Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas and Opportunities

Lucrative Business Ideas in Agriculture Sector for Wealth Creation

Making money from agricultural business is no more a hidden topic for discussion because it is so obvious now as many people are becoming rich venturing into agricultural business. The agricultural business only requires adequate knowledge to benefit from the practice.

Before you decide upon venturing into making money from agricultural business, you need to first decide on which money making agricultural business ideas you want to go into, draw your business plan (in case you will need a financial back up), do your research to see if the idea will be good for your locality as each agricultural business ideas has well they are best suited and take action.

One good thing is that, some of these agricultural business ideas do not require huge capital to start and are capable of giving a 100% return on investment if carried out well.

Are you looking for best money making agricultural business ideas to decide which to venture into?

Well, people run from crop farming business because there feel too big for it. Crop farming involves the growing of crops like beans, maize, cassava, yam, rice etc. This is for people mostly living in the rural areas. You can’t do this in the city because of the availability of free agricultural lands.

Though not compulsory but you should be the one in charge of your farmland. You can also hire labourers and pay them. Just do your calculation very well. It takes time but very profitable. Its all about planting your crops and harvesting it when due.


I have compiled top 10 profitable making money agricultural business ideas which I believed will help you in deciding which to venture into without thinking much.


1. Potato Cultivation

Potato cultivation is the first on my lists of money making agricultural business ideas. If you have a fertile ground, it will be best to think of cultivating potato on that piece of land. Do you know that only few farmers grow potato on their farm, making the price of potato very high?

Potato is one delicious food that lots of people including me love eaten when cooked or fried. If you noticed that sellers in your locality do buy this product from aside your locality to sell in your area, then you need to start making money by cultivating it immediately.

2. Rabbit Rearing

This is another money making agricultural business idea with a low startup capital. Due to the nutritious value of rabbit, it is highly required by lots of meat consumers that love it taste. Rabbit do not put holes in your pocket when it comes to it feeding.

They can be fed on kitchen leftover and legumes grasses. Rabbit do not also require much space to keep and maintain them.

3. Vegetable Farming Business

This is a small scale money making agricultural business ideas that you can start with little capital. Having a big or small space of land at your back yard, you can plant varieties of vegetables and make good money from them. This does not involve much work except for the watering of the vegetables which is not even regarded as a big task.

Vegetable is an important component in our food and it is widely used in almost all meal that we eat. Can you see the market? There are not enough vegetables to satisfy the needs by human. What are you still waiting for?

4. Poultry Farming

One other money making agricultural business idea that I can’t miss in my list is poultry farming. Venturing into poultry farming is both for meat and egg production which open way for two sources of income.

This is one of the fastest growing sector in agricultural farming. You can start with few birds and nurture them with good food and maintenance and sell them for good profits. It is advisable you go for 2 weeks old chicks as they have high rate of survival. If you can start and grow just 25 chicks to maturity, you are sure to make good money at it.

You selling periods are mostly festive seasons or special personal celebrations. You don’t need any special skills to start. What you need is a solid poultry business plan, determination and patient to grow.

5. Fish Farming

Do you know that lots of people are making fortune from fish farming? This is a sure bet business if everything is put in place. If you can invest into it in a commercial way, you are bound to rake in lots of cash for yourself.

Catfish, Tilapia and Salmon are the unique type of fish that are selling in the market. All you need to start is a land, a constructed tank(s), fingerlings to feed them for 4 to 6 months. The market is already available once people know that you have a fish pond and sell fish.

6. Frozen Chicken Production

This is a very hot product in the market and the demand is increasing. It is needed in restaurants, homes, ceremonies etc. Any entrepreneur living in a business friendly city can start this business with proper planning.

Do you want to know why I consider it as one of my money making agricultural business ideas? A lot of people prefer frozen chicken than going through the stress of slaughtering live chickens. They see it as time saver and cheaper too.

You can position your business to focus more on restaurants, small hotels and private homes.

7. Production of Weed Killer

If you feel you don’t like the stress of working in farms of buying into fish farming or poultry farming, you can go into the production aspect of agriculture by producing chemical weed killer for farmers.

