Most Lucrative Startup Small Businesses for Beginners

What is a profitable business to start up? Are you interested in the most profitable startup business ideas today? More and more individuals are constantly on the lookout for alternative sources of income, to supplement their primary means of earning a living. A good number as well would not want to quit their full time jobs to start a profitable start up business, because of the worry over how they would be able to meet immediate needs and demands.

Though these business startup ideas have varying degrees of profitability, what they do have in common are their relative ease of entry (starting) and the flexibility in the amount of time needed in running them during the week.
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In addition, because the internet is greatly shaping the way we live, work and transact business, a good number of the more profitable startup business ideas are online businesses. They are as follows:

Graphic Designing 

Many companies and profitable start up businesses are always in need for graphical representations of their brands, mottos, vision and mission statements, promotions, marketing campaigns and other business activity. While having some training in graphics will be an added advantage, anyone can learn the basics of graphic design on the go, using learning tools such as Adobe Illustrator and tutor websites like Canva and Visme. Once your aim is achieved, one can begin to source for jobs online, through referrals and direct marketing.

Web Design 

Many low investment businesses are coming to terms with the present day reality that the market place of the future is online. Hence the understanding of having a presence or website as point of first contact with potential customers, is gaining ground. The need for web designers thus arises and is on the rise.

Again on previous knowledge is required, as there are a number of sites that provide free tutelage on the fundamentals of web designing. After months of learning, it will be very easy for one to use the acquired skills to service companies and low capital businesses seeking to have a beautiful, value driven web presence, at a good charge.

Tax Collation 

Most lucrative low cost startup businesses and a good number of individuals are mandated by law to have their tax records properly computed and compiled, in order to submit their tax returns. A good number of the profitable business ideas with low startup costs, small ones especially, are more than happy to outsource this task.

The potential profitable startup business can enroll in online tax computation classes for free and obtain relevant skills after a period of time. As soon as the tax season starts, the individual can then offer freelance tax services for a good fee.

Virtual Assistant 

Many high return businesses are beginning to outsource organizing and secretarial duties to virtual assistants, in order to cut costs and achieve greater efficiency. If you are stickler for details and have a fine eye for organizing, then you could easily service this need.

Depending on the nature of the task, one can choose to charge per task or per the hours spent on the job. It is also a great way to meet new contacts, grow one’s circle of influence and build up a rich resume.

Social Media Management 

A good number of people spend huge amounts of time surfing the internet, moving across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and so. In the course of doing this, individuals gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the use of these online platforms. Businesses, on the other hand, are looking to shore up their presence online and are willing to pay for the services of knowledgeable users of the internet.

SEO Copywriter If you have a flair for putting words together and possess the ability to create beautifully crafted, SEO-friendly articles and content, then you can offer your skills and creativity at a price, to established profitable startup business ideas seeking to improve on their Google SEO ranking.

Domain Names Trading

Domain name trading has existed for a good number of years. Think of expired domain names, as virtual plots of land that are lying unused. They are especially valuable because of the names that they bear, which some other  business or individual is willing to buy.

A good place to start this business venture is to garner relevant experience from already existing practitioners, and then seeking expired domain names to buy. GoDaddy offers useful tips on trading in domain names, because it is the largest store house of repository domain names. With sound knowledge and a good eye for potential   names that will attract the most bids, domain name trading can offer some good rewards.

Proofreading and Editing Services.

There will always be an abundance of written literature, both online and hard cover forms. Therefore there will be constant demand for individuals who will be able to meticulously scan and scrutinize tons of manuscripts for grammatical errors, in order to produce standard and correct reading material.

If you have a flair for reading and are proficient in English and other languages, then proof reading services business could offer handsome returns in earnings.

Moreover the startup proofreading service can decide to go into niche markets and offer streamlined services for fields such as medicine, technology etc. This is one of the most profitable start up business for entrepreneurs. Here is a startup business plan sample you can adapt to your business.