Interested in small SMS business ideas? If YES, here is how to make money from SMS business.


Do you know that you can make money sending and receiving texts? Mobile phones are a massive, fast growing market due to our ever increasing need to have instant communication and information at our fingertips.

Are you a business owner and you are looking for better ways to market your business and get a huge return on investment? Then, using SMS marketing can really help you sell your products or services faster than you ever think. This is how you can make money from SMS.

Studies revealed that 98% of text messages are read and most of them in under 5 seconds and text messaging has a massive 45% response rate, compared with 6% for email.

Now, let me ask you, how many times have you received an SMS message on your phone and decide not to open it to see what it’s about and who it’s from? Not very often. In fact, SMS messages are treated more seriously than emails sent to us.

Text messages are always open and that is why you need to learn how you can make money from SMS as quickly as you can.

I will be sharing with you how to make money from SMS as a marketer from your business and here they are:


  • Have a Plan

The first thing to do to make money from SMS is to first have a plan or what I might refer to as a strategy. You must draw out a plan on how you intend winning your SMS receivers. You must think about the content of the SMS, what you will be promoting or selling, how often you will be sending the SMS per week, will you include a link that will take them to your site, can they be able to reply the message?

These are the things you must put into consideration in your planning stage of the SMS marketing campaign. Without a good plan, you will just end up spending money and getting your customers black listing your message and you don’t get to make money from your SMS.

  • Your Message Must be Clear

To make money from SMS marketing, your message must be clear at the receiving end. 66% of consumers want to receive offers from brands they can relate with. Sending SMS with a business name and a link is more preferable as receivers may want to check out your site to know more about you if they can trust you in what you are trying to sell to them.

In addition to that, it was revealed that 19% of SMS links are clicked compared with only 4.2% of email links. So, you see why you should include a link to your SMS if you want to convert.

  • Select your Audience

This is very important if you don’t want to end up spending money without getting a good return. Your customers have different interests and reasons for wanting to hear from you. Don’t waste your money and reputation sending SMS to everybody.

Everybody can’t be your customer. So, when you are gathering your contacts or buying them for your campaign, you must segment them. You should not be selling baby pampers to college school girls and boys. Neither should you be selling website design and development to baby boomers.

Get to know the people on your list and their interest. When you can separate your contact into their different according to their interest, age and gender, you can then tailor your SMS messages specifically for different groups of customers.

  • Include Promotions

This is by far the best way to make money from SMS. Including promotions like discount offers and coupon codes encourage customers to see how they can take advantage of the offer. If you want whatever you are selling or promoting to be effective, you should consider including promotion to your SMS messages.

  • Always Keep in Touch

It should not be only when you are selling your products or services that you should send your customers SMS. You should make it a rule to show some care by sending them messages mostly on any celebration period like Christmas and New Year.

Wish them a happy new month and let them know you care. This is how you can keep making money from SMS and get recurring customers for your business.

Now, that you have known how to make money from SMS, you might want to ask How to Get these Contacts.

It is very easy!

You could simply offer a free downloadable gift to your site or social media timeline provided that they give you their mobile phone number. The more you can get people to give you their number in exchange for your free product, the more number you get.

What are you waiting for? Go out now and take action so you can start smiling to the bank.