How To Make Money on Facebook: 4 Easy Ways to Earn Online

4 Easy Ways To Earn Money With Facebook

Facebook as expanded in huge dimensions over the past few years to be one of the strongest social media network in the word today, the potential that lies in this online community is endless.

I use to know Facebook and google about 10 years ago when I started using the internet and I thought that is all there is to internet, diving the whole world into 3 as proven to us that Facebook covers over 2 3rd of the world right, so almost the whole world currently runs activity on Facebook, internet marketers and online business folks will know how much this can be used to better their business endeavors, but today I will be opening your eyes to the potentials that surrounds facebook and how you can utilize them unto your own advantage.

The whole internet world works like the real world where we have business activities going on and just like business is a transaction between two people, so also it is on the internet; just some little advancement and betterment that the internet tends to offer. For instance; if you are an information marketer or a blogger, you will surely agree with me that you need “customers and targeted traffic” to keep coming back to your blog-site daily so that you can earn money via PPC, like Adsense, or affiliate marketing programs, sign ups to your email list and so on.

With little effort and spending, Facebook can offer you all you need to grow your business into a bigger venture within the shortest possible period of time.

When Facebook started as a business, it doesn’t offer “Advertisement programs” or the Facebook for business like we have today, you can only create business and personality pages, and run Facebook groups to dialogue with your business partners and reach your audience online, but over time; changes are coming in and things begin to get better day by day. Today we have a program “Facebook ads, just like we have Google Adword that facilitates your business to blossom on Facebook.

How Facebook ads Does works?
It works in various principles; you can advertise your Facebook page to get more ‘likes’ which equates followers, you can also boost your post, whether pictures or just articles or website links to reach more audience around the world. You can also run a “Click to Website” advert whereby, people “visitors” click on your desired link and it direct them to a specified website, in this case you will be charged a few cent per click.

All of these adverts runs on Facebook currently but it’s not enough to know the kind of adverts that is allowed on Facebook, you must take your time to understand how you can utilize them in order to earn money online. I will touch a few in this article and I will list some other ways by which you can earn money online via Facebook. If you are an internet marketing and you run information products like ebook, softwares, affiliate marketing or Blogging, then this will go a long way to help you;

In case of a Blogger, who monetize his blog basically with google adsense, then all you need is a daily consistent traffic inflow to your blog so that you can make good money in return, you can create a facebook page and run advertise to build targeted likes on that page, if you have a page of 50,000 to 100,000 likes; then on average 70,000 or 50,000 will see your post per day, and if they click on it, you know how much you are going to make at the end of the day.

Facebook is simply one of the best platforms to grow your blog community and get targeted readers to your website daily. Another strength of Facebook as a social media to bloggers is quality organic ranking, when you begin to build a good social bookmarking signal, the search engine will be forced to notice and rank your website url. Affiliate marketers also earn pretty handsome money with Facebook as a promotion tool, if you are a clickbank affiliate marketer or whatsoever company you work with, you can create a Facebook page or promotion to target a specific audience in a specific geo-location around the world.

For instance; more people in the U.SA and Europe need products in line with health and weight lose, you can run advert for affiliate products on weight lose and target this region of the world, you can use two media to achieve this, lead them a converting email list or take them to the landing page of the product or a review post on the “weight lose product” and put a link or a “buy now” option below the article.

Making sales with affiliate products online is very easy when you get in touch with the right audience and that is exactly what Facebook offers, so I believe with this article you now have an idea on how you can use Facebook for business growth?

Now Let me take you Through some other Profitable Ways You Can Make Money on Facebook.

1. Run a Facebook Page For Your Business : I can write all day on Facebook page gimmicks because the potential is endless, when you have a page with up to over 500,000 like then you will understand what I am saying here; but do you know you can use facebook pages to promote your local business offline?

In fact, many Local business in The united states now runs their marketing majorly with Facebook page, you can list all the kind of coffee In your store on your Facebook page with over 100,000 likes in your state or city and also make it known to them , when you have discount, that was what mama Tessie did in Lagos State Nigeria, and she earn over $2000 by promoting Brazilian hair, she sells them in various types and advertise through her Facebook page to reach more customers in Lagos Nigeria who needs Brazilian hair, they began to reach her through emails and phone calls in order to purchase Brazilian hair and she earn whole lot of money doing this cheap marketing that converts pretty great!

2. Facebook Manager Service : Have you seen great pages like Obama, Bishop David Oyedepo, Gtbank, President Buhari and many other great dignitaries and president of the world run updates frequently on their Facebook pages? And you wonder how come they have the time? It simple, the truth is, people are running the page for them.

The Facebook page that bears their name, helps to keep their reputation in place and help to keep them in the mind of their audience. They pay good money for such service since they are great and reputable personality, you can also easily make money on Facebook by creating a company render this kind of service and you will be amaze how people will patronize you.

3. Create Facebook Extension Services: Are you a web developer or a software developer? Facebook is a good ground for exploit, can you develop fantastic software’s and applications? Then there are many problem you can solve for users on Facebook, many marketers still need much services like auto posting to Facebook pages and so on, if you are good at services like this, then you can start something like that and offer little charges for premium users that will have access to the full package of the service. So many Facebook users love the web and application games, you can come up with awesome Facebook games and offer little charges for monthly players, if your game is worth it! Then you are going to make huge profits.

4. Promote Your Online Store on Facebook: Do you have a e-commerce store? Selling products over the internet is one of the most prevailing business online today, it works pretty fine and the internet users are getting used to the concept of picking their MasterCard or logging into their Paypal to make online payment while they shop their various items online, if you have nice products like dresses, gadgets, phones, books, music, food and so on, Facebook is just an awesome place for your promotion, you can reach more people around the world or even within your country on Facebook.

There is indeed no limit to your exploit online if you utilize the power of Facebook for your marketing. Let me shock you a little, do you know as a farmer, I reach more customers who are ready to buy my farm products (food, livestock animals like grasscutter) by using the power of Facebook?

There is no end to that which you can derive by promoting your local business on Facebook just like an emeritus once said, “The business you don’t promote is just like when you look at yourself in the mirror and you walk away, you are the only one that sees yourself – so in the business, it means you are the only one that knows what you are doing”.

In a country like Nigerian, many online news companies, blog, e-commerce, internet business folks and so on are now making progress than ever before by exploring the power of the internet for their business growth, you too can be the next.

I hope you got some light with this article?

Do you need help growing your business on Facebook or making your promotions to work? Drop a comment below, and I will surely answer them.

Abe Oluwasegun is an IMer, Web Business promoter, book writer, web content creator, a blogger and he also writes on Business, Make money tips, and Technology.

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