5 Best Ways to Make Money as a University Student

5 Easy Ways to Make Money as a University Student

How do university students make money?

Are you a college student and you are looking for legit ways to make money either offline or online on campus? I know how the pressure is because I have been there and I knew how I felt when I could not support myself financially.

With the introduction of technologies in this present century, making money has been made easier than it was in the 90’s.

But apart from making money online, you as a university student can also make money while in school during your free time. I know so many of my friends who were doing some kind of business that were fetching them money and still, their performance was not affected.

Are you broke or out of cash and you are looking for ways you can make money be it an online business or offline? If yes, then this post is for you.

I will be sharing various ways you can make money as a university student and I will be giving you some business ideas that won’t affect your study because they are business ideas that you can be doing at your free time.


1. Selling fairly-used Products

You must have seen people doing this kind of business in school, do you know how much profit they make daily? Selling fairly-used products whether clothes or electronics is one good business any student can venture into while in school because it do not involve any technical knowledge.

I can remember having a friend who was selling fairly-used girls clothes while in the hostel, she mostly spread them over a large nylon bag and girls do come around to buy them. She do make enough money because I do notice that she always go to buy more clothes every weekend.

Starting this business is so easy because you just buy at low prices and sell at a high price taking the difference as your profit. Starting this business involves you meeting those already in the business so they can hook you up to the source where they do get the materials at a better price.

Another way to also do this business that I also know is by meeting anybody who has old clothes that they don’t wear or are tired of wearing and would like to sell, you collect these clothes at an agreed price, sell them at a higher price and you pay the owner of the clothes at the agreed price and collect your profit.

You don’t need to sit idle and make excuses like, “I am still in school”, you will only end up being broke and be dependent on friends which is not good.

2. Barbing Salon

This business ideas in mostly for boys, you can make money having a barbing salon as a student in school. You open up mostly in the evening because most student have classes in the morning and afternoon.

Weekend is another time when you can still make money as a university student doing this offline business. You can learn this skill within one month and before you know it you are already good at it.

I know of a guy who learnt this skill within three weeks and today he his making money as a barber in school. So what is your excuse?

Start learning the skill at your free time, and start making friends too so you can build up a customer base before you finish learning.

3. Who need Help?

If you are a student in the Uni, you should have heard of this business, it was started with, “who won wash”. Now, “it is who need help”. If you are really broke and you really need to make money badly, you can start up this business in your hostel.

Just let your friends know that they can call on you whenever they need help, it can be running errand, washing their clothes, ironing their clothes, cleaning their room etc.

If you are ashamed to make money, then you are not ready to make money and be rich. It is just a matter of taking away pride from yourself and thinking of how to create a business of your own and make good money from it.

4. Sell your time at Fiverr

Fiverr is a known online marketplace where anyone with an online skill can make money online even as a university student.

Are you good at graphic design, writing blog post, dropping valuable comment on blogs, or do any online task?

You can start making money on the internet selling your time at Fiverr, you help people render online services depending on the one you want to do and get paid in dollars.

You can cash your payment if you use Payoneer as your mode of receiving payment, so that shouldn’t pose a problem.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You can sign up to become an affiliate marketer for various online ecommerce stores like Ebay, Amazon, MaxBounty and others. You make money fast when someone buys from the link you share.

This is easier with social media platforms, if you have a good social media following, then making money as an affiliate marketer won’t be difficult as a Uni student.

What are you still waiting for? Go and look for ecommerce stores with good commission that you can sign up as an affiliate and make good money from a sale.

Take complete charge of your financial life by taking advantage of these several business ideas you can use to make money legitimately as a university student. Stop being a kind of burden to your roommates and friends, it is time for you to be independent and be in charge.

You don’t have any more excuses and I won’t tell you to pick one of the business ideas mentioned above and start up something that will fetch you money because I know you are smart and know what to do.

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