How To Make Money Writing Articles Online as a Freelancer

Making Money Through Freelance Writing Online

Who say you can’t make money writing articles online as a freelancer? You don’t need any degree or certificate to start making money online as a writer free. It is true you can make a living as a writer.

If you really like writing and you want to get paid to do it as a full-time job, it is very possible here. All you just need are guidelines on how to start and go about it.

I know you may be asking if it is possible to earn a living as a full-time freelance writer, I thought that way too until I met so many people who are making big income writing articles online as a freelance writer.

If you know how much I spend paying freelance writers on this blog just to keep it updated, you will know that there is enough money to make online as a writer.

I know so many aspiring writers who are finding it difficult to start up this online business because they don’t know their way in this line. No matter what kind of writing you enjoy, the web has potential client who is looking for your kind of writing.

In this post, I will be explaining how a beginner can start making money writing articles online from scratch to five figures online.

You are just three steps from making money online as a freelance writer and here are the three steps;

1. You need a Blog

Yes! You need a blog to be seen as a good writer for a start. Why? It is where you can entice your client into believing what you can deliver. Your blog is your portfolio where you display your writing style to your potential clients.

The reason why you need is a blog is that you can always refer any client who feel interested to give you a try to your blog. You can just win client by convincing them that you are a good writer, what’s the evidence? Your blog!

After you have pitch them and they ask you for a sample, then you drop a link to your blog so they can see your write up and style of writing. You should be posting at least twice a week. Don’t make a must to post regularly, you main job should be finding client.

Features of your Blog

There are some features your blog should have if you are to win client to your side. The features are;

• About Author: This is very important because client want to know who they are working with, your experience. This is where you put your bio in terms of your writing experience, you may say you don’t have but just put something that look professional. Nobody has time to start investigating if you are lying or not.

• Hire Me: This page tells your client that you are open to be hire and the kind of service you offered in terms of writing. You must make sure you drop a good pitch in this page, you can go check out other top writer and see how their own look like so you have an idea of how it look like.

This page must contain testimonials and why client should hire you so make it enticing. Don’t make the mistake of putting any fee, nobody does that.

• Contact: Your contact which should contain your email address and phone number. Use the specified country code before the number so that international client can also reach you for writing jobs.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the act of writing on other blogs in your niche of writing. Guest posting is a must if you must make money writing, writing on your blog alone cannot bring you enough client that can pay you what you are worth.

You should look for blogs in your niche of writing with huge audience and pitch the blog admin for a guest post, and it is hard for any guest admin to refuse guest post on their blogs because of the benefit it brings to their blog.

Many good writers have gotten lots of high paying client through guest posting, you know it is necessary to guest post? It brings you before new audience that never know you before and you can never tell where you potential client may be hanging out.

You should have a strategy on how many guest posts you should do in a month, I suggest one guest post every week so you can have the time to share with your audience.

3. Learn how to Pitch

Yes, I have been talking about pitching your client or blog admins, but what is a pitch? A pitch is like a CV for writers, it is use mainly to win someone to your offer.

The maturity of your pitch tells anybody you are addressing your message to whether they should give you a chance or not.

Let me give you a sample so you can have a clue on how yours should be like;

SUBJECT: Content for (blog name)

Hello (admin name)

My name is (your name) a freelance writer and I blog at (your blog).

I am reaching out to you to see if you use freelance writing services on your blog and if you will need a freelance writer who can help you with delivery unique content for your blog.

I love site like yours that (what you like about the blog) and (another thing about the blog).
I personally write on (your niche of writing) and will be glad to render my great services for your blog.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards!

Your name

Your url.

This is how a pitch looks like, so copy and tweak yours to look professional. Don’t stick to one style of pitch, and learn to develop new style for each client.

So, these are the steps preventing you from making money online writing articles, you don’t have any excuses again.

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