Do you plan writing a juice bar business plan and you don’t know where to start from? I know how hard and challenging it is for entrepreneur to be able to craft out a well-detailed juice bar business plan template that stand out. I have been there too.

If you are aspiring to start a juice bar business and writing a business plan for your business is a no go exercise for you, here is a Juice bar business plan sample for you. I hope you find it useful for your juice bar startup.

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • The Management Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Trend and Analysis 
  • Target Marketing
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Pricing Scale
  • Payment Options
  • Sources of Funds
  • Conclusion

Dana Fruits Inc. is established to take advantage of two predominant trends in the world today; one as old as existence itself and the other, emerging. The first is that people have sought and will continue to seek a place where they can cool off after a hard day at work.

In this regard, a bar has continued to play this role of providing a relaxing atmosphere effectively. Especially when the bar is suitably located and offers servings and an ambiance that provides serenity.

The second trend is that there is an increasing awareness about healthy lifestyles being tied to healthy diets; hence fresh fruit juices are steadily becoming the drinks of choice, across a broad spectrum of society.

Dana Fruits Inc. will seek to consummate both of these trends in delivering a world class bar center that will offer chilled and fresh fruit juices and smoothies to individuals and corporations.

At the helm of affairs of Dana Fruits Inc. is the renowned nutritionist Mande Wanjo. She brings in her experience and expertise as a food scientist and avid restaurateur. She worked for a number of years in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, before branching out to set up her own restaurant.

She is a firm believer in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and she sits on the board of several health advocacy groups and departments.

Dana Fruits Inc. will commence operations from the State of California, USA, with a view of opening more bar centers across the country and globally.

“To attain the status as the foremost provider of the tastiest and healthiest fruit servings, in that sector.”

“To offer wholesome, tasty and invigorating experience to our clientele through our 100 percent natural and fresh fruits, juices and smoothies. To help our customers achieve their health and dietary goals through the consumption of our products, packaged under the highest hygiene standards and packed full of nutrition.”

In line with the vision of building a world-class fresh juice bar business, with an eye on offering a wide variety of wholesome and tasty juices and smoothies, Dana Fruits Inc. is acutely aware that selecting the right human capital is of paramount importance.

The recruitment drive of Dana Fruits Inc. will ensure that only the best hands are engaged; individuals who will not only show a strong work ethic but will also be encouraged to make important contributions to the overall success of the operations of Dana Fruits Inc.

The following are the positions that will drive the growth/expansion plans of Dana Fruits Inc.;

• Chief Executive Officer
• Bar Manager
• Human Resources/Admin Manager
• Sales and Marketing Officer(s)
• Accountants/Cashiers
• Customer Experience Managers
• Cleaners

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the creation, communication, and dissemination of the visions and goals of the company to staff and management. S/He will also see that the overall aims and objectives of Dana Fruits Inc. are synchronized across the board and will coordinate the various teams to achieve and drive growth.

The Bar Manager will be saddled with the responsibility of managing the production of the various fruit juice and smoothies that will be put on sale. The Bar Manager will also be charged with coming up with different flavors and recipes for the fruit juices and will be involved with the recruitment of production staff and other employees

The Human Resource/Admin Manager will be responsible for creating and implementing strategies for the recruitment, training and management of the best hands for Dana Fruits Inc.

Sales/Marketing Officers

This officer will be saddled with the responsibility of identifying new markets for the company as well as fashioning out strategies in order to attract new prospects and businesses.

The Accountant will be responsible for all the financial transactions that are involved in the daily operations of the company. Furthermore, the Accountant will ensure that the company is up-to-date with all financial and regulatory obligations including the prompt payment taxes, royalties and government dues.

The Accountant will also perform duties such as cash management, book ledger management as well as financial reporting.

The Customer Experience Manager will serve as the go-between management and the customers who patronize the juice bar run by Dana Fruits Inc.

The selected candidate will endeavor to engage customers as the try the company’s products, in order to find out the ways and means these customers can be better served.

The Cleaners will contribute to the overall strategy of the company by ensuring the bar and its environs are kept in a clean and hygienic state at all times. The officers will also be in charge of ensuring that the conveniences are well kept and functional.

Dana Fruits Inc. will strive to offer her existing and potential customers a wide array of products that will keep them satisfied and healthy. In that regard, the following products shall be made available to our clientele:

• Fresh-made juice drinks.
• Fresh-made smoothies.
• Selling other on-demand beverage and food items
• Offering Training and Advisory Services

Health and lifestyle changes have ensured that the Fresh fruit juice industry has received increasing patronage over the last couple of years. Attention has turned from drinking carbonated/soft drinks to freshly made fruit juices and smoothies.

Although, statistics indicate that many households possess blenders and mixers for the local production of fruit juices, setting up a bar for the purpose of serving fruit juices will post positive
returns, because of the factors enumerated earlier in the introduction to this plan.

Therefore, Dana Fruits Inc. will offer the mixture of a serene ambiance as well as a compelling array of the best fruit juices in the country.

The following individuals and corporations will form the bulk of our target market:

• Business Executives and leaders who need to keep healthy and fit
• Young active individuals
• School kids
• The elderly
• Recreational Facilities
• Hotels

The Company will implement strategies and policies that will attract these customers to our product offerings as well as ensure that we have steady patronage.

Dana Fruits Inc. will adopt the following sales and marketing approach to sell our array of fresh fruit juices and smoothies:

• Introduce our fresh juice and smoothie bar brand by dispatching introductory letters to the Government, schools, neighborhoods and organizations.
• Commence our fresh juice and smoothie bar operations with great fanfare and music in order to capture the attention of residents of our immediate vicinity.
• Engage in road shows and business awareness drives in targeted communities from time to time.
• Advertise our products and services in business journals, Radio, newspapers as well as in reputable papers.
• Leverage on the internet to promote our fresh juice products. This will cover putting up a website and having a presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al.
• Engage in the direct marketing and sales of fruit juices from time to time.
• Encourage the use of Word of mouth marketing/referrals from our satisfied customers.

Our fruit juice products will be sold at a price that will both be competitive and offer value for the money of our customers. In this regard, we shall price our products just above the average price obtainable in the industry.

Dana Fruits Inc. will implement payment options and models that will make transactions easy for both ourselves and our customers. Taking into consideration that individuals have different preferences, the following payment options shall be made available:

• Cash payment.
• Payment through Point of Sale (POS) Machine.
• Payment through online bank transfers.
• Payment through the Mobile money platform.

Dana Fruits Inc. will be funded mostly through the personal funds of the founder. This source will account for 70 percent of the startup costs. The balance will be sought from a financial institution, after the terms of the loan has been mutually agreed to.

This juice bar business plan will serve as the template for the engagement of the target market/demographics and Dana Fruits Inc. It is will also be robust and flexible enough to accommodate any changes that may occur due to acts of nature or man.