Make Money By Listening To Music

How to Make Money Online By Listening to Music Online: Sites, App, Application
Earn Money By Listening To Music Online
How possible is it to make money by listening to music? I mean, people make money by making music not listening to music. We all listen to music if not every day, then quite often, we don’t get
paid, and in fact we do not expect to get paid for listening to music.

We all are looking for a means to make some extra cash and listening to music might just be what you have been looking for. There are some websites that pay people to listen to some songs that have been done by either upcoming artists or already made artists and then they will be expected to drop reviews on the song they have listened to or give their ratings on the song.

The job is basically to listen to music, drop a comment or review and start making your money. Although you might not get rich from listening to music, but it sure is a very easy way to make some cash.

To many people, music is a way of life and a means by which they survive. Making money by listening to music is a source of income that might not be much but may serve as a side income which will go a long way. There are several websites that promote this new form of making very easy cash and they include;

Inbox Dollar

This is a site that previously used to run an online paying program that pays people to and click read advertisers email but they just launched a radio station and would pay you to listen to the station. The only requirement is to sign up for free and listen to the station and get paid. You are paid based on how long you listen and how genuine you review about the station is.

You get paid 6 cent per hour to listen to their radio station. If you can maintain 8 hours a day listening to their radio station, you will be making $120 a year. Remember, it’s a side income.

Slice the Pie

This is another website that pays you for listening to music. Is website started in 2007, and is said to be the largest music review engine. You are only required to listen to a song for 20 seconds, and do a review on the song after which is what determines your pay and your payment is also tied to the usefulness of your review.

One good thing about this website is that you have the opportunity to cash out your earnings at any time or invest them both of which are majorly your choice. You begin to earn at least $2 per review and how good you determines if you get a raise of not and you can watch your earnings increase to $20.

Hit predictor

This site rewards you for listening to music through points which are not redeemable as cash but they allow you purchase items like CDs and headphones. You are expected to comment on the songs you listen to and rate them to increase your points and also increase the value of your redeemable prizes.

Music Xray

This is a website that pays you some cents to listen to music and does not require and comments or ratings. All you do is listen to a song for 30 seconds and get paid for doing so. Which make is easy although the pay is not much, it adds up quickly, and I must say that this is not a business but a means to make some extra cash.

Song people

Although a UK based website, it is open to everyone. This website accords you direct interaction with the artist and then you are to listen to the song and get paid by giving the artist your genuine rating for the song.

Radio royalty

On this website you listen to music and are able to watch the videos although this is entirely your choice as an individual. You begin to accumulate points and this points are being transferred to your credit card or online wallets. Listening to music is not easy in anyway but it can be fun.

Unique rewards

On this website, you are required to listen to fresh and upcoming track, this is a means of advertisements. On like other sites, the website that not require any review or ratings of any sought.

You see that money can actually be made by listening to music, although the earnings are not huge, they have various needs they can meet and it also is a learning process and can help reconstruct the music industry.

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