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The technology industry in third world countries bears the outstanding trait of being the fastest changing and growing in the world, at present. With the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web, Information technology has penetrated nearly all aspects of personal, business and corporate life.

This is attributable to the convenience, efficiency, effectiveness and seamless ways in which information technology businesses has brought to bear in everyday life.

Computers and virtual technologies have redefined the realities of life and business, and will continue to point the way to how mankind will continue to interact with himself and the environment, especially in proffering solutions to problems, needs and wants.

As a consequence, there are vast opportunities for individuals to tap into the potentials of many IT business ideas, which promise handsome returns on investment. They include the following:

Web designing

A profitable info tech business that an entrepreneur can start is web designing services. Statistics show that there are well over 35 million active website on the internet and this number is proving inadequate to meet the demand of people visiting the internet. If you have expert knowledge of web design, then you can consider putting up your services on the wider audience of the internet. Once you are able to satisfy a customer, and with some good marketing strategies, it will not be long before you begin to administer to an increasing number of clients beyond your immediate vicinity.

Car Tracking Installation and servicing

Another trending and highly thriving and profitable business in the info tech industry is car tracker installation and servicing business.  With the increasing incidences of armed vehicle thefts and other hazards, increasing numbers of people are need of a service that can guarantee that they can track, demobilize and recover their vehicles. In addition, business operating fleet of commercial vehicles demand that they are able to monitor supply routes, fuel consumption and carry out other measurements, in order to boost efficiency and bolster income. Therefore starting a vehicle tracking service will throw the entrepreneur into the midst of a market that is both growing and expanding.

E-waste Recycling

Statistics reveal that recycling old electronics like computer monitors and photocopying units has become a veritable landmine for the savvy investor. This is because electronic waste or E-waste  can contain substantial quantities of platinum and copper, which can be melted and turned into other useful products  like horns and trumpets. What will be required will be initial investments in basic equipment and tools and engaging the services of skilled craftsmen, as well as funds for operational expenses.

Video  Editing and Production

As more businesses angle for a share of their target markets, it has become the norm for small businesses to carry out their marketing and promotional campaigns via the use of videos and other related materials. This is because videos convey messages in a more engaging and colorful way, that is guaranteed to keep the interest of the customer. Hence if one has the skills and training in churning out compelling videos suited to the needs and demands of the customer, then this IT business idea could become a profitable venture.

Google paid Advert Professional

If you have knowledge of the inner workings of internet marketing and work smoothly with Google, you could turn this proficiency into an IT business idea, by offering services such as managing a company’s Google ad word campaigns. Once you have done well with a customer, then more marketing and word of mouth referral from satisfied customers will ensure that the business expands.

Individuals visit the internet for many varied reasons. One of them is seeking content on topics and matters such as how to do manuals, fishing, programming, home cooking etc. If one has a flair for languages, a specialized form of knowledge about a body of issues and you can creatively convey this knowledge in an understandable form via a blog; then this IT business idea can quickly turn into a viable business venture. Revenue that comes from blogging includes subscriptions from blog followers, network marketing, sponsorship and other income sources.


Data Analysis

Do you have a flair for numbers? Along with large doses of thoroughness and being meticulous? Do you also have an analytical mind, to interpret the patterns and scopes of important figures and statistics? Then are many companies who need to hire someone who is proficient at data computational analysis.

You can create an online presence, show proof of ability and charge a reasonable fee, and in no time, this IT business idea will soon begin to flourish.

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  1. Hi,
    I was working as a functional consultant SAP ISU Billing and Invoicing module (for 10 years) in one of the multinational company in IT sector.
    Ii am looking for the business I can do in India (basically Mumbai/ Pune at Initial stage).
    Please share business idea.

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