Are you interested in starting a Moringa farming business? What is Moringa?

Sure, many of us have heard about the word ‘moringa’ before now. But what many of us might not know is that we could actually make hundreds of thousands of Naira growing Moringa. Yeah, anyone (irrespective of your class, gender, age, etc) can make millions of Naira by simply farming Moringa.

If you could remember vividly, you will recollect that there has been a global campaign for not only a green revolution, but also an agricultural sustainability. Thereby, this has led to the establishing of the transformation agenda, and it enables individual and corporate organizations to key into the process.

And over the years, moringa plant farming continued flourishing. One major factor responsible for this is the eminent fact that many farmers keep seizing opportunities it offers for them to earn a living. A nice thing to know about cultivating moringa plant is that, no part of the plant is a waste. Instead, all of the parts are all very useful. And truthfully, the plant has enormous benefits for mankind.

During the raining season, moringa farmers can harvest at lease three times a season. And a small size of land can with less effort, accommodate many stems that can grow into thick forests within a short period and produce the seeds. The seeds can then be used for export to China or India; whey they are now processed for both consumption and export. And also, depending on the size of a farmer’s farm, the farmer can even generate significant income which he can use to meet his family’s financial needs from Moringa tree farming.

Uses and Health Benefits Of Moringa

Moringa is a multipurpose plant that is also known as a miracle tree. It is known as a miracle tree due to its amazing properties as a medical plant, a nutritional plant, and so on. In fact, this tree of life including species like moringa stenopetala can be rightly said to be one of the greatest gifts which nature bestowed on man due to its many health benefits. However, let many other plants and trees, it lost it fame when science became more experimental and analytical too.

But as the whole world seem to be plagued with many degenerating health problems, many concerned scientists are known to be working quite hard with the aim of fashioning out better and less hazardous ways we can live in this age of ours that can be out rightly refer to as a ‘computer age’. Things as that has now led to a more intense experimental and research works that are meant to verify those traditional wisdom together with those healing plants that were simply known for their multidimensional function to those ancient people.

La Moringa Oleifera Health Benefits: The Miracle Tree

Moringa Oleifera has been newly rediscovered as a multipurpose tree that actually have amazing nutritional, therapeutic and also prophylactic potentials for skin and other parts of the body.

It is a fast growing tress with draught-resistant and can grow up to 7 to 9 meters in just one year. In fact, it is known to be one of the world’s most useful trees that are ever known to man. Not only that, it is also cultivated in most parts of the globe. The whole plant can be used to serve purposes. Moringa leaves, the bark, the roots, the seed, the flower, and even the flowering tops, can all be used.

Moringa Oleifera Business Opportunities
It was said that the federal government can generate over #500 billion in a year on actual annual turnover from Moringa production. Not only that, it can also create thousands of jobs annually. Moringa helps our environment by releasing a lot of oxygen into the atmosphere and also has no environment hazards.

The Moringa Market
Sure, there are local and global demands for moringa leaf and its final products. There is a big market for both Zija premium moringa tea and moringa oil both locally and internationally. And this is very likely to continue to grow.

The demand for Moringa products is quite high that, according to a report, it requires that Moringa trees to be planted on at less 500,000 hectares of landing Philippines to meet orders from only one company in USA. In fact, foreign buyers of moringa seeds are looking for sellers.

Moringa Oil Benefits
A lot of positive things are constantly being said about the Moringa Oil capsules and powder, all over the world. So, many people will gladly pay to have it because there are several diseases cured by moringa oleifera. In fact in one of the newspapers in faraway Sri Lanka, they were quoted to say that Moringa oil has a potential to become a useful source of fuel both industrial as well as domestic in the years to come.

And also, Moringa oil is also a top ingredient in the cosmetics, weight loss and beauty industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Go look for where to buy Moringa!