How To Make Money With PPD Sites

Make Money With PPD: Best Top PPD Sites To Make Money Online PPD (Without Surveys)

How To Make Money With PPD
The essence of this post is to revealed the secrets of how to make money with PPD (Pay Per Download) websites online.

There are so many online jobs that can bring you genuine income from the internet. One of them is making money from materials such as music, e-books, manuals, games, softwares, tutorials and videos that you upload to certain sites and you are paid based on the number of people who download your files.

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In this age, you should not stay broke if you have a PC and the internet within your reach. Make money with ppd from downloads is one numerous ways to make money online. To earn money online with PPD websites, you will need to create your personal files such as a software or video that would then be uploaded to the internet. Personally, I believe that uploading files in hot niche on PPD websites is one sure way to make decent income online. Before I continue, I would like to expose you to some of the rudiments of this internet business.

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So What Is Pay Per Download?
PPD is a programme that allows you to get paid when people download files that you have uploaded to hosting or PPD sites. If you have a very hot product, you can upload it to a PPD site and share the link to download it with your friends and contacts. The more people who download your file, the more money rolls into account online. In some instances, downloaders are provided with a survey to complete before they are granted access to download the material.


To learn how to get money with ppd, there are two basic steps to make money with PPD websites. The first thing is to get a file that people are looking out for and upload it. The second stage to promote your link by sharing with the appropriate audience. Not all files are acceptable to all PPD sites. Each PPD network has its own rules and regulation. You should read through them before signing up so as not to get your account terminated or your earnings revoked.

Tips to make money with PPD websites

Your success with PPD networks depends on the quality and demand for your file and the amount traffic you can direct at it. To earn more from files downloaded from the internet, upload only your won quality eBooks, software, apps, templates, music and video files.
If you do not have a personal file yet, conduct an extensive survey into what most people find valuable to download. Look out for some popular files like trending videos, viral games and hot tutorials and convert them into PPD links. Ensure that your uploaded contact is not copyrighted or adult in nature.

How To Promote Your PPD Links
There is need to generate maximum exposure for your link if you want to make enough money from that PPD website. Examples of such platforms include social networks, blogs and forums

Here are the Best PPD websites to make money online, this list contains some ppd sites without surveys too:-


On a final note, you should understand that this internet business thrives on traffic. The more the number of people who visit your uploaded materials, the higher the chance of them downloading it and the more income you will earn. Make money with PPD websites is one of the practical and genuine ways of making money online. All that is required is a rightly directed effort at increasing traffic to your files. Even if PPD is not your main stream of income online, it is a genuine way of making more money online.

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Upload, Share And Make Money.

What’s your opinion about this internet business?

Are you a professional at creating hot files for maximum download rates? What alternatives do you have to make money with ppd site? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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