Kindercare Tuition Rates – Cost for Ages 2 – 12 Years


What is the average Kindercare summer camp tuition? We are in the information era where it is possible for both parents to easily get demanding jobs and work off home from morning to sometimes, late into the night. This is very much unlike it was in the past. Now the problem falls on the children. Who takes care of them at home?


This problem has made a lot of parents look into KindaCare services to help them look after their children but still a lot of people are concerned about this: How much is KindaCare tuition 2017 – 2019?

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KindaCare as an educational outfit that caters for children, in itself, does not only offer just day care services – they offer life-long experiences. Before we can go in-depth into how much KindaCare cost, it will be better we first understand what KindaCare is all about and what makes them stand out from other daycares services. After all, you are entitled to know information about what you are about to pay for.


KindaCare is a childcare program offered through the KindaCare Company. They have locations spread across the United States, and even some cities have more than one centers to cater for demand.


The KindaCare programs are differentiated into different learning categories; all depending on the age of the child and the curriculum are geared towards developing a child with full brain capacity. It is now wonder a lot of people seek to know how much does a KindaCare cost.

These are the categories of the different programs that KindaCare offer:

  1. Ages 2 and Under; These classes are tailored to help the child to be smart, full of health and life and be as well happy. The class ranges are:
  • Infant-only classrooms
  • Toddler class
  • Discovery Preschool program

The children are nurtured in these classes and encouraged to develop both mentally and physically in this education-oriented environment.

  1. Ages 3-5: This is the category designed for the pre-school age children. The kids in this class are prepared for the kindergarten class and this is strictly based on the county requirements. The programs that are offered within this age category are
  • Kindergarten
  • Summer Camp
  • School Break Solution
  • Pre-School
  1. Age 5-12: This is the category where school age children are placed and the children are challenged in order for them to excel in their classrooms. The programs taught in this category are:
  • Enrichment programs
  • Summer Camp
  • School-Age
  • School Break Solution


When you have decided to enrol your child with KinderCare, be rest assured that the tuition cost will vary from different age categories and different programs. It is well advisable to look into the details of the different packages they have to offer.

This is a list of the tuition fee for KindaCare service:


Age 2 and Under Toddler and Infant Tuition $150 to $350/week
Age 2 Discovery preschool Tuition $140 to $300/week
Ages 3-5 Multi-age Tuition $120 to $350/week
Ages 5-12 School Age Tuition $110 to $180/week



Despite the high KindaCare tuition rates for Toddlers, they also offer discounts to children that have attended the day care center for numerous times. So if your child is regular at the centre, then you stand a chance to get huge discounts.

KindaCare also gives good discount to children from military families and also if you have another child enrolled at the same center, the second child will get a 10% discount off their KindaCare tuition fee.

Please be as well informed that KindaCare charges a non-refundable registration fee of about $25. And also be aware that if you make payment through cheques and they are not able to cash the cheque, you will be asked to pay an additional $25.

Another additional tuition fee that KindaCare charges is if they have difficulty in caring for your child. They believe they will require extra attention for the child in order to understand the child as well as their needs.

Another Tuition fee at KindaCare is an annual payment which will be stated clearly in the contract and this goes between $50 and $400. You will do yourself a lot of favour by reading through the contract papers carefully for you to know the exact total fee you are expected to pay.


If your family is seriously on a budget, you might want to consider saving money with KinderCare services, even if you are bent on dealing with them. It is very much obvious the KinderCare Tuition Cost is quite on the high side, so you might want to consider these helpful tips as they will go a long way in saving you some few cash.

  1. You can decide to take your kids to your parents for a week in the month. This will surely save you the payment for that week at KinderCare.
  2. You might as well consider spending less on less important things in the home. Like going to the movies or park. This will allow you to save some extra cash for the development of your child.
  3. You can as well decide to swap schedules with other parents. If for instance, you have a family friend that will be home for a certain period, you can make agreements to have your children with them and you also return the favour when you are less busy.

These are all you need to know about Kindercare tuition rates as well as the different payment packages. Share.

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