Worst Leadership Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Common Mistakes You can’t Afford to Make As a Leader

I know so many leaders who don’t agree they make the biggest mistakes or they are wrong. They will always find a way out just to free themselves of their flaws. This act stinks. Are you one of them?

If you are to fully deliver as a leader, you need to gain the respect of the people you are leading. And making lots of mistakes without acknowledging it and apologizing, won’t make you a great leader.

If you are a leader either in an organization, religious bodies, or you lead a group of people and you hardly know when you are wrong or when you make mistakes, here are 7 leadership mistakes you might be making and don’t know.

7 Leadership Pit Falls, Weaknesses and Problems Many People Experience

  1. I’m Right and You’re Wrong

Some leaders are so single-minded that they become cyclopes in any debate. No matter what alternative viewpoint is presented, if it doesn’t fit their version of the world it’s just wrong. They will even tell their followers, ‘You just have to accept my point’.

If you are a leader that people have to accept what you say without opposition or you can’t just accept others side of view, you need to sit down and take a look at your leadership role and its effectiveness.

If you use words like the one stated above, you close every chances of collaborative respectful discussion. Your leadership credibility turns into ash.

  1. Making Promises You Can’t Deliver

Another leadership mistakes that is common and I see sometimes is that leaders tend to make promises and end up not fulfilling it. Are you making that too?

Some will promise their staff that they will be a prize for the person that prove to be the best worker for a certain project or for the year. When that time comes to present the gift, the leaders is either nowhere to be found or one excuse or the other pumps out. Not once, nit twice.

If you are a leader and you want to avoid this mistake, commit to only making promises that you have a high degree of confidence that you can deliver.

  1. Abuse of Power

The reasons why big corporation collapse is not far from the abuse of power. Some leaders mostly take advantage of their subordinate to fulfil their selfish desire. This phenomenon has been observed among new leaders who have been graving for leadership position and just suddenly rise up the ranks.

Most leaders know their business so well that they can find ways to go scot-free when problem arises and shift the blame to their subordinate. A leader is supposed to lead by example. No one like someone who use their position power to drive things through.

  1. Not Learning Your Own Leadership Style

As a leader, you need to understand that everyone has his or her unique style. Don’t copy someone else’s leadership style because you admire that person so well. Understanding your own leadership style is very essential if you want to lead successfully.

If you copy someone else, sooner or later you will get stuck and you will need that person to help you out. I am not saying you should not see good thing and follow suit, I only mean you should stick to your own uniqueness while emulating senior leaders of your choice.

  1. Delegating Tasks Only

Another leadership mistakes you may be making as a leader is delegating tasks to people without involving yourself. This is very wrong. Like I said earlier in this post and you know that leaders lead by examples.

Most leaders delegate tasks to their staff or followers and do not give them the opportunity to be responsible in the decision making. If you delegate task only, you are only giving work to your followers, but when you delegate responsibility, you empower people to think for themselves and be accountable for the outcome.

  1. Supervising Everyone the Same Way

It is a mistake for you as a leader to think that you can and should supervise everyone the same way every time. People are different, also with their attitudes and core value. Should you supervise them in a manner that is fair and equitable? Absolutely!

You need to apply different communication styles, various ways of showing recognition and giving praise; the list is endless.

  1. Poor Communication Skills

Communication skill is very vital in leadership role irrespective of the organization or group you are leading. Communication and connection is important in any business process. Failing to communicate is an invitation to disaster. Messages are left with so much loopholes and open to interpretation. That is simply bad policy!

These common leadership mistakes can be avoided. Even a bad leader can make change and start leading in ways that people will like to emulate if he or she want to. If you see these mistakes from your leader, you should talk with him or her and suggest ways to improve. But be careful in doing so, lest you be branded as a critic and as an enemy!

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