Fastest Ways to Lose Followers on Social Media


Gaining and losing followers whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a common thing experienced by small and large businesses. One day, the followers count goes up and another day it drops drastically.

Social media can be a very good place to grow your business as an entrepreneur if you know how to use it effectively. But, let’s be honest. Building huge followers on social media is not easy as it seems. It takes dedication, determination and persistence to succeed at it.

Reasons Why You Lose Your Social Media Fans & Followers

Are you trying to grow huge following on various social media platforms? When you are getting results you don’t like on your social media fan page, you may want to evaluate what’s going wrong.

Here are quick ways to let you know that you will lose followers on social media if you don’t make change immediately.

How to Lose All Your Followers on Social Media

You Self-Promote all the Time
Take a look at your content on your various social media platforms, are you over promoting your brand too often? Does your Facebook wall read like a sales pitch? A company that constantly talk about themselves, what they do and why they are too important is likely to lose followers. If followers feel that you are over promoting your brand image without giving them something of value, they will likely unfollow you quickly. It will be a quick way for you to lose followers if you are always posting content that is all about selling your products or services.

The best way to go about this is to post content that your audience will like 80% of the time and content for you 20% of the time.

You Always Repeat Content
I know it is not easy creating fresh content to post on social media but it is not lovely to always repeat content that your followers have seen and read multiple times. By all means, you should have something different to say. Do make all your content evergreen. Give your followers something valuable to share with their circle. To make creating fresh content easy for you, always carry a notepad with you anywhere you go so that you can always write something down whenever a thought cross through your mind. If you are short of words content, you can use infographics or do-it-yourself videos if you deal with product that has to do with repair.

You Don’t Engage with Your Followers
I have seen top brands always showing concern to their followers by engaging with them either by saying something like, “thank you for commenting” or they ‘Like’ the follower comment. Doing these shows your followers that you have time for them. For example, you share a content on your timeline and one of your followers disagree on your point of view and reply with something like, “I don’t agree with you on this”.

You will lose followers if you fail to reply such comment because they will think you are using automated software to post your content and you don’t mind that feedback you get form your post. A scenario like that gives you the opportunity to start a conversation that might lead to a tight relationship with your followers because certainly, others will join into the conversation. And you know when people are having conversation on social media, their friends also get notified on their own timeline and they may want to join in. Before you know it, your content has gone viral and your number of followers also increase. Always remember this, “engagement lead to conversion”.

You’re Sharing People’s Content
If you’re always retweeting other people’s content, you are indirectly telling your followers that you have not good to say so let them be fed with other people’s content. And if they start thinking like that, they will preferably follow the brands or people you are retweeting their content. I am not saying you shouldn’t retweet other people’s content, all I am saying is that you should have more content of your own. Like 80% of what you post should be your content, while 20% can be your followers content or other related brands content.

You’re Not Saying Anything Relevant to your Audience
People follow you on social media because they feel you have something of value to share with them. If you are posting something not relevant to them, how will they want to follow you? If you are a fashion company, what business do you have with sport that you are sharing sport news on your wall? Even if it is a world football final, they are many people who are not interested in it whether it is their country or not. If you are not saying anything of relevant to your audience, you will lose followers on social media. Be sure not to commit any of these wrongs if you don’t want to lose followers on social media.

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