How to Make Money Online as a Teen

8 Fast Ways for Teens to Make Money Online Via Get Paid Sites

How can teens make money online? Are you defined in the age brackets 14—19 and you really need to make a few bucks outside your slim allowances? Do you believe there are ways to make money online as a teenager? I know you must have been tired of depending on your parent for everything and you would like to start making money online fast since every kid is now erecting lemonade stand.

Make Money Online for Teens
But you know what? Fortunately, I have found ways for any teenager to make money online. Adult are not the only ones that are expected to be making money online, teenagers like you can earn money online too!

In this dispensation, opportunities build up by the count of the day. A few avenues to make some cash online that are suitable for teenagers are what I will introduce in what follows:

1) Music Reviews

I guess you are either a music star, or in love with a particular band, or sometimes have relax with music. Anyways, there are sites that will pay you to listen to music, while some will pay you to write song lyrics! These sites can pay you a teenager up to $0.2 per music review and examples are,, Musicxray, SongPeople, etc. Sometimes you are allowed to cash out immediately, other times you can withdraw your cash at $20 via PayPal.

There are sites that pay also for watching TV. Swagbucks for instance pays you cash for watching cooking shows, awards points to you that earn you gift cards. It takes a thousand points to get 1 dollar.

2) Online Surveys

Teenagers in college can also make money online by looking up a product is some detail and making comments and expressing your opinions about them; yes! You are paid to express your opinion! Sites like MySurvey pays about $5 for every 100 points you get by taking a 15 minute survey, we also have Ipsos, Global test market, iPoll, MindMover, PanelBase, PineCone Research, etc.

You would, however, have to be honest, watch out for scams and fake sites, cash in when you reach the speed limit, and one last thing, do not pay to join.

3) Blogging

In an era where information flies almost faster than time, the need to get information has gradually become overwhelming. However that aside, the point is that in every societal phenomena lies an opportunity. Why not take advantage of this global crave for information and earn some cash out of it.

The way you do this is by blogging. All you have to do is set up a weblog perhaps using blogger or WordPress (you can do this for free without necessarily being a professional programmer), then choose a suitable niche.

Then promote your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also promote yourself more with the quality and degree of creativity of your contents. Consider SEO friendliness, and subscribe to the idea of AdSense; then there you go! Your Ads fetch you cash.

4) Website Tester

You are looking for easy ways teens can make money online in 2018? Why don’t you earn by checking out websites and making helpful remarks. All you have to do is make sure your comments are useful and honest, and would help make the website more user friendly and better.

UserTesting, for example pay as much as $10 for every completed task of speaking out aloud your thoughts about a website in 20 minutes. We also have Userfeel, Userlytics, Userzoom, and even TestingTime where you earn up to 50 euros for 30—90 minutes. For TesterTime, it takes about 10 days to get paid.

5) Game Tester

As a teenager in the university, I know you like games very well. So, why don’t you make money for doing something you love, isn’t that sweet? In these online jobs for teenagers that pay, you get paid for testing games and making useful comments. This is a good part time job for college students where on sites like, you earn as much as $50–$150, and you can play from anywhere and get paid.

Some qualities you need to possess in doing this online job includes Focus, Detail oriented, ability to write, good attitude and hard work, especially if you work with a game testing company. Once again, never pay for video testing jobs.

6) Online Tutorial

In this niche, what you do is teach whatever you know, and that people need. For example, if you are good in Math, you could sign up in sites like MathTutor,,, etc.

What you actually need to do tutoring jobs are a good internet or WiFi connection, a video communication app like Skype, Virtual apps that simulate a classroom. Tutors earn as much as $50 per hour, and the higher you build your profile, the higher your hourly rate gets.

7) Fiverr

Here, all you need is a skill at something. Fiverr converts your skills to money online by selling gigs. Known as freelancers, skills could go from writing, to web designer, to photography, to graphics design, artistry, etc. Though at first, you can be paid $5 per gig, you get higher earnings as your profile improves.

8) Online Writing

About 6 years ago, I wrote for You are paid per article and as a starter, you earn about $3-$6 per article and that increases as your profile and rating increases. Articles in varies in subjects and the competition is not a type that badly affects you as a starter because it operates in such a way that, the first person to indicate interest in a particular writing job, gets it! There are also other freelance writing sites like, as well as These are some ways for a 13 year old to make money.

Hopefully, you have just been showed many ways to make money as a teen online this year 2018 and beyond. So, you don’t have any excuse why you should be broke when your friend in a lemonade stand is making money, you should down and make yours online without erecting any building and hope for someone to pass and patronize your business.

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