and usually need a push before they can complete a project, while others are naturally lazy and need directives from others. Entrepreneurship is not ideal for such and if just being dissatisfied with your job is your only reason or driving force into entrepreneurship, then you should probably re-think your decision.

Assess yourself honestly and know where your interests and passions lie before taking the next step. This one of the essentials for making the move from corporate job to entrepreneur.

Draw Out a Plan

The next step to moving from your job to becoming an entrepreneur is making adequate plans. The number one reason people live their whole lives working as an employee rather than becoming an entrepreneur is fear. They are scared they would not succeed if they decide to start up on their own.

They are scared they would end up being laughed at for leaving a good paying job to starting a business from scratch where they would probably end up not earning as much.

This is why so many people do not make take that step towards entrepreneurship. But then all these can be avoided by planning effectively. Plan on the business idea you would want to start after 5pm as an entrepreneur, plan for any challenge that might arise and measures to take care of them.

This sets you on a path to moving efficiently from your job to becoming an entrepreneur. It also gives you the confidence you need to take that step.

Test the Market

Another important step to take when moving from your job into entrepreneurship is to test the market. Yeah, you have got that great big idea, and you are ready to take a leap and jump into entrepreneurship, hold on, do a test of your market first.

For example, if you want to go into processing of drinking water, find out the people close to you that you can convince to buy from you, get feedback from them, try and assess the need for clean drinking water in your area and prepare a feasibility report. Testing the market makes you prepared to fully launch into entrepreneurship. Blogging is another good self employment idea online.

Set Goals and Milestones

To successfully move from working as an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, you need to set goals and milestones. These goals should be realistic and should also include the pace at which you hope to achieve them as you step into entrepreneurship.

Setting goals and milestones that are feasible also helps you to be disciplined towards achieving them as this is important when moving from a job to become an entrepreneur.

Understand that Perfectionism is a Liability

One mistake most people make when they are about to move from a job where they earn salary to becoming an entrepreneur is thy wait till everything is perfect or they expect every step they would take would bring out perfect results.

This is a wrong notion to follow and if you are considering moving from a salary earner to entrepreneurship, you need to understand that the notion of perfectionism turns out to be a liability.

The more you wait for things to be perfect, the more time it takes to finally make that transition from having a job to becoming an entrepreneur. You can also partner with ActionCoach franchise to help initiate and nurture your startup.

You do not have to wait until your resources or capital is ‘perfect’ enough before setting out to start your business.  These are some practical steps to go from employee to entrepreneur.

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