Make Money From Friends – 6 Smart Ways

Do you want to make money referring friends?

Are you tired of boring jobs? Do you think there are ways you can make money by spending your time around the people you like best? Yes, you can. You will all agree to me that making money is a very good deal.

In spite of the hard economy, there are many ways a teenager can make money. All that is required is to have that brilliant idea and a free time. Making money off your friends seems to be cooler, easier, flexible and more safer than trying to get a loan from the bank.

How much money did they make from friends?
However, adding money into friendship if done hastily without proper consideration and planning, can be a recipe of disaster. Before you consider asking your friend for a loan, first confirm if this is the best option. Make sure you treat the process with the precision it deserves and do what you can to keep your friendship and cash flow in a happy place. These are ways to make good cash from your friends.


TRY SETTING UP A YARD SALE: It will not just make you rich or give you a decent living, it will bring that fast cash for you while also helping you unload accumulated clutter. There are many benefits involved from partnering for a yard sale with friends.

Firstly, there will be benefit that will accrue from a large network of people who will help in marketing and promoting the events to family and friends and around the neighborhood so as to increase the number of visitors.

Secondly, when the sales is over, you will have hands to help in loading up all the leftovers so that they can be cart off in a donation drop.

STARTING A BUSINESS TOGETHER: There are many businesses you can start with a friend that will yield more profit to you. You can start a restaurant, moving company, day care company, etc.

The list is endless. The more important message that needed to be sent in regard to this is that if you want to start up any business with your friends, you must have a meeting, discuss your passions and strengths and toss ideas for potential companies that you can start together that will bring happiness.

SELL YOUR THINGS: This may look simple at start but there are ways to it. You might become a wholesaler, a middleman, or you sell your old stuffs.

Become a Middleman: If your friend wants to purchase an item but does not have the required money to do so, you can cash in on the opportunity. This is how you can cash in on this opportunity, for example, If you have the money and you truly trust that friend of yours, you can buy the item and resale it to your friend at an increased but reasonable price so as to make your profit from it.

Become a Wholesaler: This is how this works. If you have any friend who has this financial weakness, for example, purchasing different brands of clothing, frequent smoking, eating junk food daily, then, this is for you. Whatsoever the financial weakness is, go out and get those products or items he likes buying. Once you have acquired them in bulk, you inform him that you have those products and you want to sell them to him at his convenience. From this, you will make your money.

Sell your Old Stuffs: Though simple, this often gets lesser attention. It may be a textbook, a lawn equipment, a vehicle, a tool and so on that you do not want to make use of anymore or are tired of using them or are not good anymore. Why not try selling them to those friends of yours whom you know want them and will take care of them very well.

RENT PROPERTY: If you are a type of person that is ambitious who have been able to save a lot of money or born into a very rich family, then, you could invest in a rental property or even in a condo and then, rent them out to any of your friend who might be in need. It is best you know who is the tenant than renting it to some random person. That is why it is advisable you rent them to your friends.

SELL YOUR SERVICES: This does not imply any unethical thing as there are some people with dirty minds. By selling your service, I mean selling the things that you are very good at to even your Facebook friends which they can benefit from.

Some fast business ideas that come to mind when thinking of things like these are tutor, repairs, manual labor, consulting, cleaning, washing, or even helping your friends set up a blog. By engaging in one or more of these, you can make money for yourself from your friend(s).

OFFER CLEANING SERVICE: It is unarguable that many people do not like anything concerning washing or scrubbing. Even some of our friends too. Why don’t you just cash in on this opportunity by offering your friend a cleaning service like cleaning, washing, or scrubbing for him or her.

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