Marketing In Nigeria: Best 50 Ideas & Strategies For Business

Small Business Marketing Strategies for Top Advertising Companies In Nigeria

Do you want ideas on marketing to promote your new business or startup? Are you interested in a marketing plan template you can adapt for your businesses?

Marketing is one important lifeline of any business and is very crucial to improving sales through increased clientele base. Without a small business marketing plan, that can be used to develop a feasible and affordable marketing strategy, a business is already heading towards failure.

As the years go by, tens of businesses continue to spring up across different parts of Nigeria. This necessitates that every business owner planning to succeed must take Nigerian marketing concepts, principles and decisions very seriously.

Looking through the evolution of marketing, fund is considered to be one of the least factors associated with problems of marketing in Nigeria. The cost of a marketing campaign does not necessarily dictate its effectiveness. There are several examples of marketing strategies that have gone viral but which cost less that half of what it takes to run some bogus campaigns.

Also, there are lots of marketing agencies in Nigeria that can help you design and develop a comprehensive petroleum marketing, sms marketing, mobile marketing, agricultural marketing and internet marketing (digital, SEO, content, social and affiliate marketing) strategy concept and plan.

If you want to know how to be a good marketer, here is a list of the top 50 marketing ideas and strategies to promote your goods and services in Nigeria.

50 Examples And Types of Marketing Strategies In Nigeria

1. Promote products and services to targeted audience using high precision email campaigns

2. Cultivate the habit of sending regular customized SMS to new and old clients

3. Set up a blog for your business and share value

4. Choose local newspapers and magazine and promote your business in them

5. Get high quality business cards designed for your business and share them

6. Never forget to share promotional materials at end of the year and during special occasions

7. Come up with promotional articles on what your business does and share them

8. Send out press releases periodically in both electronic and print media

9. Promote your products and offers using banners and billboards

10. Partner with sponsors of special events and even sponsor such if you have the means

11. Create social presence for your business by signing up on social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

12. Ensure your business website design is beautiful, catchy and compelling

13. Sign up on related online forums and participate actively

14. Create a cordial relationship between your business and its host community

15. Continue experimenting with target audience settings in your marketing campaigns

16. Learn from trade fairs and product exhibitions

17. Organize road show once in a while

18. Share beautiful flyers about your business to people that matter

19. Design quality posters and paste them in designate areas

20. Ensure your customer complaint center/system is fully functional

21. Throw periodic discount offers to boost sales

22. Develop a documentary on your business

23. Always carry your stakeholders along in marketing efforts

24. Allow criticism, welcome ideas even from people that least matter

25. Get a corporate dress code for your staff

26. All promotional materials must carry a consistent brand identity

27. Outgoing comunications must be sent out with contact details

28. All stakeholders must know and understand your statement of purpose and objectives

29. Relate with your staff with respect, encouragement and admiration

30. Design and execute relevant corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes

31. Annual general meetings are important

32. Don’t neglect TV and radio advertisements

33. Periodically arrange tours for stakeholders

34. Welcome customers’ feedbacks and be responsive to them

35. In-house newsletters should be published as at when due

36. Launch events and promos targeted at boosting sales of new products and services

37. Install and display open in-store market stands

38. Company vehicles should be branded

39. Roll-up and pop-up banners are necessary within your business compound and at events.

40. Your business premises must make a statement to first-time visitors

41. Team up with related businesses to promote your new and existing products

42. Give due recognition to consistent clients

43. Engage word of mouth marketing when the need arises

44. Don’t compromise on quality of what you offer

45. Aspire to win relevant awards and offer for your business

46. Make your business name memorable and marketable

47. Internet marketing still works, advertise your products using Twitter ads, Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads & groups and pages

48. Re-branding should be introduced as at when due

49. Increase your business network at events

50. Encourage existing clients for to provide referrals

I hope you have been able to pick some ideas to develop a personal marketing technique for your business so as to enjoy the rush of customers that results from such efforts.

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