Best Learning Management Systems for Small Business Training

Best Learning Management Systems Software for Small Businesses

Do you use any Learning Management System (LMS) tool for your small business? Have you even heard about that before? Learning management system (LMS), offer organizations, businesses, academic institutions and other entrepreneurs a platform or avenue dedicated for the learning and developing of personnel via training, quizzes, content, instructional manuals and the marketing of other instructional materials such as eBooks, videos files, audio files and the likes.

If not all, majority of learning management systems for small business are built to adhere and acquaint with certain industry-specific training and learning standards.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or non-dependent freelancing expert who wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the best learning management system (LMS) software, then you need to take a pretty look at the following best 5 Learning management system solutions ideal for small business starters.

Inexpensive LMS Solutions For Small Businesses And Startups

1. Litmos

Litmos learning management system is a software that provides online training management system which is designed to enable managers as well as the trainers to create an online course, and also to conduct assessments! It’s flexible in nature, scalable, and available to the taste of time, anywhere.

Litmos learning management system has been named one of the easiest and simplest LMS site or platforms out there and which it is quite true. Rocking with simplicity and functionality; all at the same time, Litmos learning management system has become a popular and better option for many trainers, teacher, academic organizations, teachers and managers who sincerely want to create an effective online courses, training programs, modules for their students and staff.

Litmos software possesses an Intelligent notification features married with real time to time reports to track the course completion hence make Litmos Learning management system the most suitable management system software for small business.

If you are a small business owner or working with a one, give it a try today and experience flexibility and first hand power of Litmos LMS. Browse through the official page of their website and click on the green display banner at the top or on the uploaded Video to register for a free no obligation 14-day Trial.

2. Matrix LMS (

Matrix is one of the best and highly rated learning management systems for small businesses. Who can make use of this Software? Absolutely, Matrix learning management system can be used for small and big businesses that so wish dearly to deliver online training to their prospects.

MATRIX is not a small learning management system, it’s a world class, highly rated, award winning management system used by businesses. The platform has been known for its very easy-to-use and appealing user interface, comprehensive set of detailed innovative features, and pricing that brings great value for money.

With MATRIX LMS, it’s pretty easy to create a nice great courses that learners will keep enjoying anytime, everywhere.

Its Features Checklist include;

• Academic or Education.
• Blended Learning.
• Ecommerce.
• Corporate / Business.
• Employee Training.
• Student Portal.
• Built-In Course Authoring.
• Certification.
• Training Companies; etc.

With Matrix learning management system for your small business, your business productivity is sure to improve effectively.

3. NEO LMS (

NEO is another best learning management system for small business. Who are those that uses this Software? Neo is a reliable LMS use by schools, district, and/or universities. NEO LMS was recognized and ranked as a TOP 3 learning management system for universities in 2016.

It Features Checklist are;

• Academic/Education.
• SCORM Compliant.
• Asynchronous Learning.
• Built-In Course Authoring.
• Classroom Management.
• Employee Training.
• Social Learning.
• Student Portal.
• Synchronous Learning.
• Testing

4. Scriptopro (

ScriptoPro is another wonderful and one of the best LMS software for small business, it was founded in the year 2015 in United States. ScriptoPro is being used to serve for Education and Business purposes.

ScriptoPro is an incredible web-based test maker which allows educators plus trainers to come up and deliver quizzes and tests and online training, cum track and report every single progress of their prospective learners through a pleasing and intuitive interface.

This learning management system has to its care additional tools such as the survey maker, poll generator, course calendar, flashcard maker, gradebook, certificate generator among others.

Its other great Features Checklist include;

• Classroom Management.
• Corporate/Business.
• Ecommerce.
• Employee Training.
• Gradebook.
• Live/Video Conferencing.
• Synchronous Learning.
• Testing / Assessments.
• Training Companies

5. Moodle (

Moodle is also a big time one of the learning management systems that is being used in Organisation, Schools, Universities and non-profit organizations. It was founded in the year 2002 in Australian.

Moodle is a free of charge online learning management system, providing all interested educators around the globe with an apparent open source solution on e-learning that is customizable, scalable, and encrypted with available activities.

Its Features Checklist are,

• Ecommerce.
• Built-In Course Authoring.
• Certification Management.
• Classroom Management.
• Corporate/Business.
• Employee Training.
• Gamification.
• Gradebook.
• K-12

However, there are other numerous numbers of learning management systems (LMS) for small businesses but the few discussed on above are simply the best!

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