Little Caesars Pizza Franchise Cost Fee, Profit Margin and Opportunities

LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

How many times have you visited a Little Caesars Pizza franchise and wished you had a pizza restaurant like that? Have you been dreaming of opening a pizza restaurant of your own so you can become a boss and be happy with your life?

Well, in this article, we are going to delve into the world of Little Caesars Pizza franchise and give you all the information you need to know about the franchise and also tell you how you can be a part of the franchise.

We are also going to share with you the history of the company and how you can own a franchise location. The cost implications, franchise fee, training, and support offered and how to approach the endeavor.

Is Little Caesars Pizza a Franchise?
Little Caesars Pizza franchise is a franchise incorporated in the U.S. The company was incorporated 59 years ago in the year 1959. Little Caesars Pizza franchise is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the U.S.

Little Caesars opened its first franchise in 1962. The company was registered as Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc. The company has restaurant locations which feature meals, such as pizza, bread-related products, and chicken. Little Caesars Pizza franchise offers HOT-N-READY pizza concept.

Little Caesars is a worldwide brand and has more than 3,600 locations worldwide across continents. Little Caesars operates their restaurants mainly on a carryout-only basis.

The numbers of stores that Little Caesars Pizza franchise has added in locations in the U.S. from 2008 to 2015 makes it the largest growing pizza franchise in the U.S.

Little Caesars restaurant outlets also offer delivery services. Little Caesars franchise offers a territory reservation program where it allows its franchisors to reserve certain locations for future development of Little Caesars franchise.

How Much Does Little Caesars Pizza Franchise Cost?
Little Caesars Pizza franchise is currently accepting franchisee applications at a franchise fee low of $15,000 and high of $20,000 (U.S. dollar).

The $15,000 application fee is applicable to franchisees buying an already established franchise store and to veterans.

The liquid capital required to become a franchisee of Little Caesars is $50,000 (U.S. dollar) and a $150,000 (U.S. dollar) Net Worth.

Little Caesars Pizza Franchise Fee
Little Caesars Pizza franchise fee is currently at a low of $15,000 and a high of $20,000 (U.S. dollar). Another applicable fee is a royalty fee of 6% of gross sales for each one week period or alternatively $100 (U.S. dollar) for each one week.

Little Caesars Pizza Startup Cost
To take advantage of the franchise opportunity offered at Little Caesars Pizza the franchisee would have to pay a low startup cost of $334,000 and a high startup cost of $1,370,500.

Little Caesars Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Before a franchisee can be accepted at the Little Caesars franchise the franchisee has to undergo a mandatory training with Little Caesars.

The training program at Little Caesars Pizza franchise lasts for a duration of six weeks, although this duration can be changed at any time. The training is offered at the company’s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, the U.S. and during the period of the training, Little Caesars offers food safety certification to its franchisees.

Little Caesar’s training includes classroom instruction. The franchisee is also required to nominate members of staff who will be required to attend periodically needed training.

To be able to attend the training the person must be a franchisee or a principal.

The supports Little Caesars offers to its franchisees include:

  • Support offered by Little Caesars includes onsite selection and reservation for franchisees.
  • Ongoing assistance for the period of the franchise agreement.
  • Little Caesars franchise also provides advertising support for new franchisees.
  • Little Caesars franchise provides ongoing system support to its franchisees.
  • Little Caesars provides on-the-job-training at selected restaurants.

Little Caesars Pizza Application and Terms of Agreement
The initial franchise agreement at Little Caesars Pizza franchise has a term of 10 years. Initial franchise agreements can be renewed subject to contractual requirements for a one renewal term of 10 years.

How Much Does a Little Caesars Pizza Franchise Make?
It costs a considerable amount to join Little Caesars franchise and the amount of money a franchisee can make is dependent on certain considerations some of which are initial startup cost, location, and amount of sales.

Little Caesars Pizza franchise has been around for a long time and still accepting franchisees and offers an amazing growth potential.

How to Open a Little Caesars Pizza Franchise
To open a Little Caesars Pizza franchise, the franchisee would need to submit an application with all supporting documents.

The franchisee would have to meet the required initial registration requirements. When the franchisee meets these requirements, a franchise disclosure document would be sent to the franchisee for study.

The period of acceptance into Little Caesars Pizza franchise ranges from 120 days to 365 days.

For further information on how to open a Little Caesars Pizza franchise, you can visit the company at its website at

You will also have to bear in mind that the process of joining Little Caesars Pizza franchise also includes an interview before final acceptance into the franchise.

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