You will be helping farmers solve the problem of having grasses disturbing the growth of their crops. If you really invest good money into the production of this product combined with good agro-based marketing, it can be a money spinner for you at the end.

8. Cassava Farming

If you are based in Nigeria, you should know this is one very food that is always found in every homes in Nigeria. There is no home that don’t consume this product. This is a very lucrative business idea in Nigeria and some part of western Africa.

From cassava one can get Garri, wheat flour, animal feed (the peel) etc. as the population in Africa begins to multiply, the demand for this food will continue to grow. Which means, more farmers will be needed to cultivate this crops so that it can be able to feed the large population.

9. Piggery

This low cost agricultural business idea is capital intensive but, if you have the capital, I will advise you to venture into it. It is a very important source of meat. You can start with 5 pigs to grow your pig farm.

Among the most profitable agricultural businesses is pig farming. Although, this is a sector which is quite controversial along religious lines, but there is a big market for pork. It is consumed in many countries in Europe and America, and also in Africa and locally. In a place like Africa for instance, it is well consumed in the south more than in the north. Hence, entering into this line of business presents high financial rewards, making it firmly rooted among the most profitable agricultural businesses today.

Pigs eat everything thing. They are omnivores, as a result, making them one of the least expensive businesses to partake in, yet with high turnover, a reason why it is among the most profitable agricultural businesses today. A female pig can give birth two times within a year and for each time, gives birth to within 10 to 15 piglets.

10. Snail Farming

This is another money making agricultural business ideas entrepreneurs are yet to consider. One can source for these snails from local snail farmers, rear the snails and sell for profits.

As most people are running away from meat that contains too much fat and beef, you can make your snail attractive by not just selling but selling as a meat consultant telling people about the nutritious value of the meat.

11. Backyard Nursery

First, do you know what is nursery? A nursery is where seeds are raised into seedlings. They are some seeds, because of their nature, you can’t plant them directly on the soil. For example, Cocoa, Palm tree etc. You have to raise the seeds in the nursery before transferring them to the field.

Now, what I am saying is that you can use your backyard to raise healthy seedlings of any tree or plant of your choice and sell them to farmers who need them. I have a friend back then in school who was raising seedlings from Cocoa. I don’t know how she got the seeds but she sold the seedlings for N500 per one. She only spent money on the seeds and the black nylons used in nursing the seeds. You don’t need a big space at your backyard. All you need is an open space, black nylons and the seeds. If you don’t like this top money making agriculture based business, read further.

12. Pineapple Farming

Pineapple is very high in demand both locally and internationally.  This is what makes it rank among the most profitable agricultural business today. Pineapple is used in making fruit juice, salad and also dessert. It is high in vitamins, which include vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C.

The demand for pineapples is high locally, and is also demanded as raw material for the production of fruit juice by food and diary companies. They are also exported to countries such as the USA, Europe and Canada.

With relatively small capital, you can be able to make use of scientific innovations in the field of pineapple cultivation to effectively grow them and sell them profitably both to the local and the international markets.

13. Cattle Farming

The rearing of cattle is among the most profitable agricultural businesses today. Here, cows are reared, sold and slaughtered for mainly economic and consumption purposes. Although, it might seem to be a difficult economic enterprise, but in reality, it is not so. There is always a demand for meat, dairy products for the diary industry, and hides and skin for the leather industry. The various sectors tied to cattle farming makes it a unique business worth venturing into.

Another feature of cattle farming which makes it one of the most profitable agricultural business is that it that the time taken for cattle to reach maturity is not much. Take for instance a young bull bought at the rate of $200 solely for the purpose of reselling when it reaches maturity, in order to extract a profit, the time taken for it to reach full maturity is less than a year. And when reselling the same bull, after 9 to 10 months, the same bull is sold for over $1000 to $1500. Thereby, making more than 100% turnover.

The dung gotten from the waste of cattle can either be sold to organic fertilizer industries or can be used directly for the cultivation of food crops.

14. Selling of Grains

Food crops such as grains (maize, millet, sorghum among several others) are one very key sector of agriculture. Their huge potential to generate profit places them among one of the most profitable agricultural businesses today.

