How to Start a Juice Bar Business

Interested in small juice bar business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a juice bar company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

Starting a Juice Bar Business

Do you want to start a juice bar business? Are juice bars good for you? Starting a juice bar business can be a nice decision and a profitable venture to consider. Juice bar business started in the 90s and the business is already striving in different part of the world.

The only task for you is to decide on the type of juice you want to sell to your customers. Starting a juice bar business can require a lot of thinking and processes. If you must build a successful juice bar business, then they are key steps to take which will be of great help.


Here are some few tips:

  1. Get a Mentor

This is very advisable if you choose to. Getting a mentor who is already experiencing success running a juice bar business would be a good move. Get a mentor in the juice bar field, ask questions. Let him or her help and train you in the business, it will make the journey easier.

  1. Calculate the Cost

How much does it cost to buy a juice bar franchise? You have to sit, think, and calculate the cost of setting up a juice bar. What is the cost of rent? What is the cost of furniture that will be required? What is the cost of the necessary equipment and aids?

How much fruits and vegetables will you need to start? And so much more. Calculate how much it will cost to begin a juice bar. Of course, It is dangerous to delve into any project without first calculating the cost. So, you have to sit and do your math.

  1. Choose A Business Friendly Location

When you’re done with calculating how much it will cost you to go into the juice bar business, you have to choose a nice location. You don’t just go and start a juice bar anywhere. It isn’t done that way, you have to consciously find and select a beautiful location for your business. You see, the location of your business will determine to a great extent how successful your business will be.

You can set up your juice bar close to a school, that way students and teachers will get to patronize you. Or, you can choose a location close to gym house or stadium, that way you’ll get to attract people who value their health. Or, you can set up an itinerant juice bar, using a van. With that, you’ll get to sell to everyone because you will be moving around.

One other great thing about this itinerant juice bar is this: you also get to sell up your juices very fast and then, you won’t have to pay for rent. Oh, I think this is amazing, don’t you think so? Alright, sorry I drifted. Back to the points now.

  1. Know the Type of Juice you Want to Sell at your Bar

Like I said earlier, there are different kinds of fruit juices. And there are vegetable juices too. Would you prefer making smoothies or just plain fruit juices? Or would you even make both? Will you make vegetable juices too? Or do you want it only fruits? You can make your choice.

However, I recommend you sell varieties of fruits and vegetable juice. That will help boost your target clients and income too. You can also figure out, with the help of your mentor, the top selling juices.

Find out what kind of juices people prefer most, check out the most wanted juice and sell them too. That will help your business grow to an amazing height.

  1. Find Some Farmers or Wholesale Store

Yea, now is the time to connect with farmers or wholesale stores where you can purchase your fruits and vegetables in bulk. Your mentor will certainly be of help here. He will help you connect with local stores where you can get your resources at cheaper rates. Get a good local store and you’re almost at the top!

  1. Would You Rather Run Your Juice Bar Business Alone?

You have to make decisions on this too. Would you need to hire someone? Would you run it alone? Choose which will favour you most. And If you want to employ someone, you can employ a relative. Employing a relative can keep down labor expenses. And increase your general profits too.

  1. Print Cards and Stickers

You can print business cards and distribute them around your neighborhood and its environs. Stickers too will be of help; you can pay drivers to place them on their vehicles as a means of advertisement. Place adverts on Newspapers and magazines too. If you have the required fund.

Let people know what you do and let them know that you are willing to serve them. You can as well go to Local TV and Radio stations to make advertisements if you have the funds. That will get your message across to a large number of people.

  1. Give Out Freebies

We are all humans and we have emotions. We feel valued and loved when we buy things and get extra for free.

So, you can leverage on this, let your customers know that you value them by giving out freebies. This technique will help boost your sales.

Cheers to building a successful juice bar business!

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