How to Make (Produce) Liquid Washing Soap – Liquid Detergent Production Guide


How is liquid laundry detergent made? Liquid soap as the name implies, is soap in liquid form. It is a cleansing agent and it is a multi-purpose cleanser. Liquid soap is also known as liquid detergent. It has the ability to emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspension.

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How do you make liquid laundry soap like morning fresh? Liquid detergents (Soap) share same properties with solid detergents. A detergent is expected to consist of the surface-active agents or ingredients which are the essential ingredients and subsidiary ingredients (supplementing ingredients).

In all detergents, the surface-active agent forms the most important part of the detergent. All the ingredients needed in the production of liquid soap (liquid detergents) will be listed later. Do you know the function of sulphonic acid in liquid soap?

How does morning fresh produces their liquid soap?

Note: in this lesson we hope to learn how to make a multi-purpose liquid soap. That is, one that can be used for basic cleansing like: washing of plates, cars, laundry etc.


Materials (chemicals) Needed For The Production Of 20 Litres Of Liquid Detergent (soap)
Nitrosol/Antisol or C.M.S……….1 tin milk cup ( very full).
Sulphonic acid…………..1 litre
Caustic soda……………..1/3 tin milk cup
Soda ash……………….1/2 tin milk cup
Texapon………………………5-6 teaspoonfuls
Formaline……………………5-7 teaspoonfuls (optional)
Perfume(Fragrance)…… desired.
SLS. (Sodium laurate sulphate)…………..5-6 teaspoonfuls
S.T.P.P (sodium Tripolyphosphate)………5-6 teaspoonfuls
Colorant…………… desired
Water……………………19 litres

These are the essential materials for making liquid soap.


Containers (Plastic bowls)
Hand gloves
Nose mask
Stirring rod (Turning Stick)


-Dissolve the caustic soda with 1 litre of water and allow to stay for 30 minutes to 1hr or over night.
-Dissolve soda ash in 1 litre of water and allow to stay for 30min/hr or over night.
-Get your sulphonic acid, one of the important chemicals for making soap, pour inside an empty bowl, and add your perfume (fragrance) to it and the texapoon, then add like 3-4 litres of water and stir very well for about 5 – 10 minutes.
-Dissolve the SLS with 2 tin milk cups of water
-Dissolve the STPP with 2 tin milk cups of water also
-Get the Nitrosol but if it is C.M.C you’re using, make sure it is dissolved 2 days to the preparation of the soap with 4-5 litres of water. If you are using Nitrosol, it’s used instantly (as in, no need soaking it down). What is Nitrosol?

-Get the Nitrosol that has been dissolved in water or the C.MC. that has been dissolved 2 days to the preparation of the soap.
-Add the dissolved sulphonic acid, texapon and perfume to either the Nitrosol or C.MC depending on the one you are using and stir very well.
-Add the already dissolved caustic Soda and stir very well.
-Add the already dissolved soda ash and stir properly.
-Add formalin to the content and stir properly.
-Add the dissolved S.T.P.P and stir.
-Add the dissolved SLS to the content.
-Dissolve your colourant in water and ensure that the colourant is completely dissolved, then add it to the solution and stir thoroughly.
-Add some quantity of water to the mixture, depending on the thickness of the mixture.
Leave the mixture for some hours or preferably till the following day and then package for use or for sale.

Using the instruction or guide giving for the commercial production of liquid soap, kindly use the giving materials and measurement given below to produce 2-3 litres of liquid soap at home.

Sulpunic Acid           1 peak milk tin
Caustic Soda           1 spoon
Soda Ash                2 spoon
STTP or SLS          1/2 spoon
Nitrosol                   1 tomato tin cup(just at mouth level)
Texapon                  1/2 spoon
Formalin                 Optional (just some drops)
Fragrance(perfume)1/2 spoon or as desired
Water                     2-3 litres

-Dilute your sulpunic acid with 1/2 litre of water
-Dissolve the nitrosol with 1/2 litre or just a little less.
-Dissolve the caustic soda with 1 tomato tin cup of water
-Dissolve the soda ash with 1 milk tin cup of water.

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-Caustic soda is used as a base during detergent production: It is a stain remover
-Sulphonic acid is an organic acid, which is very important in liquid detergent production. It neutralizes the basic effect of sodium hydroxide (Caustic soda): It is one of the foaming agents for liquid detergent.
-S.T.P.P (sodium TripolyPhosphate): In liquid detergent, it helps to soften water, suspends soil, and serves as an anti-spotting agent. It is a good builder and also ensures stability of liquid detergents when used.
-Formalin is basically a preservative in the liquid detergent
-Fragrance (perfume) is to give good and pleasant smell
-Nitrosol: Is a thicken agent.
– SLS is a foam booster

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-Sulphurnic acid———–1/2 litre (N450)
-Caustic soda————-1/2 kg (N90)
-Soda ash—————–1/2 kg (N90)
-Nitrosol——————1/8 kg (N250)
-STTP——————–1/4 kg (N50)
-SLS———————-1/8 kg (N190)
Perfume——————-(N100) depends on the type you are going for. Just get a good perfume for liquid detergent in the market.

The above cost is given based on the least quantity of materials you can buy or that some sellers might agree to sell to you. Also note that, you only need little out of the materials to do your assignment. You can keep your remaining chemicals for future use.

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CREDIT: Thanks to Ezekiel Prince for this awesome guide.

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