Here, places where these grains are mostly cultivated in large quantity are mostly in the Northern part of the country.

A wise entrepreneur would simply place him/herself at a strategic position to be a supplier of these grains to areas where they are in short supply.

This is of course not possible without carrying out a feasibility study on how to go about the business. But once this is properly done, I bet you that the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

With the growing population in the country expanding rapidly, you can be rest assured that the selling of grains will continually be among the most profitable agricultural businesses for many years to come.



1. Production and marketing of livestock feeds: You can hit the nail on the head by grinding grains like maize,corns to start up.These can be for poultry and fishing feeds.

2. Peanuts production: Countries in south American plant pea in making treasury as they export to industrial and agribusiness companies manufacturing it all over the world.

3. Vegetable farming: After tilling,you can reach out for vegetable seeds to plant, spinach and okro among others are good to use.

4. Juice production: Chivita, Viju started somewhere not as large as they were today but  they start the squeezing right from the passion they had,you can become more than them someday.

5. Nursery and Florist: You can meet experienced florist to get more knowledge adding it to yours,until then you can beat the reach as a flower entrepreneur.

6. Pesticides mixing: You can start by collecting specified and examined plant that’s dangerous and harmful to pest. Start locally and you will be move to step high.

7. Herbal mixture cultivation and production: You can also grow plants that can cure disease. Most medicine outside there are from plants

8. Hand Craft: Palm tree is a Lucrative tree for you, brooms, basket and other furniture are made from it,take a move now.

9. Spices production: ‘Gino’ in started locally as a tomato preserver now,she is know throughout the world, curry, thyme, peppers, tomato and the like can be your specialization.

10. Forestry: You can start planting trees in your home and help the society with oxygen, you can also sell by transplanting.

11. Cashew nut production: Though this crop production business in agriculture industry involves some special machinery to perform the task but you can start under your roof before being globalize.

12. Flour production: You can expose the bald,by grinding grains like, wheat, millet, corn, maize to make powdered food,i .e semovita.

13. Agricultural equipment leasing: You can but as much as capable local farm implements and start leasing (lending) to farmers and agriculturist for token.

14. Soya beans plantation: There are cogent nutrients in soya beans, it’s used for milk and soya beans cake.

15. Agricultural researcher: You can help farmers and other agricultural personnel to solve there years of problem with the advent of Science and technology.

16. Keeping farm record: You can be a farm recorder,you can become knowledgeable through keeping farm inventories.

17. Agriculture blogs and websites: You can give updates on a particular agricultural topic,since internet reaches the rural and urban settlement.That could be chip of approach for them, since they can visit anytime.

18. Fertilizer production: You can match up different examined ingredients together to become a brand in this innovative business

Best Low Cost Small Business ideas in Agriculture

==> Cultivation of food and cash crops
==> Flowers, medicinal herbs and gardening
==> Production and formulation of livestock feeds
==> Establish a small poultry farm
==> Fingerling production
==> Cultivation of mushroom
==> Production and sales of frozen chicken
==> Rabbit production
==> Marketing of fresh fruits
==> Retailing of food stuff
==> Fish farming
==> Grass cutter rearing
==> Reselling Charcoal
==> Snail Farming
==> Source for agro-raw materials for urban manufacturing companies
==> Assisting rural farmer in food stuff export to neighboring countries
==> Start connecting rural farmers with exporters using the internet
==> Producing coconut and fruit juice
==> Production of Weed Killer
==> Keeping bee for honey production
==> Toasted plantain (Boli)
==> Plantain Chips Production
==> Producing custard
==> Design of Poultry Pen
==> Sales of Mobile fish ponds
==> Manufacture of local drinks
==> Produce baskets, brooms, cane chairs, ropes etc from palm and raffia
==> Agricultural product Export and distribution
==> Sales and maintenance of farm equipment

Finally, I will be delighted if you seize any of these opportunities to start a business in agriculture. Start now!

In conclusion, just don’t venture into any of these money making agricultural business ideas after finish reading this post. If you find any idea that interest you, conduct research on it or better still go out and look for any successful person that is into the business and ask your questions.

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